Classical and quantum phenomena 

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There are two sets of physical phenomena which govern our lives. One is set is what can be called classical phenomena and the other set can be called quantum phenomena.

Classical phenomena are the physical phenomena of which we are most familiar. These are the phenomena which our sense are designed to operate and give rise to the experience of Creation possess by our mind. To be a human being and to be in the world which is natural to a human being we experience classical phenomena. Classical Phenomena follow the rules of Physical Creation which govern our every day world and the movement of objects and energy in that world. Ballistics, principles of flight, fluid dynamics, structural engineering and the like fall into this category of phenomena.

Quantum phenomena are phenomena which occur at the atomic level of Physical Creation and below. These phenomena deal with photons, electrons, neutrons, protons and the variety of elementary particle which physics has uncovered in exploring the realm of the subatomic. These phenomena which lie at the foundation of our world can be quite different than anything experienced in our classical everyday world we perceive through our five senses. As such, our mind normally has no experience of the phenomena which occur at the quantum level of Creation. Although quantum phenomena spill over into our classical world, we never see and experience the phenomena for what they really are. It is at the quantum level mass is converted to energy. In studying the rules of Physical Creation governing quantum phenomena humanity has been able to create many new chemical compounds which exist as a result of our understanding of quantum mechanics. Many of the quantum phenomena appear as magical and exotic as compared to our everyday experiences.

When working with classical phenomena there are clear cause effect relationship and we can be extremely accurate in predicting how a situation will unfold if we know the governing influences. However, at the quantum level, outcomes are more probablistic. That is, there is a probably and uncertainty as to exactly how a particle will act under a given set of influences. Although the outcomes will be very predictable for a large number of particles, any one particle will most probably find itself within the range of possible outcomes.

What is important to note here is that the world at the fundamental levels of Creation do not work in the our mind normally perceive Creation to work. Although the quantum world unfolds into the classical world it nevertheless operates much differently than what our mind is accustom to seeing. Additionally, quantum phenomena occur at the atomic level and below. However, it is to be noted, the neuron activity of the brain and synapses are in the realm of molecular and atomic interactions. Although molecular interactions are beginning to move out of the quantum phenomena range they are still governed by quantum mechanics and quantum principles.

What this means is the activities in our brain, the energy in our thoughts and the like, lie in the area of quantum phenomena. Yet our every day world for which our brain allows us to maneuver is in the realm of classical phenomena. In essence, our brain bridges the realm of the quantum phenomena and the classical phenomena. In this regard, there are things we can do with our brain in the quantum level that seem impossible in the classical level. At this level we can access the understanding which makes seemingly impossible things possible. We may perceive things that lies outside the realm of classical phenomena bur reside in the world of quantum phenomena where different possibilities exist. The question is are we able to bring what we access and imagine in our brain into our everyday world.

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