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 Sexuality and intention for our life 


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There are experiences we incarnated to have and the our creative spirit will push us as much as it can to do what we incarnated to do. Sexuality is a tool and its primary function is about creating life at each and every level of our being. Sex is about creating life. It is often about creative life to keep one or the other alive or to keeps some part of our being or their being alive. It can also be use to resurrect dead parts of our being.

The intention for our life created our life and gives us life. It is only nature that sex arise when the intention for our life creates certain physical experiences. Living the intention for our life is about being totally enthused with our own creative life energy through our whole being and body including our sex organs. Sex can be expected to pull us into experiences to create life to have the experiences we incarnated to have. Sexuality and the intention for our life are entwined in a variety of ways. The intention for our life is what gives us life and as such it will have sexual overtones

We should not be surprised that sexuality will most probably arise in some way when we consciously try and align with the intention for our life. Similarly, we should not be surprised when sexuality unexpectedly arises in our life even when we have no awareness there is an intention for our life.

Our creative power lies in what we feel, not what we think. Creative ability lies in what we think and how we are able or not able to direct what we feel to create what we desire. The source of our creative power as human being lies in the flow of energy which brought us into Physical Creation and stains our life. We feel it as our creative passion. The creative endeavors in life that give us the most passion and instill in us a passion for living and for life itself are those that are most closely aligned with the intention for our life and will be in alignment with the flow of our creative life energy.

It is the passion that we feel in this alignment is what will supply the energy for us to create and manifest the intention for our life. It is vital and needed for that effort. We are enthused throughout all of our being to create a particular set of experiences in life so that we end a separation we feel within our being, the energy will flow through all parts of our body and we will feel sexual for our sexual organs and sexuality are only a part of our body that is being enthused with the creative life energy. Sexuality and what we feel sexually is a part of, and inherent to, the creative life energy as it flows into creation.

It is here we find one of the most important reason and need to learn to move past the sexuality and into the flow of the energy. What does it mean to move past the feelings of sex and sexuality. It is not do deny the feelings it is to understand what the feelings of sexuality are calling us to do. The feeling which gives the awareness of the intention for our life, unfortunately, arise and come through the body tending to enthuse the entire body. The feelings lie beyond the types and kinds of feelings which can arise in sex but are often similar. Consequently, because there can be sexual overtones when the whole body is enthused with the feeling of the business of our life or the intention for our life, most never see this knowing or use it for we get diverted by the sexuality.

The nature of the feeling giving rise to the intention for our life

We know the intention for our life through a deep feeling within our being. We tend to become aware of the feeling when we become a creator and engage in some deep life changing creative activities related to the intention for our life. The reason for this is the intention for our life is related to creating our life. Intention for our life, the business of our life, the dream within the heart is about feeling and creating. In particular, it is about creating a life. It is about creating the way we live in the world and what we do in the world. The more our creative activities move toward consciously creating or recreating our life the more we become aware of the feeling which contains the awareness of what we incarnated to do. On this point, the biological feelings of sex to have intercourse will never satisfy the feeling of joining with, and creating, with another.

The recommendation is to purse creative activities that are directed to creating or recreating the life we live and become very mindful and aware of what we feel in doing such creative activities. Since the deep feeling which provides the awareness of the intention for our life is related to creating life, sexuality is capable of providing direct pathway to accessing the deep feeling giving rise to the awareness. Sex is ultimately about creating biological offspring. Its primary function is to create life. In this regard the deep feelings that arise in engaging in sexuality are about creating life, whether it be our own life and a passion and enthusiasm for life within ourselves, or that of creating an offspring, or creating life within another individual by causing a passion and enthusiasm within them to arise.

The issue here is about staying with the feeling and going into the awareness which lies within the feeling and not become distracted, lost or otherwise preoccupied by the sexuality. The issue is not whether we engage or not engage in sex. Nor it is about being celibate or not celibate. The issue is about keeping our attention and awareness focused on the feeling and to go into the feeling to see what is revealed and be willing to face what is revealed Often what is revealed in the feelings of sexuality is frighten for it represents past traumatic experiences and pain which masks the true origins of what we feel. In this regard, sexuality can be used as a tool to explore deep feelings and surface past pains especially those related to creating life and/or creating/recreating our life.

Additionally, the intention for our life provides a deep undercurrent and direction to our life. Often sexual feelings arise and individuals are pulled towards, or into, a sexuality relationship for its purposes. We are then baffled and confused when the sexuality relationship does not work out as mind expects or mind wants. In particular, the relationship ends up not providing the freedom for our creative spirit to unfold true to itself and as it needs to unfold or past hurts, fears, pains and the like surface to be addressed Usually we fail to consider the fact that the pull and original attraction was not the result of the wants, needs and desires of our mind or that of the other individual. Rather the pull was a result of the intention for our life and what we need to create in life. Sometimes a sexuality relationship and the energy and passion that is released in the engagement is the only way sufficient energy is access to address what is necessary to shift we life more toward fulfilling the reason for our incarnation and having the experiences we incarnated to have.

The approach suggested here to access the intention for our life is to explore creativity activities related to creating and/or recreating our life to begin to understand and discern the difference between the feelings of sexuality and the feeling that arise relative to the intention for our life that may contain sexual overtones. As with any other feeling we have, we can explore the origins of our feelings.

We can come to know whether or not the sexual feelings we have are based on the wants and needs of the mind and its desires or the needs of our creative spirit and the intention for our life. In being able to discern the subtle difference between the feelings of sexuality arising from the desires of the mind and the overtones of sexuality arising from the intention for our life we will know whether or not we should engage sexually with an individual or use sexuality as a tool. We can literally feel the differences and the results are quite profound.

The goal in the approach provided here is to explore creative activities relative to creating and/or recreating our life through creative endeavors, rituals, ceremonies, metatheaters and the like. It is to explore these activities to know what creating a life feels like. It is to look for what activities give us a fullness of being, an inner satisfaction and an enthusiasm and a passion for life and to engage life. It is to know the feelings that are directed towards creating life and not those directed toward only having sex.

Sexuality , the intention for our life and an existing relationship
(No two individual need to separate)

There is an interesting side comment that needs to be made here when we are in a intimate sexual relationship with a particular individual following the rules of our society and the intention for our life causes us to have sexual feelings which carries us to another individual other than our existing relationship. If we have not been following our heart and our internal compass and fail to get in touch with our heart, most probably we will end up separating from the first individual. However, if we have been following our heart or we learn to access our heart as to how we should respond, we will find that there is no need for us to separate from any individual. Separation is of the normal human physical experience. Oneness and realizing the deep connection between any two individual is a different way, if not an alternative way, to experience the human physical experience.

The issue is not about having what is traditionally called an affair, a fling or some appeasement of sexual gratification. Rather, it is about energy generation and the necessary energy for a particular creation. We may be called to be in two deeply committed relationships simultaneously to create something which requires the mixing of the energy of two individuals at the deepest level or to alternate between two deeply committed relationship for a period of time. Such sexual relationships may be necessary to generate the energy to bring a new creation into existence.

When it comes to sexuality and the intention for our life and the need to generate the energy to create certain types and kinds of experiences we incarnated to have, many of the traditional rules about sex may be called into question. The only way to safely navigate the mine field of sexuality is to have well developed ability to discern what we feel, navigate from the heart, and to be able to follow our intuitive guidance. If we think what is said here is a license to be promiscuous or to have sexual flings when ever the mind desires we are seriously mistaken and will cause untold discomfort to our life. The issue here is purely about the energy needed to a particular creation and whether or not it is about the need to have a particular mixture of energy provided by sexuality and/or generating the flow of energy necessary to bring forth the creation into the world and sustain it. When the creation requires sexuality, we must surrender to the flow of energy and the needs of the creation. In such a case, we may find the experience quite enjoyable if not euphoric but there will be little satisfaction to the mind and what it wants and desires. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Mind will be quite puzzled, upset and anxious about what we are asked to do but yet we will have an inner satisfaction which never runs dry.

Being enthused with creative life energy

The issues of sexuality in relation to creating arises because our being is enthused with our creative passion when we live life from, and in alignment with, our creative life energy.

This aspect of sexuality is different than that which arises as part of the biological urge. They are related but different. Rather sexuality that arises from our creative passion is integrally linked to a creative activity and directed towards that individual or object we would call the muse. It is not a sexuality for any partner or a set of limited partners as such. Rather its existence is tied to a particular creative endeavor and the individual is the focus of that creative endeavor. This fact, in turn, gives rise to the traditional muse its association with artistic and creative type activities. When the sexuality arise from the creative passion, if we take the partner away, the passion for the endeavor is lost. Take the endeavor away, the passion for the partner is lost. The two are integrally connected.

This does not mean the creative passion will not arise with another partner but the creative endeavor will be different and the creative passion will be felt different. What needs to be understood is creative activities where there is a muse is much like breeding. We will get an offspring that in many ways looks the same but we are very different because the genetic stock is different.

When it comes to our creative passion, there is a muse that causes the passion to be in total alignment with the flow of our creative life energy and there are others who approximate the muse but just do not give the same effect. This fact is the basis of the soul mate and the idea there is a perfect mate that can give fulfillment. This concept is really incorrect. What is correct is that there is a creative endeavor and its associated muse that can give that sense of fulfillment but the muse is not the soul mate for the true soul mate is the entire creation that gives rise to the observer - observed pair. However, in any case, we must be able to move past the sexuality or get beyond the sexuality to fully understand exactly how sexuality impacts our creative ability. That does not mean we deny it or suppress the sexuality we have to move beyond it. Moving beyond sexuality is quite different than denying or suppressing it.

What needs to be understood is that we can create all our life and never feel any sexuality around what we are creating. This is true simply because we are not enthused with, and by, what we are creating. The reason is that whatever we are creating is not flowing from alignment with the heart. We are beings with inherent creativity so we will always be creating. However, most of what we create does not flow from the essence of our being. Rather it flows from what we think and how we think we must be in life. So of course sexuality will not necessarily be an issue for everyone. It is only when we finally open ourselves to what we feel at all levels of being and moves towards alignment of our heart and we open ourselves to our feelings. In doing so, we will have to feel the pain and suffering that we never processed when we shut our feelings down. If we had processed this pain and suffering, the would never has shut down the feelings. For most of us, the pain and suffering is of childhood when we lost our ability to be in spontaneous and innocent childlike play and we were forming our habits as to how to live our life.

Whether we realize it or not, most of us live in separation. We believe we are our body and deny our consciousness that is inhabiting the body or we embrace our consciousness as our true self and deny the body. It is only when we know and live in accordance with the knowing that we are both our consciousness and our body and the body is only our consciousness manifested in physical form. Then, when we create with, and from, that wholeness, we will be enthused with our creative endeavors for our creative life energy will flow freely through our entire being. This is what is done when we do not deny our body but we step out of mind and align and surrender to the flow of our creative life energy.

This phenomenon of feeling enthused with our creative life energy is the basis of the Kundalini Rising experience that is described as being like a coiled snake lying at the base of the spine that awakens and moves up the spine as it is awakening. However we are only becoming enthuses with the flow of energy. The energy is seen rising from the base of the spine and moving up the body simply because it is our sexuality that is the door way to the feeling and the physical intimacy of the body. In this regard, many people have sex only to feel. Yet, we never awaken our feelings for we are stuck in the sexuality. If we canít get past the sexuality we will have difficulty in creating the physical intimacy of the body. If we deny or suppress the sexuality, we will have experiences that are what we would call very spiritual. However, the are only experiences of separation for we have not allowed the body to be fully present and embraced. Hence we live in separation. .

The intention for our life, our creative passion, and the flow of our creative life energy are all interconnected and actually are one and the same. The more we move closer to the center of our being and align with our heart, allowing the feelings of the heart to guide our creative efforts, the more we align with our creative life energy that is sustaining our being the more enthused we become with our creative passion and the greater the sexuality we will feel and the greater the creativity we give to Creation. Creating, or rather accessing this flow of energy that causes us to feel enthused such that we feel a rise in our sexuality can be done in two ways. We are to follow our creative passion that makes us feel alive and make life worth living making all the decisions in our life to move closer and closer towards allowing ourselves to express this creative passion. The other is to chose to manifest the dream of our heart. Most often it is a vision we have of another way of living and being in the world that gives a great thrill to the heart.

When we work with dream manifestation and creativity and are in touch with the feelings of our body, what we will see is that actually, sexuality and sex itself is at the bottom of the flow of energy manifesting into Creation. Is at the point where the creation is made manifest in the physical plane and allows the creative energy to dissipate completing the flow path. The feeling of sexuality are quite natural to the creation process. When we are living this enthused creative passion it is only natural to want to express it in the world. As such, sexuality enters us in response to the flow of this creative energy when we have a strong  desire to propagate the life the live in the world for the organs of sexuality are about creating life in the physical world. When we are enthused with our creative life energy and whether we are focused on living our life on a spiritual, mental, emotional or physical level of being without separation or as an integrated whole being across all levels, as long as we are in a physical body, we will feel sexual. In any case, we just need to be aware that if we choose to exercise our creativity in alignment with the creative life energy within our being at its deepest levels to create new ways of being in the physical world, we can expected to be faced directly both with our understanding of sexuality and our sexuality itself.

Sexuality and manifestation of the dream of the heart

In addition to following our creative passion, a second way we experience this flow of energy is to manifest a dream of the heart. There is an aspect to dreams and sexuality that is too much for most to be believe unless we experience it and it is directly readily to the dream manifestation process. It is too much to be believed for how different it is seen by the way we currently live and perceives reality. A dream of the heart is one that lies close to the Source of our being and why we incarnated. For all practical purposes, the dream of our heart and the intention for our life are actually synonymous only perceived and experienced differently. Usually the dream we experience is a dream that provides an alternative way of living than the way our family and society in which we incarnated desires individuals to live. The reason for this is that it is a way of being that has not been seen before and different from the way of society and our family know.

When working with the manifestation of dreams of the heart, we are working with our creative life energy as it is aligned in the flow from the Source of Creation to manifest a Physical Creation. It is exactly the same energy utilized by the bodyís reproductive systems to reproduce its life to sustain life. That is, the energy behind feeling sexual has nothing to do with sex or the reproductive function. Rather, it is in direct response to the dream that desires to be made manifest in the world and it is the same energy of life wanting to bring life and a passion for living in to the world.

The problem for most individuals is early in life we are not free to flow with this energy. We are forced to live in the world in which we incarnate as opposed to flowing with the energy within our being. Later in life, when we move out of childhood but yet has not totally been shut down by the pain and suffering early in life, we again feel the pull within our being and try to live the dream in our heart. Here again we become enthused with our creative life energy but now sexuality become present when birthing a dream of the heart. Here, many if not most individuals, get sidetracked by the sexuality and never complete the process to birth our dream. Then we become puzzled as to why we cannot either birth our dream or recreated the same level of sexual experience that we initially experienced in life.

The reason is the sexuality was tied to the dream. What we have been lead to believe is we have the  desire for a partner and it is something all adolescents and adults experience. Although that is true to a limited extent because there is the desire for the beloved and the muse and a biological urge to procreate, if we have clarity of understanding, we will see the partner to which we are drawn to is necessary for the dream we have to manifest. But we cannot manifest our dream because we become bound to that partner in some way or we attached to the wrong partner to satisfy our sexuality.

The point that needs to be understood here is that we are multidimensional beings and there are many facets that influence the feelings of our sexuality. There is of course the biological urge to procreate the species but it is not as big as we have come to believe. There is another urge and that is to express the essence of our being, Then there is a sexual component to that essence that arises from the creative process. If we are free to experience the dream of our heart early in life before sexuality sets in, we would have no problems living the dream. However, few have had sufficient freedom to find and lived their dream at such an early age. We are too busing learning what we need to do and be in life to pay attention to our dream. Then, in adolescence, when we still have some innocence about life, the sexuality of a maturing body in adolescence gets very confused with the dream that lies in our heart and what we incarnated to do. For most, the two remain totally confused and we never get clarity at to what part of the sexuality is a biological urge and what part exists because of the dream we carry. Of course, once we experience sex, and if it is in the remotest way enjoyable, mind is capable of making a pull for the enjoyment of sex that can be just as strong as any biological urge or dream in our heart. So the whole issue around sexuality and manifest the dream of the heart or living our creative passion can become quite confused. It is only when we are capable of moving past the sexuality that some clarity can be gained.

The problem originates in that the masculine within us feel the urge to find a mate, that  desire for reunification and the longing for the beloved, without clarity and understanding. In doing so, our mind tends to translate this pull into a urge to feel and we tend to look to satisfy the sensitivity to feel that sexuality can provide. Rather that looking at the longing itself, we look for a mate who is willing and available to us not because we are lead in response to our own feelings to create a space for us to manifest what is in our heart, but more often than not, only to satisfy our urge to feel. Normally we are looking for someone who is compatible to the way our mind has translated our deep desire to reunite and satisfy that inner longing. Again, this process is complicated in that we cannot see it unless we get pass the sexuality itself.

The way to get past the sexuality is to remember any journey creates a child or offspring, physical or otherwise. If we put the child first and truly commit our self to the child that will be produced and look carefully until a mate arrives who wants to care for the child with us or rather is willing to accept the child into the world knowing a new way of being and living in the world will occur, we will begin to see past the sexuality and see how the energy of Creation is causing what is felt. If our creative passion does not become richer and fuller in the sexuality and in the manifestation of the offspring, it is of the mind and/or simply a biological urge and not from the heart. Here there is an import note to be made. If we find pleasure in the sexuality but no joy in the offspring, then the sexuality is most probably of the mind. If we take pleasure in the offspring but little joy in the sex it is probably a biological urge. It is only when there is both joy in the offspring and pleasure and joy in the sexuality accompanied by an expansion of our being and creative expression is the urge from our creative passion.

Additionally, because of the way we are normally not totally free to act on the sexuality we feel we will fractionate and scatter our creative life energy. For example, most individuals form and need some type of agreement or contract rather than allow themselves to explore the sexuality to where it takes them. The agreement or contract we develop will cause the energy to shift and flow other than in alignment with the original creation. Any attempt to control and/or manipulate the flow of energy in any way other than looking to the creation of that new way of being and surrendering to that new way of being shifts and scatters our creative life energy. Any energy that we scatter in this way, will have to reconstituted it for no simpler reason that to reconstitute our energy and call back our creative power to get we back where we started.

Any time in our life if we move to manifest the dream of our heart and to flow with the energy and we experience a rise in our sexuality, we will either numb it, deny it or act on it. If we numb it or deny it, we will fragment and scatter our energy. We will have to go back to those decisions that causes them to deny it and/or suppress it for that is where the original diversion started. If we act on it, but do not allow it to lead, we will have to go back, explore and remove the reason why we could not allow it to lead. Because of the baggage society places around sexuality it can almost be guaranteed we cannot act on our sexuality either true to the sexuality itself and/or free of the expectations of our society. The only way we can act on the sexuality that flow from a dream of the heart is to interact in a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration. However most lost this ability to play long before we became sexually mature so we will be unable to explore sexuality in this way unless we recover our ability to play.

One thing that will need to be understood is that when we do chose to become the creator, we will have to face and act on our sexuality. This is the biggest issue facing a mature adult. To become the creator we have to become the creation and will have to totally recreate ourselves. We will have to become the Phoenix. But to do so, we have to destroy the identity we created and create a new identity. To do that, we have to flush out our entire existing structure we created and allow ourselves to be enthused with our unmanifested creative life energy in every part of our being to be recreated. It is much like the story of Noah. We pull all the duality of our judgments and thinking "I am this...." and "I am not that..." back into a center point and allow the life giving waters, our creative life energy, to flood our entire being to wash everything clean for a new world, a new creation to emerge out of that center point.

If the flow of energy in this process is suppressed in any way as it flows through our being, we will suppress our creative life energy and our own creativity and severely what we can create. If we choose to become a creator but deny or suppress our sexuality and its free expression, we will in fact find we have insufficient energy and ability to accomplish what we desire to create. The reason is we are suppressing the every essence of the creative energy needed to create. Here again the issue is the free expression of our energy as it is. That is not free sex. It is quite different. When we flow freely with our energy we know we are manifesting a new creation that we are responsible for creating and it will be a part of our life.

Normally we only need one partner to allow the free expression of our sexuality if they are able to work with us. We all express ourselves slightly differently and those slight differences have tremendous impact on our creativity. The usually problem is that we donít wait for the universe to provide the partner that will allow the free expression of who and what we are or for some reason. Rather we usually try and satisfy the sexual desire rather than the flow of energy that is being expressed sexually. There is a difference between the two. However, there is another problem that arises in the free expression of our energy. It is that although we may find a partner that initially allows the free expression of our sexual energy the physical intimacy that results causes things of the past to arise such that the partner loses their ability to allow us to freely express themselves and/or the mundane and burdens of life simply causes the partner to become unresponsive.

The problem we face if we choose to act on the sexuality that accompanies our creativity, which we must do if we are going to allow the creative life energy to flow, is to find an acceptable partner or "burn" in the passion of unacted sexuality. Here again an acceptable partner is not one with whom we just have sex. It is a partner who allows the free expression of our energy in a way the energy needs to be expressed and dissipated. The issue here is not the sexuality but the expression of the energy.

If a partner does not become available and the energy is not allowed to flow it is probably because what is occurring needs the energy to build up as we would build up to a threshold of energy. Because this energy builds up and not be released, we will "burn" in the passion. If we are not able to act on the sexuality that arises in creativity and we do not deny its presence, we will feel an intensity that seems to burn and consume our being. Some call is the fire that purifies. This phenomenon is the basis for many spiritual traditions recommending we becomes celibate and transform this energy and transcend the sexual desire to seek that spiritual state above the physical. However, to attempt to control this energy through celibacy or transcending it is only an action of the mind and we will not be able to achieve what we desire. If the universe needs us to be celibate for what we need to do, we will be celibate no matter how had we try otherwise. We will be unable to find that partner that allows the energy to dissipate. We may have sex but we will not dissipate the energy. If we do find a partner we will in the end only end up adding to the intensity of the feelings. It must be remembered we cannot second guess the universe in what require for the sacrifice for our new creation. Unless we will give up the desire we hold, the universe will make happen what needs to happen to manifest what we desire. The only question is if we are willing to flow through the whole process as required. The pain resulting from this burning desire in whatever form it takes is only the birthing pain of creation that we must endure if we are going to create what we have chosen to create.

If we are going to remain in our creativity we cannot transcend it or deny the sexuality. We must live with it and flow where it takes us. There is an important issue here. It was said we need an acceptable partner who will allow the free expression of our sexual energy. An important notes needs to be made here. If the universe does not bring this partner to us and we engage with someone who cannot allow the free expression of our energy and we hold onto them to be able to express our sexuality, we will shut down our creative passion. It will turn off. It not immediately, it will happen over time. It will simply dry up. In essence we will have traded our creativity for the sex. However, if we do not bind ourselves to them but continue to flow with our energy and follow its lead, we will feel as if we are burning and long for that partner. We may even become celibate because no partner is provided or any individual we can have sexually is too much trouble to maintain both the creative passion and satisfy their desires and demands. Yet following the energy will take us into greater creativity and new understanding about reality.

It is much like knowing our muse and continually pursuing them but never being able to catch them. The partner we long for to release this energy from within our being is the basis of the muse. The muse becomes both the inspiration for the creative passion to keep the source of the energy flowing and it is also seen as the relief and release of that energy to allow the energy to dissipate. Hence the muse become both the source and grounding for the creativity and complete the flow path of the energy in an unencumbered fashion. We may burn up within. Yet if the energy is allow to flow into the creative endeavors envisioned with the muse we will find the muse is supplying the energy for the creation to manifest such that if we catch the muse, the energy necessary for the creation would not be available. The creative tension of the pull between us and the muse is what is supplying the energy and as long as the tension remains, the energy is available.

The muse is a very special entity. It allows for both the generation of the energy, a sorcerer, one who allows contact with the Source of the creative life energy itself. But, more importantly, we can also act as the grounding of that energy without any disruptions to reabsorb the energy to allow a complete flow path. Although a true muse can exist. We are very difficult to find for as a human, a muse will have their own interests and desires. Few individuals are freely able and willing to set their personal interests aside to surrender to the needs of another. Yet, it is possible for a muse to have their own interests and desires fully expressing them yet fully and freely functioning as a muse. But it takes a very understanding person to do this and often they are also a rainmaker. The key here is that the energy is allowed to flow unencumbered for it is the flow of energy that creates so we must keep the energy flowing.

There is a very fundamental property of energy consciousness and that is that flow of energy within a creation must be experienced and allowed to flow freely if we are not going to cause a disruption to the energy flow and subsequent disruption to the creation. We must flow with the energy and experience it if we are going to be a creator and allow it to lead in all ways,. In many ways in the eyes of the world we will be crazy. If we numb the pain we feel in any way that arises in not being allowed to ground the energy, we will create an addiction that keeps us away from our own creative power and we will have to deal with that addiction to get our creative powers back. We can numb the pain as long as we still do what the flow of energy requires and allow its free flow. But if we numb it we will not have it as the indicator it is to guide us and tell us where we are going.

So, here again, we risk losing ourselves if we do not have some reference marker or guiding star to keep us true to our course. Hence there is the needs internally for a very clear vision, a clear sense of our creative passion or a beloved and externally for a muse for which we long and seek or a rainmaker or someone to stand externally to us reminding our of our goal and hold us accountable. The only difference between a rainmaker and a muse is that the muse is the outward form that we can freely use to ground the energy and pull us forward and not hinder the flow of the energy in any way. The rainmaker is someone who can guide us to ground our energy allowing its free flow until we have the clarity to identify our muse.

But the rainmaker may or may not function successfully as a muse when there is a deep need to fully express physically the sexuality that is felt. Whether the sexuality experienced needs to be physically expressed depends on what is being created. Although a properly paired masculine and feminine beings can function as a "neutral" rainmaker to remove and/or neutralize most aspects of sexuality from the flow of creative life energy, if the creation requires the physical express of sexuality, we will have to have a partner with whom we can freely engage. Otherwise the flow of energy is disrupted. In our creative efforts, we may find even if have a pair of rainmakers who neutralize much of the sexuality, we may still need to express the energy in physical intimacy.

What needs to be clearly be understood is that some creations will need physical sexual intimacy and there will be a very deep longing for a compatible partner and there is no way around it. It is a fact of Creation. Only understanding and awareness will allow discernment of the true nature of the sexuality and its origins. Of course, there is always the "after the fact" phenomenon we can use and learn to recognize before hand. If the creative passion ultimately expands and the creative grows then the sexuality is part of the energy flow. If the creative passion is in any way dismissed and/or inhibited in any way, then the sexuality is of the mind or the hurt and pain of the past arises and their origins will have to be addressed before we can return to our creative passion.

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