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The following are some ways that have been used to explore Creative Spiritual. All these approaches have been used and are discussed in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material. No one option is better than any other. Use what works for you and what is effective for what you wish to experience.

To use any one of these paths, look at each as a creative endeavor and approach each as you would seek to create any experience in your life. There is nothing special about creating any spiritual or mystical experience. To think otherwise is the illusion of mind.

To being your journey, obtain clarity of intention. Pull the string as to exactly what you desire to create and why. Set the intention. Ask your intuitive guidance as how to go about creating the experience. Honor what is provided by your intuitive guidance.

Possible methods of exploration

Seek to access and release your unlimited creativity

Explore the creative spirit found within each of us

Seek to find Nirvana or find Heaven here and now

Seek to create the ultimate mystical experience

Ask to know truth and then be open to the journey that is offered to know and experience the truth.

Seek to create something seemingly impossible for the benefit of others which is greater than your ego and for which you get little if any benefit.

Use the accident, illness or disease you face in life to pursue an energetic or unseen cause.

Seek to access infinity of your being through something like shifting consciousness.

Contemplate what the Jill Bolte Tayor experience really means and implies about being a human being and how to have an equivalent experience through feeling and creative endeavors utilizing the right side of the brain.

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