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The following are some questions you may want to ask yourself to better understand what you think and believe about sexuality and how it may be impacting your creativity. There are no right or wrong answers as such. What you think and believe is what you think and believe. The recommendation is to hold your creativity sacred. Ask if what you think and believe is robbing you of your creative power in some way. If you think it is robbing you or it raises itself as an issue in a creative endeavor, pull the string as to why you believe and/or think what you do as opposed to any other way of thinking and or believing.

If what you think and believe is based on programming, enculturation or the belief and/or thinking of another, consider finding a way of thinking and/or believe that holds your creativity sacred. If what you think and believe is based on your personal experiences, ask if there was not some way you experienced what you did that may have not allowed you to see the truth of the situation. Pull the string as to how your mind or the pain you have experienced in life may be masking the truth of what it.

The recommendation is to look for a set of beliefs that allow you to step into the infinity of your own being and your unlimited creativity. Beliefs that allow you to experience the expansion of own being and your creativity.

Exploratory questions

What allows you to make physical love to one but not another?

How it is you select (or did select) the person you allow yourself to physical love?

What is love and how would you define it or explain it to another?

How do you know love when you experience it?

How is love and sexual intercourse related?

What causes you to stop loving?

What "turns you off" sexually from the person you just allowed yourself to love?

What allows you to become (or doesn’t allow you to become) what the other person needs what you to become and to offer to give yourself to meet their needs? Is it self sacrifice, pity or the desire to set the individual free?

Review and contemplate each of the point in the topic, "Summary points on sexuality and creativity" and record your thoughts, feelings and ideas about what you read.

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