The need for an inner journey and the so called “spiritual journey” 

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Many religious and spiritual traditions talk about the need for the human to escape or transcend Physical Creation to find inner satisfaction or a place of freedom. Many seek Heaven or Nirvana to find such freedom and inner satisfaction. As a result, many religious and spiritual traditions create a path of practices often referred to as a spiritual journey for the individual to follow to help escape the physical world. However, there is no need for such a journey for inner satisfaction, Heaven, Nirvana are available here and now. To obtain these here an now, there is the need to take a journey to go inward and understand what lies within, but it is not a spiritual journey.

What needs to be understood is that all arises our of the same material of Creation. There is no physical and there is no spiritual. There are just different experiences of the same material of Creation. If we cannot find freedom and inner satisfaction here and now we will never find it any where else. We need to understand we are an infinite creative being. Although it may be hard for our conscious mind to believe, our nonconscious mind spans the infinity of Creation and all ultimately lies within. We have only localized our awareness into the experience we have as a physical human being. To explore our infinite inner world is not separate from our physical experience for our nonlocalized awareness, which is a part of us, still spans the infinity of Creation.

We need to realize the inner journey is intimately tied to both the body and the outer world for the body and the outer world is reflected in the inner and the world we experience is our consciousness manifested physically. To find and live in wholeness within our being, we cannot believe we are in any way separate from the external world. At the deepest levels of Creation we are it. In feeling the need for what is called a spirit journey of any type we are ultimately only looking to create a particular kind of life where we are free to release our creative spirit to give us the life we incarnated to live. In living the life we incarnated to live we find that inner satisfaction, inner freedom and all that we seek in finding Heaven or finding Nirvana. We have only come to deny our own journey and experience because of our current mind and what we have come think and believe.

We need to understand, There is no needs to seek a spiritual experiences. Being in Physical Creation is a spiritual experience or rather an experience created by our creative spirit and hence is a spiritual experience. It is as spiritual as any other experience we can create. The primary issue in life we face is when our creative play and the free expression of our creative spirit/creative life energy is thwarted in any way for any reason, we will feel a discomfort or pain of some type and some kind at some level of our being. We are then lead to seek freedom for our creative spirit and free flow of our creative life energy. But the freedom we seek does not lie in our external world but in releasing it from the cage of our own making we create to protect it when we experiences pain and/or discomfort.

What needs to be understood is the freedom and inner satisfaction individuals seek which gives rise to the concept of a spiritual journey starts in our own creative imagination . It is to be free to experience any and all options and then bring that freedom into the world we experience. Since we create all our experiences by what we think and believe, if we cannot find that freedom to be who and what we are and live true to ourselves at every level of our being where we are in any moment, we will never find it in any other realm of Creation. It is the illusion of mind to think otherwise.

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