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Sex - the metaphysical equivalent of nuclear energy
Basic characteristics of nuclear energy
The metaphysical equivalent of nuclear energy

Clean or dirty byproducts
Using sexuality constructively or destructively

An illusion of a gentle feminine
The energy beyond metaphysical nuclear energy
A practical consideration

In many ways sex is the metaphoric equivalent of nuclear energy. The application of the creative principles around sexuality whether done consciously or nonconsciously will result in a very powerful creative energy source in our life. In the same way there is a tremendous magnitude in the difference between chemical energy sources, like that from gunpowder or a battery, and nuclear energy sources, as in a nuclear detonation or a nuclear reactor generating electricity, we can experience the same magnitude of difference in energy in our own life and the lives of each individual who creates without sexuality and with sexuality. However it does need to be understood that the creative life energy released is within our being and we will need to learn how to translate that energy into physical reality.

Basic characteristics of nuclear energy  (Top)

Nuclear energy is about accessing a powerful energy deep within the nature and structure of matter. Nuclear energy lies at the essence of structure of Physical Creation. Beyond nuclear energy is the world of elementary particles. But it is the world of nuclear energy that deals with the fundamental structure of Physical Creation. In rearranging the nucleus we can change the atom of one element of nature into another. Knowing how to work with nuclear energy gives us the alchemist dream of literally transmuting lead into gold or gold into lead. But to do so it takes understanding and special equipment and techniques.

Accessing the nucleus to release the energy can be done two ways. Each way can also be done in a controlled fashion or an uncontrolled fashion. Nuclear energy can be released in a nuclear reactor and used to generate electricity is the nuclear energy released in a controlled fashion. The energy can be released in a relatively clean way without long lived by product or a relatively dirty way with the long live by products. The uncontrolled release of nuclear energy is characteristic of a nuclear bomb releasing the energy in a more destructive way.

One way we release the nuclear energy in the nucleus is a fission process. In the fission process, a large nucleus is separated resulting in two smaller nuclei. The fission process tends to be a "dirty" process in that it will produce long lived radioactive waste. Depending on the application it can produce quite destructive long lived radioactive waste whose effects can go on for generations.

The cleaner process is a merging process. The fusion process merges smaller nuclei into larger nuclei. The fusion process is a "clean" process in that it provides the release of energy and clean by produces with little radioactive waste. It is interesting to note that the fusion process, the clean process, is the primary source of energy of the sun and what ultimately sustains life on earth.

Depending on how we choose to use the nuclear process, we can create a a "clean" or a "dirty" technology. Even with the fission process there are things that can be done to make it relatively cleaner and less dirty. But, of course, it takes a bit of thinking and some work to do so.

The metaphysical equivalent of nuclear energy  (Top)

Human sexuality is the metaphysical equivalent of nuclear energy. There is probably no single greater source of creative energy and creative passion to act than through sexuality. The transformative power of sexuality can be very explosive. Yet it can be handed in a safe way to provide untold energy to catalyze our creative endeavors. Awareness of this energy as a creative energy has been known since ancient times through the concept of the muse.

As a metaphysical equivalent of nuclear energy, sexuality accesses a very powerful energy within us at a level which gives structure to our life. Using this energy consciously in our creative endeavors can be done in clean way or dirty. Being a very powerful energy it does have an explosive quality to it depending on how it is released and it can be used in a controlled fashion constructively or in an uncontrolled fashion destructively. On this point it needs to be noted that although we may not use it consciously we routinely and already using it nonconsciously constructively and destructively to create many of our experiences in life. It is ultimately something we cannot avoid for the human experience is a sexual experience and the creative process of creation/Creation has an inherent aspect of sexuality. We have the choice of either using it consciously or nonconsciously, constructively or destructively.

Here it needs to be noted, most use the creative power of sexuality nonconsciously and create within the illusion of separation. As a result, relative to their creativity, most experience the "not so clean" if not the dirty byproducts of sexuality. The reason for this is quite simply we are unaware of the creative power of sexuality beyond procreating physical children and the enjoyment the sex act can provide. In the realm of sexuality and our creativity, we must literally and figuratively learn to "clean up our act" and we do so by becoming consciously aware of how we use, or donít use, sex and sexuality in our life whether or not we engage in sex.

Analogously, in the same way there is a fission or splitting process of large nuclei that results in many long term residual "dirty" by products there is an approach to sexuality that causes separation from the source of our creative power and from the source of our life. Often one is left with a feeling of separation or disconnect within their being. Similarly, there is an analogous fusion process which is the joining of light nuclei with relatively "clean" by products. Here the approach to sexuality results in a joining and moving closer to the source of our creative power and the Source of Creation. We could say relative to the by products, one way is a better or more correct way to harness the energy. The choice as to how we use it always was, and always will be, ours. the

It does need to be noted that whether sexuality is used in a clear or dirty way, there is a potential explosiveness to the energy. It needs to understand it is not uncommon for the physical sex act to awaken long dormant parts of our being such that when awakened, we are lead to live a different life. There can be a tremendous release of energy that catalyzes a whole different life. How different it can be is literally explosive. Awakening or resurrecting dormant aspects of our being and the release of the associated energy could totally destroy our past way of living. Or, it could only be a tremendous fuel reserve that catalyzes an individual to purse some particular creative endeavor and/or energize our life in a particular direction for a life time.

It is not far fetched for an individual to engage in a terrific and passionate sexuality only to find they become aware life calls them to live a life which is completely different. In some ways it is like fueling and launching a rocket with the energy to fly off on some far flung mission - may be never to return. In this case, life as we knew it becomes completely shattered. When we engage in a life giving sexuality, we must be prepared for all possibilities and not hold on to any expectation as to the outcome.

Fission and fusion - heavy or light nuclei What is interesting is that what drives the fission process are large nuclei. What drives the incorrect use of sexuality are large egos. That is, the ego is both rather fixed in its ways and its thinking as to how things should be and the desires of the ego where the ego is what received the benefit of engaging in sexuality. Rather than creating the space for the energy of sexuality to go into the creation, a seen or unseen life that is created, that transcends the ego and/or into the other person. The "I" looks to receive the benefit of the sexuality rather than the offspring or the energy equally shared between the individuals. There is little to no interest to the welfare, growth and unfoldment of the other or the creation/offspring and maybe little interest for oneself.

What drive the fusion process are small nuclei. So too the human experience. The is it uses smaller egos. That is, an ego that are not as fixated on itself or willing to shatter or change as required. Smaller egos are not as fixed in what they think and believe and not a preoccupied as to how it wants things to be. They are more flexible and open and willing to flow with what is and how things unfold. They have the ability to more readily move into a state of creative play and give to, and share with, an another allows for the clean process. Here the energy that is released in the sexuality goes into the offspring that is desired and/or equally shared between the individuals. That is one looks to the welfare, growth and unfoldment of oneself, the other and the creation/offspring.

Clean or dirty byproducts  (Top): In any case sexuality can be used in "clean" way or a "dirty" way. Here clean and dirty refer to the byproducts of the sexual encounter. Whether sexuality is used in a clean or dirty way is actually determined by the intention held by each individual at its deepest level and how either individual tries to control the other for their own ends. We cannot fool the creative force the way our mind can fool us and think that we care about the other individual when all we want is to have the pleasures of sex The repercussion of the untruthfulness will be experienced.

Now, there is nothing wrong with having sex for the pleasure of sex but we must honest about it and not lie about it to ourselves or the other. We must face our true intention at the deepest level it goes. On this point, it is not uncommon to find that at the deepest level it is the intention for our life that is pulling us into sexuality either to have the experience we incarnated to have or to access an energy needed for a particular creative endeavor. Or, we are pulled into sexuality simply to awaken aspects of our being. We think we may like an individual or simply desire the pleasure of sex when in reality it is about awakening some dormant aspect of our being for whatever reason. However, in most cases, our intention are shallow and do not go to the depth of our being. If it did, our relationships would be quite different.

What is most important is that we have the choice as to whether or not we engage in sex in a way that has clean or dirty byproduct. Here the concepts of "clean" byproducts and "dirty" byproducts refer to the expression of our creative spirit. Clean byproducts cause us to move toward creative  freedom and the free expression of our creative spirit. With clean byproducts, we are able to move into the infinity of our being. Dirty byproducts cause our creative spirit becomes bound, captured and/or wounded in some way causing us to shrink our understanding of ourselves and withdraw from the free expression of our creativity.

Using sexuality in a way that will result in clean byproducts is ultimately about being aware and using the fact that there is a oneness and wholeness to Creation. It is about finding a wholeness within our own being first through a mature inner masculine and mature inner feminine. It is to then allow that offspring of that mature inner masculine and mature inner feminine to be reflected externally and shared with another. In this case, we are not looking for the other to give us something which must we must give ourselves. Rather, we are whole and complete within ourselves and are simply sharing life with another at all levels of being. We are not taking or robbing them of their life and what they have to offer the world. We give them the space to freely unfold and grow into the infinity of their being. Each experiences the process as an expansion and unfolding of their being. In the awareness of the oneness to Creation, the individuals experience the wholeness and they understand the reflection of the internal world and the outer world where their current partner is only a reflection of their current internal state. In this awareness, the transformative process of sexuality becomes very powerful and very clean with little or no byproducts.

Using sexuality in way that will result in dirty byproducts is ultimately about living and seeing ourselves as separate and not intimately connected with what arises in our life. When we see our lives and our experiences as somehow separate from what we think and believe we create undesirable by products If we see the individual with whom we are with as separate from us, we will create by products that will be somewhat difficult to hand not unlike the radioactive waste of the fission reaction which is a separation process. When two individuals separate on negative terms as a result of sexuality, they are using the equivalent of the fission process and creating many long lived by products with which to deal.

Additionally, we create dirty byproduct when we try and control the other rather than allow them to become free. Many are so enamored with the sexual experience they seek to control the other individual rather then using the experience to allow the other individual to grow more fully into their own being. Sexuality should be experienced as a life giving, life expanding experience. It should not cause us to shrink and/or cause our creative spirit to become confined and imprisoned.

Creation is a dance and there are many ways to look at the dance. In a dance it is not uncommon for the dance partners to separate but they are still in the dance together and are not separated from the dance and from each other. So too should be the type and kind of separation arising from sexuality. When sexuality is entered in a way that there are clean byproducts, the partners may separate but the separation is as if it is a dance. That is the movement of the energy carries them into separation. There is still a deep closeness and they are still tied together, but each understand there are things which need to be done in life and it is time to move on to the next types and kind of experience. It is not about the energy between the two individuals being lost. The energy is still there and very vibrant. It is just that the energy carries them into a separation.

Many expect to find one partner and stay with them all their life. Some look to find a partner for an evening. Some look to find a partner until they grow tired of that partner. All of such thinking is of the mind and does not necessary reflect the flow of energy which is pulling individuals into a sexual relationship. If two individual are to mate for a life time, the energy will be there to stay together. Each will continually be expanding as a result of the presence of the other. If two individuals are meant to separate, there will be a struggle to stay together and the relationship will turn into an obligation and feel confining and restrictive. It will be something that is being maintained for some reason or another given by mind. Each individual will feel captive or somehow curtailed in what they need to do in life. In fact, the sex may continue to be quite good and satisfying but yet each individual seem a hollowness or shallowness in the relationship. They experience no growth and may even find themselves shrinking and/or collapsing in some way.

It needs to be remembered, sex is about creating life. If we do not find the life within us increasing as a result of our sexual relationship whatever it may be, it does not serve us no matter how enjoyable we think it is. In fact, if we do not find the life within us increasing as a result of the sexual relationship but the sex still feels really good and we enjoy it, we may be moving into a addictive pattern such that we enjoy the feelings to mask the pain or tension within our being.

We need to remember, all the negative experiences we have with, or around sex, stay with us in our memory. Those experience continue to bias long after we have the experience. Because our inner world is reflected in the outer, we will pass on our negative experiences about sexuality and how to use sexuality in a negative way to our children whether we realize it or not. If however, we do find our sexuality brings us life and it creates life within our being, we will also share that with our children and others in our life.

The key issue that remains in us about sexuality is all the times our sexual encounters did not cause an increase in life within our being. Whether with a single spouse in a lifetime monogamous relationship or in single one time affairs with multiple different individuals over a lifetime, we need to become aware of the individual times life did not feel an increase within us as a result of the sex. It is because each and every one of these encounters rob a bit of life from is. If we were not given life, it was taken from us and those experiences lies as wounds within our psyche. Unless we face the pain of those wounds they will continue to rob us of life now and in the future.

How long into the future will such wound affect us? Unfortunately, the answer is eternity. It needs to be remembered that it was said above our sexuality is the metaphysical equivalent of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is about the structure of matter that defines what our physical world looks like. The nuclear structure is what gives an atoms its properties as to how it will interact in the world. So too the elements of sexuality within our being and our memories. They define how we will interact in the world for there is a dance of our inner masculine and inner feminine which generates the energy for us to act in the world.

If either or inner masculine and inner feminine are wounded and/or unable to come to maturity for whatever reason our external world is affected by those wounds and/or lack of maturity. It is essential that our experiences of sexuality whomever we are with cause the life within us to feel as an expansion. For those experiences that do not, or have not, been expansive we only need to pull the string and process how and why we were unable to live our truth such that a part of us was denied or died. Those aspects of our being can be resurrect if we choose to resurrect them. However, to do so, although not necessarily, resurrection of those aspects may require facing the fear of the past and the pain of the sexual relationship or sexual experience through sexuality to become free. Each of us are different and what one needs to do to process the pain and fear of the past is different from another. The recommendation is to consult your intuitive guidance as to the best way to do it.

Using sexuality constructively or destructively  (Top): The fact that there is a clear and dirty byproducts of sexuality brings up the fact that there are constructive and destructive ways of employing sexuality. The fact that sexuality has an explosive aspect is not necessarily bad and it may be that attribute of sex that is needed.

Dynamite has the ability to blow thing apart. Shattering the face of a cliff to build a road, is to use the explosive nature of dynamite in a constructive way. Loading fuel into a rocket or the ignition of gasoline in an engine can be considered a controlled but explosive release of energy. Boiling water to spin a turbine or burning gas in our furnace to heat our home are also very controlled releases of explosive energy. Gas for home heating has been known to blow houses apart and steam turbines have exploded and killed individuals. It is not the explosiveness of the material that is an issue. The issue is how it is employed and are their sufficient safety precautions so that one is not injured.

The same is true for sex and sexuality. It is explosive in nature and it can be used to create clean or dirty byproducts. It is the applications and safety precautions that are employed that determine whether or not it is used constructively or destructively.

Give the uniqueness of each individual and the variation of possibilities not much can be said about how to employ sexuality in the safest way between any two individuals. However there is one rule or principle that can be used in all cases and it is quite simple. Sex is about creative life at each and every level of being and the end product for both participants should be to create a more fulfilling and expansive life. Each should be enriched by the experience. The experience of sex should bring an expansion of life into each individual. Each should feel as thought the sexual experience has been the occasion to grow and expand into the fullness of their own being and an awareness in and about life. The recommended focus is that we seek to create a more full and fulfilling life for our partner. The fulfillment of the other should be the focus and not what is what is received by us. This intention held by both participants will create a dance. It is a dance where each gives to the other a way that each moves more deeply into the fullness of life and being. In this regard, each is in control but yet each surrenders to the needs of the other. This, in turn, allows each to dance between the masculine and feminine aspects of being.

If, for whatever reason, in whatever way, there is not a fulfillment in the experience, we need to pull the string as to why. In pulling the string we will come to see and know our deeper intentions and the reason why we are unable to have a fulfilling experience or a fulfilling experience with the individual. In becoming aware of the reason, we an look to create the conditions which serve us. In looking to find what truly serves us and understanding what we need to do find what serves us, we can give that gift to any other.

Remember, we cannot give what we do not have. When we come to know what truly serves us and the type and kind of relationship we need to have to fully enjoy sexuality and allow it to being us life, we give that same gift to any other who wants it. It is here we being to use sexuality in the most positive ways possible.

An illusion of a gentle feminine  (Top)

We all seek a warm fuzzy place which is created by a nurturing feminine presence. Such a space can be created by a male or a female although most see it (and expects it) as something a female can and will do. Most also see or expect this to be the natural state of the feminine. That is the feminine is a warm nurturing presence which gives us what we need to grow and unfold in life to become true to who and what we are. There is a truth in this but it is only a partial truth. And nothing can be farther from the truth.

The feminine can be a warm nurturing presence to give to a creation what it needs to grow and unfold. That is what the feminine will do. But what needs to be understood is that she will nurture the creation and give the creation what it needs. She will destroy wherever stands in the way of her doing that. This is the part individuals refuse to accept or want to acknowledge about the feminine. The feminine will nurture her offspring at all cost and she can be quite destructive when she need to be.

There is concept of the warrior. Individuals expect warriors to be male and as a warrior they fight for whatever it is they believe they must fight for. Woman are not seen as warrior. We are seen as raising children, nursing the wounded and the like. However there are woman warriors and it is part of the feminine and inherent in the feminine if it is allowed to come out. Most females are not raised to allow the woman warrior to come out. Usually the female must become angry if not enraged about something before she is catalyzed to fight. Females have not been raise to fight when they first seen an injustice. The are expect to allow the male to fight. Yet, this denies the essence of their being.

The woman warrior is only the female expression of the nurturing feminine creative energy that must fight to nurture her offspring. If not suppressed, the feminine will do whatever is necessary to protect her offspring - and that includes fighting the strongest adversary if necessary. The whole journey that has ultimately resulted in the writing of these words started with a voice which asked, "Who will protect my children?" At the time, if asked, the voice would have been described as a masculine voice. In hindsight and upon reflection, the voice would have be described as masculine only because the Creative Power of Creation from where the voice was perceived to originate was perceived as masculine as a result of the religion of enculturation. In reality it was feminine. It was the Creator concerned for her children. She was only looking to do for her children which She could not do alone.

Many perceive God as masculine and tending to have some wrathful qualities when His desires are not fulfilled. However, few consider the feminine concept of God. Those that do also talk about a very fierce quality of the feminine God. There is the Eastern feminine God Kali and the Hawaiian feminine God Pele both of which take one into death so that rebirth can occur. It needs to be fully realized, sex is about creating life and creating the flow of energy that will nurture a new creation. That flow of energy is the feminine. Along with that feminine aspect and flow of energy is a death. It is a death in order to bring a new life into the world. Every experience of sex will cause a death in some way and we can experience what does consciously or nonconsciously, joyously or painfully.

It does need to be noted here, that when the masculine causes death, there is usually destruction with no rebirth. It is a conquering and subjugation. Often the death is needless. When the feminine causes death, it is for rebirth and a new life to come forth. We can be lead by the mind and the masculine or by the heart and the feminine. Both can and will cause a death. But death at the hands of the feminine is about rebirth.

The easiest way to face sexuality is to understand the phoenix process and choose to become the phoenix. That is, by choosing to engage in sex for whatever reason in whatever way we choose, the choice is made to destroy our exist nest and the life we have created and have it consume us our and our current life in a passionate fire. Then out of those ashes and the nest and life destroyed, a new life will emerge. Expect to die. Expect to be consumed. Expect to have an experience like a shooting star passing through the night sky in a great blaze of glory only to pass and become forever gone. Expect a new life to arise out of that experience in a why that has forever changed us. In doing so, we will begin to see the true creative power of sexuality.

The energy beyond metaphysical nuclear energy  (Top)

It was said above, "beyond nuclear energy is the world of elementary particles." Analogously, there is a creative energy beyond nuclear energy. In the same way elementary particles and the phenomenon which exist in the world of elementary particles, is not our normal way of experiencing Creation the metaphysical equivalent of elementary particles is not our normal way of experiencing creation/Creation and our creativity.

The metaphysical world of elementary particles is the awareness which lies in the deep feeling which lie beyond feelings of sexuality. As in world of physics, to work with elementary particles we must move past the world and hazards of the nuclear radiation into a new way of doing business. So too creating with the awareness which lies in the deep feeling beyond sexuality. We must move past the world and hazards of sexuality before we can routinely use the depth and breadth of the creative ability and creative power at this level.

For many, to work in this world is to move into the world of the mystic and shaman but in a way that even shaman and mystics normally do not experience it for most never get past their own sexuality No guidance is provided on how to work in this world and with the energy that is access. The reason for this is quite simple. If we are able to successfully pass through the realm of sexuality and consciously use sexuality in our creative endeavors, we will have all the tools and understanding we need to work with the awareness that lies in the deep feelings beyond sexuality. We only need to choose to do so. Hence the only issue we face is to get past our sexuality.

In many ways sex is the beast at the temple gate which we must face and pass through to access this deeper realm of creative ability and creative power. If and when we learn face and move past the beast, we will have the awareness and knowledge as to how to use there deeper levels of understanding. In many ways sex and our sexuality is the training ground and selection process. Those who learn to successfully use sexuality in their life gain the tools for the deeper powers of creation. Those who fail to learn how to use it and/or who do not face it never see inside the temple and what lies at the Source of Creation and how much creative power we really have and can access. How we go about facing our sexuality and learn what it has to teach us about the creative process, our creative ability and creative power and the creative power in what we think and believe that we use to focus our attention and awareness to create what we desire, is our choice. No one can do it for us or tell us. No one can tell us how to do it. It is a journey we each must make in our own unique way.

A practical consideration (Top)

There is a saying in several esoteric traditions that one needs to become aware of the results of their actions unto seven generations. Nothing can be more applicable than to how we use our sexuality. What is interesting in dealing with nuclear energy and the subsequent radioactive waste, one normally measures the time it takes for the radioactive to decay away in what is called half-lives. That is, the time it takes for the radiation to decay to one-half its initial strength. From a practical standpoint, it is said that one it take normally 5 to 7 half-lives for the concentration of radioactivity to decay to where it is a negligible fraction of the starting concentration. That does not mean it is now safe. It only means what is left is a negligible amount compared to the starting concentration.

The same idea should be applied to our creativity, especially how we use our sexuality. If we apply it in the wrong way, it will take generations for the effects of our actions to die off. To become a conscious creator, we must look beyond the moment into the future. We need to look carefully and pull the string and ask, "Do I want the effects of what I do now in the future?" We need to look carefully and see if we would be willing to live with the consequences of our actions up to seven generations into the future. But we also need to look to see if we are afraid of acting because we have to worry about the consequences. We need to remember, not acting is taking action and if we donít act consciously, we will act nonconsciously. To run away from the fear of sexuality is to use sexuality and such action also has it consequences into the future. So it behooves us to become awake and aware as to what we are doing and why and to know there will be consequences to whatever we do, however we do it.

The recommendation made in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is to directly address the issue of consequences and not run away from any thing that keeps us from our path. The question is, "what path?" The recommendation is to choose actions and a path that will create a life worth living - that is, create a life now such that if we died doing what we do now and have to do it for eternity, we can spend eternity living that life and with an inner satisfaction the never runs dry. It needs to be remembered, Heaven, the Kingdom of God, and/or Nirvana are all here an now - that is, if we so choose to live them.

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