The flowing waters of life


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The flowing waters of life
Overview of the waters of life
Creating a flow
Watering what serves our being

Overview of the waters of life (Top)

Any aspect of creation we experience arises from a flow of energy. This flow of energy can be seen analogously as the waters of life that flow in Creation to nourish and nurture the growth of any plant and sustain the life of the animals of Creation. Without the flowing waters of life, life dies and we end up with a parched dry landscape incapable of supporting life. The flowing waters of life are essential for life.

Within each of us is a flow of energy that sustains and nourishes our life. If we have insufficient flow, parts of our life will shrivel up and die much the way the plants of a field shrivel up and die without the nourishing waters of life. With an abundant flow, the life within us flourished as we have a passion for life and a passion to engage life. It provide a healing aspect to our life for it waters are capable of awakening and/or resurrecting dead, dormant or inactive part of our being. In some traditions reawakening the flowing waters of life is called the awakening the Kundalini or the Kundalini rising.

An overabundant flow of energy has a way of flushing out of our being that which does not serve life much the way sweeping flood waters rush out of the banks of a river to wash away all that stands on the land. In doing so the flood waters deposits a fresh layer of nutritious soil capable of supporting a new life. Analogously the same type and kind of process can happen within our being.

Additionally this overabundant flow of energy can be experienced and used to literally shatter our ego and what we have come to think and believe about ourselves and Creation. With a clear focus of intent, this overabundant flow will be experienced as a freeing and expanding experience much like having a refreshing internal shower. Without a clear focus it can be experience as a craziness, wildness, recklessness, uncontrollable urges, undisciplined or unfocused actions, and the like. Many experience fear, if not become terrified, when such an overabundance begin to rise within their being and they turn it off well before it can do its work. Many are reminded of early life experiences where they had an overabundance of enthusiasm for something and their enthusiasm was thwarted for one reason or another.

One issue that does arises when the flowing waters of life water a parched inner landscape is there are seeds which have lied dormant within our being that will spring to life. Some of these seeds many not be things we desire to being to life for one reason or another. When the waters of life come and water the parched inner landscape it waters everything equally. Here we need to be observant and carefully garden our life. We must become mindful and aware as to what arises to see if it is something we really want growing in our life. But we cannot look to mind to make that judgment. We must look to our heart and the fullness of being to see what allows us to grow and expanding into the fullness of who and what we are.

The question many are faced with is, "How do to get the life giving waters of life to flow and water the parched dry landscape of our inner world to become reflected externally to recreate our world to something which better serves us?"

Here there are actually two issues. One is about bringing the waters of life into our being. The other is to nourish that which gives us life and serve us. They are different issues and need to be addressed differently.

Creating a flow (Top)

Ultimately the waters of life are controlled within our being by how and what we have come to believe and to think. To get the waters of life flowing, we will need some type and kind of experience or understanding that will cause the perspective we have in our mind to change. It needs to be remembered, we are a creative living process. Although we do not realize it our mind is continually changing. It is either growing and expanding capable of embracing new and different things or we confine ourselves to the past and keep things the same avoiding and repressing change. Each moment is either a moment of expansion or a moment of contraction.

Most of us dance between expansion and contraction favoring one over the other. Favoring the expansion allows us to move into life and embrace what comes in life. Favoring the contraction keeps us safe and in a world we know and understand.

To activate the waters of life to water any parched aspect of our being we need to have some new and different kind of experience. If we had the appropriate experience already, we would not have a dry parched aspect to our inner landscape. We will need some other in some way to give us the experiences we need to have to be the occasion for the waters of life to come into our being. Or, better said, another is needed to create an external safe and secure space to allows us free the flow within our being.

We need to realize the mind that created wherever we experience is not the mind that will create our new experiences. Mind only knows the past. To create a new flow of energy within our being our mind must become different. For our mind to become different we need some type and kind of experience will allow for our mind to become sufficiently different to allow the waters of life to flow.

There are three primary ways that we can create the experiences we need to have to create this new flow of energy. One is nonconsciously through clear intention and desire. The second and third is a more conscious approach. The second is through someone like a rainmaker and the third is through a sexual experience. The these three are not really separate and often overlap at a nonconscious level.

We create our experiences and create the reality we experience through the focus of our attention and awareness. Holding a clear intention coupled with a passionate desire to change in a way that will cause the waters of life to flow will create the experience we need to have. However, the experiences will be brought to us and we will experience them nonconsciously and they will not look like what our mind expects. But, if we look carefully, we will see we were lead to the experiences we needed to have. However, if we allow our fears, judgments of the mind and the like to interfere with the experiences that are brought to us, we will find we thwart the very flow of energy we desire to access. Creating through holding a clear intention with passion is about trusting the creative process and what comes into our life to give us the experiences we desire to have.

It needs to be noted that in holding such an clear intention coupled with a passionate desire it is not uncommon to have a rainmaker enter our life or we are pulled into the opportunity to have some type and kind of sexuality relationship. However, we will not recognize them for what they are and what they really do for us.

A more conscious approach is to hold an clear intention coupled with a passionate desire and ask our intuitive guidance as to how we should go about creating that flow of energy and then honor the guidance we receive. Here we will have insights that will lead us to an individual. The question is what that individual does for us. That individual will consciously or nonconsciously be a rainmaker in that they give us the opportunity to have the experiences that allows us to shift our perspective sufficiently in some way to allow the nurturing waters of life to flow.

The individual who enters our life may be someone who functions much like a teacher or therapist guiding us through the forest and web of our own beliefs to free the flow of our creative life energy. Or, they me someone who simply gives us the opportunity to honor the intuitive guidance and/or give us certain types and kind of experiences. Or it may be an individual who causes our sexuality to be arouses such that we awaken long dormant feelings or new feelings within our being. Whether or not we become sexual with them is an entirely a different issue and will depend on what other intentions we may be holding and desire to experience in life.

However the individual enters our life the question becomes are we willing to have the experience that is offered or do we allow our past fears and experiences to thwart what is being provided. Here we need to remember what does or doesnít allow the flowing nurturing waters of life to flow within our being is our own mind and what we think and believe. It is up to us to ultimately faces what keeps our creativity bound and our creative spirit captured in a cage of our own making.

Watering what serves our being (Top)

It needs to be understood, the waters of life water all that lies within our being. When the waters of life flow, we can awaken aspects within our being that we really would prefer not to have awakened - especially painful memories of the past where the free flow of our creative life energy was thwarted for whatever reason. Awakening or reawakening dormant aspects of our consciousness is often one of the major issues of sex.

Sexuality is a very powerful way to cause the waters of life to flow within our being and nourish the parched inactive aspects of our consciousness. However, in awakening or reawakening dormant aspects of our consciousness, we may awaken aspects of our being such that what brought us into the person life within whom we have sex is no longer a primary part of our being. That is, other aspects of our being have awakened and we now see life and this person different than prior to the sexual relationship. We seem them differently and/or we see ourselves differently But this can be true for every part of our being. We may in fact awaken to things we need to do in and with our life that we never before realized we desire to do.

Additionally, when the waters of life flow in such a way that they flush out our being, we should not be surprised at awakening memories and aspect of our being that origin in experiences before our current life Whether or not we perceive them as being previous experiences of physical life that some would call past live or just experiences or of other realms of existence doesnít matter. What needs to be understood is that when the waters of life flow in an overabundant way much like the energy and passion we can access in an intense passionate sexual experience, we can awaken parts of our being we never knew existed. This aspect of sexuality is key component which allows for sex to be used as tool for awakening, a tool for enlightenment and/or a tool for transformation.

How ever the waters of life are caused to flow within our being we need to be prepared to deal with the flow and what it nourishes in our life. The waters of life are not selective. The waters of life will nourish and bring to life both aspects that serve us and aspects that donít serve us. If the seeds lie within what we think and believe, we can be assured they will germinate, grow and bear fruit. It is here we need to become mindful and aware. We need to being to look at the thoughts, ideas and feeling we have and look to see if acting on them would serve what we desire to create and experience. If the thoughts we have do not serve what we desire to create, we need to go to the root of their origin and change the root so the thoughts do not return.

The best way to deal with that fact that the waters of life nourish all that lies within our being is to garden our life. It is to hold a very clear intention as to what we desire to create in our life. Then become mindful and aware of the thoughts we have and to weed out those that do not support the intention we hold. It is to pull the string on the thoughts that do not server as and look to see where the thought origination with the intention of uncovering the beliefs we hold that give rise to that thought. Then change the belief or beliefs to something that better serves what we desire to create. The issue is not to dismiss the thoughts that do not serve us. The issue is to get to their root and change what is causing that thought to arise.

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