How sexuality impacts our creativity without engaging in sex

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It is probably obvious sexuality will impact our creativity in some way when we have feelings of sexuality and we choose to act or not act on them. Here the question is, "How does sex and sexuality impacts our creativity without engaging in sex or having any sexual feelings?"

There are three key ways that sexuality impacts our creativity without engaging in sex or having any sexual feelings.

Creativity is about stepping into the unknown: A truly creative endeavor is about stepping into the unknown where mind had not previously been and the creative process has an inherent sexuality to it. Additionally, we must be free to move where lead. However, mind characterized any energy it experiences based on its past experiences. To go where we have not been before means we do not have the minimum set of experience to properly characterize what we fee and/or perceive. Mind will default to the experiences it has had and try and characterize the best it can based on our past experiences. If it characterizes what we feel as sexuality in some way, it may or may not be a correct characterization. If we are not free to continue to move in same direction because of our judgments which arise about sex and sexuality and/or how what we perceived is characterized as sexual, we will thwart the very thing we are trying to create. Many consider exploration of sexuality in any way as a forbidden area. Yet, we become puzzled as to why we can‘t create what we desire when sexuality comes up in our creative endeavor and we deny it, suppress it or otherwise thwart its expression and understanding what it really means.

Our beliefs structure: We create by how we focus our attention and awareness by how and what we think and believe. How and what we think and believe forms a belief structure which acts as a lens both filtering what we see and biasing what we see in a given direction without our realization it is happening. If we have many beliefs, judgments, experiences and the like around sex and sexuality that are not in alignment with the truth of reality, there will be things we will be unable to see because of how our belief structure filters and biases what we see.

For example, if we are female and believe all a man wants is sex, anything a male does for us will be interpreted as somehow looking to gain sexual favors. If the woman’s intuition give the image of a particular man helping her in her creative endeavor she will interpret it as somehow involving sex with the man. Similarly, if a man think a woman is only for having sex and having babies, they will not be able to see and attribute to woman many of the accomplishments of woman and they will even deny the potential in woman for anything other than sex and having babies. The man would be totally confused if his intuitive insight presented him with a woman giving him the key help and/or assistance to run his business. A third way encountered is the belief that the only way a man can satisfy a women is sexually and if the man can not have sex there is no woman who would want them and there is nothing he could give the woman. In this type of view the individual fails to see the gifts he could give a woman, in fact many women, that are not sexual. Narrow minded and simple as these three views may be, they are real. There are people who have, and do carry such beliefs. They live their life by them and their creativity has been greatly influenced and imprisoned by them. Such beliefs greatly impact our creativity for they lie embedded in our belief structure and blind us to seeing what is necessary for a creative endeavor.

Exploring options in our creative imagination: Our creative imagination  is essential for exploring ideas. If we cannot explore options in our creative imagination, we will never be able to explore options in our physical world. Many believe the rules we live by in the physical world must be enforced in our creative imagination. Many do not see that exploring beyond the rules of our physical world may in fact be the door way to find things otherwise not possible and we may need to change the rules we use in Physical Creation when we move into our creative imagination. Dreaming and playing with the idea of man flying in our creative imagination existed long before flying in our physical world was every accomplished. Yet those dreams were required in someone’s creative imagination to begin to understand how flight was possible.

We need to remember, our mind will or can characterize any fertilization process or the mixing of energy as a sexual experience. If we are not allowed to have sex with anyone other than a spouse in our physical world, we will selectively filter out images of intimate relationships where there can be a fertilization or mixing of ideas and concepts in our creative imagination  for they could be seen as being sexual with an individual. To find creative solutions to the issues we face, it is important we are free to explore all options it in our creative imagination or do we limit ourselves to what is possible because of what we think and believe.

Complex integration is a process that can be used to translate a characterization in our creative imagination  into the real world. The fact that we have a sexual experience in our creative imagination whether in a dream, a guided meditation or even our own daydreaming of options does not mean the real solution will be sexual. But if are unable to explore the option, we will never know that a possibility exists that we have not explored or even considered exploring.

Overall summary

In looking for any creative solution we need to remember the mind that created the problem we face is not the mind which will solve the problem. Our current mind is only a collection our memories of this life and what we have come to think and believe about life. To find the mind which will solve our problem we will need new experiences, new beliefs and/or new thinking. Sex and sexuality in some way may, or may not, be part of the solution. If we are going to find truly creative solutions, we need to be prepared to go wherever the solution requires us to go.

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