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The following summary points are observations which have been made relative to sexuality and our creativity. They are made as statements of observations and provide a short quick overview of some of the issues related to sexuality and our creativity.

Individually, these statements are tidbits of information. Together they paint a mosaic of one of the most powerful creative forces we have available to us. What is provided here is an interpretation of our sexuality within the creativity perspective that will allow us to hold our creativity and that of our partner as sacred. They are provided here for your contemplation and reflections. A discussion on each and/or as to the basis of the observation is provided through the hyperlinks.

The numbering of these summary points do not reflect any type of priority or importance. The are provided for reference only.

Point #01: Sexuality is the metaphysical equivalent of nuclear energy. There is probably not single greater source of creative energy and creative passion than through sexuality.

Point #02: There is not a person on the face of the earth we cannot passionately love and have a affair at each and every level of our being. All that stands in our way is our own mind.

Point #03: We can use sexuality to explore our nonconscious mind by simply pulling the string as deeply as possible on the question, "Why this person or these feelings as opposed to any other?"

Point #04: Sexuality must be viewed both literally and metaphorically. Energetically, sex is about creating life and any level of our being whether or not a physical child is produce.

Point #05: Sexuality is about creating a flow of energy, about creating a life at some level of being. If sex is used in a creative endeavor, the focus should be on the life that is created within each individual and between them.

Point #06: Our creative power lies in what we feel. Sex and sexuality is a doorway to opening ourselves to what we feel.

Point #07: Other than the basic act of impregnation by a male of a female, what we understand about being a male or a female do not necessarily give us any understanding of the true role and function of the masculine aspect and feminine aspect in the creative process for a creative endeavor and in creating life.

Point #08: Based on the observations from nature, the best biologically match genetically to maintain the species is determined by smell. Every other preferences is determined by the mind.

Point #09: For many, sexuality is the greatest feelings they will every have. Some even look to sex to experience feeling, or to numb less pleasurable feelings.

Point #10: In the same way sex is about mixing of genetic material in physical Creation, energetically, sex is about mixing energy and consciousness.

Point #11: From a creativity perspective the sex organs of the body are neither masculine nor feminine. The male organ, as the female organ, can be used in a masculine way or a feminine way.

Point #12: The feminine can, and will, call out or pull out of the masculine things the masculine does not know it is capable of doing or which lies within.

Point #13: Sexuality should be an expanding experience. Engaging in sex should be the occasion and an opportunity for your partner to expand into the fullness of being.

Point #14: No matter how we look at it, the human experience is a sexual experience. We each are the product of sexuality and humanity needs to engage in sexuality if the human species is going to continue.

Point #15: The intention for our life lies in deep feelings which lie beyond sexuality and the feelings of sexuality

Points #16: As a result of how the inner reflects the outer, the lack and wants of our inner masculine and/or inner feminine can, and will, spill over into our external relationships.

Point #17: The use of sex is about creating and experiencing a seed condition which grows and unfolds to bear fruit and/or to generate and experience a flow of energy, a creative passion, to manifest some desired creation.

Point #18: If we are mindful and aware of what we think and feel, sexuality can be used as a tool for awakening

Point #19: Sexuality can be the doorway to the mystical experience and an experience of the Source of Creation. However, we need to learn to move past the sex into the awareness which lies in the feeling beyond and encompassing sex.

Point #20: Sexuality is the second most creative state of being

Point #21: The focus should be to move from a beginner's mind and/or seeking of the physical pleasure to accessing the deeper feelings which enthuse the entire being

Point #22: There are experiences we incarnated to have and the our creative spirit will push us as much as it can to do what we incarnated to do. Sexuality is a tool that the intention for our life often uses.

Point #23: We cannot give what we do not have. If one wants to create a space of life or to create a space for someone to experience life and the pleasures of life they will need to become and embody that desire to create life its self and in that desire, they create the space for a new life to be conceived.

Point #24: Many of our issues around sex and sexuality arise from an undeveloped or under developed inner masculine and inner feminine which become reflected externally.

Point #25: If one does not surrender to the propagation aspect of sex, or surrender to all the preferences we have for a partner that are biological preferences, then we are faced with the social preferences. However, if we step out of ego, sex becomes a creative tool for merging and mixing energies.

Point #26: Sex lead by the feminine makes the mind soft and gentle. Sex lead by the masculine tends to make the heart hard.

Point #27: The life giving energy of sexuality has a way of creating a flow of energy capable of flushing out of our being that which does not serve life. It has a way of awakening and bring the waters of life to dead, dormant or inactive part of our being.

Point #28: To deny our sexuality is to deny the wisdom of the creator. How we choose to act or not act on it is our choice. The question is, "Do our choices create freedom or captivity for our creative spirit and what it incarnated to do?"

Point # 29: We have been given a free will. There are no judgments by Creation or the Creator on how we do or donít use our sexuality. However, there are consequences for the time and place in which we find ourselves and we will have to live with the consequences for whatever we choose.

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