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What is probably obvious to all, and all most probably knows about and are aware of, are the procreation or reproduction functions of sex.. Most know that sex in a fertile space between a male and female will most probably create a physical child. Most know the recreational aspects of sex and understand it pleasures. The fact that sex can provide great physical gratification and enjoyment causes it to take on an importance to many of us that can significantly overshadow, if not dwarf, the reproductive function. Many have argued whether sex is just for reproduction or also for our enjoyment. In this regard, many understand the pleasure that can be derived from it and how it can cause it to be used as a weapon of control and manipulation. Many understand and have experienced its pain when used as a weapon.

Also, since sex is about reproduction and the creation of offspring, the issue of heirs arise and there is a social aspect related to the continuation of the society in which the individuals find themselves. As such, sex quickly takes on a tremendous number of aspects that go well beyond the reproductive function. Although the reproductive function of sex is what provides the closest function as to understanding of the role of sex and sexuality as it relates to our creative ability and creative power, most, however, have little understanding about the creative aspects of sex other than to create a physical offspring. To sort through the effects and influence of sex and sexual as they relate to our creativity, there are four aspects which can be gleaned from this discussion and used to start a discussion on sexuality and on the aspects which need to be understood. Three are available through the hyperlinks of the following topics and the fourth obviously depends on the individual.  They are sexuality in the creative process of which creating a child is only one type of creation possible, social sexuality or the social aspects of sex and sexuality, the individualís understanding and experience of sex and sexuality, and the resulting offspring of a sexual interaction.

Additionally, there are other aspects of sex and sexuality as they relate to our creative ability and creative power not identified in the above two paragraphs. Whether we realize it or not, and whether we are celibate and abstain from sex for some reason or engage in sexuality in whatever way and form we choose, we all are using it all the time at a nonconscious level to create our experiences. We cannot escape its creative power. It will influence our creativity and creative power in some way for sexuality takes us to the source/Source of life itself.

Few seem to understand that it can be used as a tool for any creative endeavor, awakening, transformation, or going to sleep and becoming unaware. Few understanding that sex always occurs in a fertile space and there always is a child, an energetic child, but nonetheless a child. On this point, It doesnít matter whether the couple is heterosexual or homosexual and it doesnít matter what type and kind of sex it is. Most are unaware of the energetic children let alone want the energetic children and the life they conceive in their sexuality.

Whether we realize it or not, sex it is the second most creative state one can enter and if we donít use it consciously, we will use it nonconsciously. Creative sexuality is about understanding sexuality as the life force of creation/Creation and knowing how to use it in our creative endeavors. It creates life and brings life into existence at each and every level of our being and can resurrect parts of our being that have been dead or dormant. When understood, it can be directed any way we wish in very powerful beneficial ways or very destructive and harmful ways much like nuclear energy.

Sex is not just about creating biological offspring. It must be understood and emphasizes here that seeing sexuality only from the perspective of human sex and/or the way species reproduce is seeing a very narrow of what sexuality is all about. Having such a limited view will never allow one to understand the full creative aspect of sexuality or how to use it in our creative endeavors, or how it influences our creative endeavors and creative ability and creative power.

Sexuality is a tool for creating life at each and ever level of being and of creation/Creation. Its true potential to create life at any level of being is only reveal in understanding the relationship of energy and consciousness. To understand sexuality and the creative power in sex and sexuality, we must understand sexuality is ultimately about energy generation.

A force is a push or pull on an object. As a life force, sexuality pulls or pushes life. It calls forth life and/or creates life. It call forth life in the sense it causes something or someone to become more alive, more passionate and more enthusiastic about living life, engaging life and feeling alive. It creates life in the sense sexuality is one of the primary ways life is propagated in Physical Creation. But is also creates life energetically.

It needs to be remembered life within the energy consciousness understanding of Creation is a flow of energy which has awakened to be able to respond to its environment. We are a flow of energy that has awakened and become aware of itself. Any flow of energy can become a life unto itself. The only question is whether or not it has awakened to be able to response to its environment.

Sexuality is about the energy potential created by the separation of the masculine and feminine and the flow of energy created when the masculine and feminine are in some way joined and/or desire to join. Sexual energy is the energy of creation/Creation. Sexual energy permeates all of creation/Creation for it is the creative tension between the masculine and feminine aspects of being which allow for the generation of a flow of energy. Energy flows as a result of the separation of opposite polarities as in a battery which generates an electric current. The opposite polarities must be connected together to generate the current or flow of energy. Without the connection there is no flow of energy.

That which plugs into, or is pulled towards, the other is referred to as the masculine aspect. The act of plugging into opposite polarity is the masculine thrust into creation to cause the generation of energy for creation. That which pulls the masculine or is plugged into, or receives the connection is traditionally called the feminine aspect. The feminine act is to nurture and sustain the creation and is the flow of energy that animates and gives life to the creation/Creation. The masculine act is to cause creation/Creation. The feminine act is to nurture the Creation.

As seen in the creative process, to consciously create is to return into the Source. The choice to act and enter the creative process is a conscious act and masculine thrust. Feeling the energy that is released when the Source is tapped and feeling it enthuse our entire being and body is the feminine and something to which we must surrender or we destroy the connection to the Source and the creation. In this process both the masculine and feminine are annihilated for the separation between them disappears as the energy contained in their separation is dissipated in animating the creation that is produced by the joining. Hence a death and sacrifice of some form will always accompany the joining of the masculine and feminine and the creation of a new creation.

A general role about sexuality can be stated as follows. Sexuality is about creating a flow of energy arise to cause something to come into existence. Well before a male and female engage in sex there is a flow of energy which arises in one or both of the individuals. That flow of energy is a life force and causes the individual who experiences that energy to live their life differently than if had not been experienced.

Relative to any sexuality we feel, it needs to be realized to suppress the energy and think we are not acting on it is to act on the energy and there are consequences to all our actions and choices. It is a choice of our consciousness to suppress the energy and/or an aspect or part of our being that is coming forth which causes that flow of energy to arise. Whatever we feel needs to be explored and understood as to what is giving rise to that energy. Whether or not we act on what we feel to ultimately engage in intercourse with another is a complete different issue. The issue is to understand the reasons for the energy and to flow with the energy or knowingly thwart the creation. There is no judgment on the choice we make. We should just make the choice in awareness and realize there are consequences which we must face in whatever way we choose.

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