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Many talk about the oneness of Creation and many talk about being interconnected with what all that is occurring in life. The question is, "How many have had a conscious awareness of the oneness and have been able to live and use the interconnectedness every day in life to live their life?"

There is a doorway in which we can pass that allow for a experience of the oneness and interconnectedness of Creation. To access this doorway, there are three things which must be done. Otherwise, we will have an intellectual understanding of the oneness and interconnectedness of Creation but not an conscious experiential understanding of it.

The first thing which must be faced is becoming aware and using the awareness which lies in feeling. For reasons discussed in the topic, "An awareness in what we feel" it is to move to the deepest levels of feeling past the issues of sex and sexuality to access the awareness of the intention for our life.

The second thing is to free our creative spirit from how it is become in a cage of our own making because of the experiences we have had. It is to face that pain of the past and be able to return to a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play in the discovery and exploration of oneself and Creation. It is to learn to list to our creative spirit and know how to navigate from the heart to dance between mind and heart to become a conscious creator of the experiences we have and the reality we experience.

The third is to choose to step past the illusion of mind and what the human collective currently understanding to be human physical experience. It is to act on the awareness that we each are an aspect of the infinite consciousness behind Creation looking for a playmate and all that has kept our creative spirit captive and bound keeps the creative spirit of others captive and bound. In creating the space for the creative spirit of another to become free using the freedom we give to our creative spirit we will being to see and experience the true oneness of Creation. In understanding what we need to experience to guide our creative spirit to freedom, we will begin to experience the true oneness of Creation and experience its interconnectedness in ways mind cannot understand.

A period of narcissism which must end

Key to the unfoldment of the creative spirit is to learn to stand and act in our own truth for that truth of our being is that we are an infinite creator/Creator experiencing its creation/Creation. That is essential to the work. It needs to be done for each and every creative spirit to become free. In understanding that we each have a creative spirit that desires to come out and express itself true to itself, it is a simply matter of creating a situations where we and any other individual learn to step beyond our mind to express our truth. This includes learning to step past our fear. In many ways this is a required period of narcissism. However, to experience the oneness and interconnectedness of Creation, it is a period which must end and can end if accept and act on one realization about Creation - that is, that we all arise from the same essential material of Creation and what is in us is in any other.

The realization we arise from the same essential material of Creation

What had been observed is that it is very difficult for individuals to see that they are no different than others. That is, the difficulty we have in being able to find and express our truth and being able to continually express our truth without retreating for one reason or another is the same in all of us. Our situations will differ. Our problems will differ. But we each desire the same thing for the essence of what we are made is the same. All that is different is its expression for we each are a unique expression of the infinite consciousness behind Creation.

It appears puzzling individuals cannot accept and understanding this fact and become compassionate for another in this regard. It is observed again, and again and again. But this is simply the result of being trapped in the illusion of mind and what the human collective thinks is the human physical experience.

When we focuses inward, we can come to see, know and understand what is needed to be whole and true to ourselves. We know what we need to feel alive with live and experience a fulness of being and a passion for life. We are aware of how we need to be nourished. Given the origins of Creation and how the inner world is reflected in the outer, we know what we need from the external world for our inner world to be properly nourished for creation is not done alone. Yet in knowing what we need, we cannot seem to see the other individual seeks and needs exactly the same thing in their own way. The we fails to see what has kept us from understanding our true needs also keeps the other from seeing their needs and living their truth.

There is an erroneous and illusionary assumption that when an individual learns to speak and act in their own truth they will understand others are no different than themselves. Puzzling as it may be, it is foolish to think someone who accesses their creative spirit will be willing to help others gain what they themselves sought. It seems logical that an individual would realized that what they gained could not be obtained without the help of another. It also appears logical that they would see another’s struggle in the same way they struggled. But this is not the case. The illusion of mind and the illusion of Creation keeps us from readily seeing such things for that is part of the design of the human physical experience and what it means to be human.

It is foolish to think that when an individual accesses their own truth they would have the compassion to create the space and help others to do the same. Individuals will help others but only if that other meets certain criteria that the individual’s mind finds acceptable and meets their expectation. Quite simply, seeing and experiencing the truth of our being will not cause us to escaped the illusion of mind and what it current means to have a human physical experience. That is a separate journey. To take this journey, we must be willing to be out of mind.

The deepest issue we face to find and experience true freedom and experience the oneness of Creation and experience heaven, the Kingdom of God or Nirvana is not to die and leave or transcend physical Creation. Rather it is to learn and understand the function of mind and how to step out of mind. It is to learn to dance and to dance between mind and what is symbolized in the heart.

The problem is that when we access the source of our being to know the truth of our being and live it in the world, we face the same type and kind of problem and described in "The problem of mind and the experience of the Source of Creation - the trap of mind." That is, we are faced what our mind thinks and believes because of the experiences we have had. Mind by its very function and nature of mind will always take us out of the infinity of our being.

It is true that when we access the source of our being or the Source of Creation however we perceive them, what we access is available to everyone. There are things we never saw and never understood that are available to us We can become aware in a way our mind can never imagine possible. Again, It appears logical that what is available at the source/Source is was available to everyone. There appears to be no reason why it shouldn’t. So we assume there is no reason why what we find at the source/Source in whatever way we experience the source/Source is available to everyone and we step out as if it is true. We assume it would only be a matter of time and people can come to see and understand as we do. But such logic is totally wrong. Mind always steps in. The experiences we have had that give rise to our mind are not the experiences of another. Filtered through mind, we all experience the Source of Creation differently. We need to be out of mind to see the truth of what is.

We each carry a unique filter or lense that has been colored, clouded or dirtied by the experiences we have had and what we have come to think and believe. We need to clean both the interior and exterior of the lense or filter to see and know the truth of what is and how to act on it in the world.

The key is we must choose to see clearly. To see clearly, we need to look past our own filters and the filters of another to be willing to become whatever it takes to create the space for their creative spirit to become free. We need to look into the interconnectedness of our own being to know what we need to do for them and use what our intuitive guidance, body wisdom and the awareness in what we feel directs us to do. In doing so, we can begin to experience and knowingly act on the interconnectedness and oneness of Creation in a "reasonably conscious" way.

It is said "reasonably conscious" in that mind will never completely understand exactly how we are able to know what we know through the interconnectedness and the awareness that lies in what we feel. Quite simply, mind being finite and of a limited set of experiences, is incapable of fully understanding how it is using an infinite interconnectedness. Yet mind can learn how to choose to focus its attention and awareness and use what arises.

We must set the intention that we are willing to do and become whatever it takes for the creative spirit of another become free. We need to become a creative shape shifter. We need to put all the cards on the table. We need to be willing to shattered everything we understand and how we see the universe and Creation work. It is only though such an act that we can being to see the creative spirit of another and to understand why they are not free. In this awareness, we can then see what to do to free that creative spirit. It is here we are actively and consciously using the interconnectedness of Creation. It is here we become a creative rainmaker.

What needs to be realized is the key item that does not allow us to see through eyes of another to see the true oneness and interconnectedness of creation is pain - both our pain and the pain of the other. We need to be willing to face and step past our pain and accept and step past the pain of another to see through their eyes. But this includes the pain of this life and any other existence which causes us to perceive Creation in a separation. But the human physical experience is designed to avoid pain, numb pain and/or suppress pain even at the expense of developing a addition that can destroy the body. The challenge then become in learning the gift of pain and how to use it.

Learning how to use the gift of pain and seeing through the eyes of another is something everyone can learn to do. How to do so means that we need to be willing to step out of mind and give up control to do and become whatever is required by the interconnected assessable through our intuitive guidance, body wisdom and the knowings accessible in the awareness in what we feel. In doing so, we can see that what lies in the heart of another is really no different than what lies in ours. The problems and issues they face are different only because of the different experiences they have had. But each is the same and operates the same way for all raises from the same material of Creation. The only difference is that we each emphasize a different aspect of the material of Creation.

Only in setting the intention to step past the illusion of mind to free the creative spirit of another can we being to see why it is so important to set the creative spirit of another free. What needs to be understood, the other individual is in our life to give us the experiences we desire to have. If they cannot live the truth of their being, they cannot give us what we desire and why they have entered our life. All they can give us is what their mind thinks.

Individuals want results in their life. They are willing to do anything they think it takes to get the results that they want. Yet they cannot see how what they want is tied to the free expression of the creative spirit of another. They cannot see that if they help another they will get what they want. It is as though their vision is so short they are unwilling to help another even to get what they want. Yet, only in the freedom of the creative spirit of the other can we get what our creative spirit desires. In the end, we keep fighting, struggling and taking from another thinking we will get what satisfies our deepest inner longings and get an inner satisfaction in and with our life. Yet nothing is father from the truth.

Our creative spirit desires to get out of the cage we create by the experience we have. Yet, we fail to realize we created the cage in response to others. Only in responding to another can we create freedom. It is part of how we are all interconnected. We cannot give what we do not have. If the creative spirit of another is not free, it cannot give us freedom. If we do not have freedom within our own being, we cannot create nor give freedom to another. Only when we choose freedom for our own heart and to free the creative spirit of another does our creative spirit become free. It is seemingly a paradox. But it is simply a result of how we are all interconnected.

We continually look for ways to get out of the box, to find creative solutions, and to live differently. We even do so for short periods of time. We do get insights and ideas that cause us to begin to think and live differently. But we tend to again become captured by the world around us. To think differently and have a few creative thoughts is very far removed from accessing and releasing our creative spirit and giving it the freedom it desires. It is a start, but far, far removed.

Our problem is that because we are interconnected, we also have to desire to free our creative spirit and the creative spirit in the other. That is what interconnectedness and oneness ultimately mean. Our inner world is reflected in the outer. We cannot expect to change one without having to change the other.

In may ways, we have taken an entirely wrong approach. We have focused on only half of the problem. We either look to change or have the external world change or we look to change ourselves. We fail to realize both are integrally connected and as discussed in the topic, "The environment and the unfoldment of a creation," each depends on the other. We have to be willing to step out of mind as our mind perceives creation to come to understand at the most fundamental levels, Creation does not work the way our mind perceives it does.

We need to understand that the mind that created the problem we face - the cage of our own making that hold our creative spirit captive - is not the mind that will release our creative spirit. We need to be willing to stretch our thinking, what we believe and our belief structure well beyond the limits and barriers of our mind to step out of mind. What we need to come to understand, what we do for ourselves must be done for another.

Even if our mind does not understand interconnectedness, we need to be willing to accept and act on the understanding, what is in us is and in every other. What likes within our being lies in everyone. To free our creative spirit, we must be willing to create a world where each creative spirit is free to unfold.

So, why are we blinded to this fact? Are we so afraid and so vulnerable? The evidence tends to suggest we are blinded by the vulnerability of the creative spirit and become afraid of the pain we can face. It is the current nature of human experience of Physical Creation to experience such fear. We are then challenged to step past our fear and the pain we could experience in Physical Creation and within our being to see the truth of what is. Yet, rather than using the awareness of the vulnerability of the creative spirit to create a safe way to live, we function from, and respond from, our pain. There is a big difference in using the awareness of the vulnerability to create a safe way to live as to responding to pain to make it safe to live. One is very proactive to become a conscious creator. The other is very reactive to become a nonconscious creator.

To act from, or to respond to, our pain does not allows us to see what really harms and hurts us and others. We are blind to what is really occurring. If we act in the awareness that our creative spirit is vulnerable and step out in life knowing where we are vulnerable and how to protect those vulnerable aspects, we create a safe way to live life. In doing so, we are not so prone to act in a way that harms others.

We all need to learn to walk in life in the strength of our own truth and create the space for another to do the same. When we are in our truth, we are not as willing to lash out in fear and pain at what another does. That in turn causes a little less pain to be generated in the world. It also helps to break the cycle of being trapped in our pain. Although we may not act in awareness to free the creative spirt of another, at least we will not be adding an additional burdened to an already burdened heart. That in turn will give just enough maneuvering room for an individual to begin to free themselves. In the end it is essential that we learn to walk true to our own truth.

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