The creative power we attribute to God


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There is an old Arab proverb which talk about the creative power we attribute to God. It is, "trust in God but tether your camel." The issue here is that there are things which are out of our control. There are things for which God is responsible for doing and things for which we are responsible for doing. We canít confuse the two. However, the problem goes much deeper.

In may ways the issues of God and what we are responsible for doing are related as opposites ends of a spectrum and ultimately cannot be separated from each other for each deal with the creative power to create life. At one end of the spectrum lies what is perceived as external creative power/Creative Power which people interpret in some concept of God. At the other end lies creative power as perceived internally. The two come together to create life whether that life is within is an individual or outside the individual.

What is suggested here is a bridge point. Within the energy consciousness understanding, our creative life energy goes where our consciousness focuses its attention and awareness by how and what it thinks and believes. The energy in excess of the minimum necessary to create the form of the creation /Creation to animate the creation/Creation can be seen to lie on a spectrum. The energy, the creative power to create, is seen to: (1) lie totally in the external form; (2) split and distributed between the inner and external world; (3) and totally lying in the inner world.

We each need to explore our concept of God and whether or not we are asking God to do what we need to do and attempting to do things that God need to do. What needs to be explored here is how our concept of God is, or isnít, confused with the external Creative Power of the Universe that we need to access and utilize for our creative endeavor and the unique aspect of the Creative Power that lies within our own being.

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