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To have the physical experience, our creative life energy must localize in Physical Creation and our creative spirit must attached itself in some way to Physical Creation. This is accomplished by our energy localizing in Physical Creation in the form of our body which simultaneously attaches our creative spirit to Physical Creation. Our body and it environment is our consciousness made manifest in Physical Creation. Our creative life energy/creative spirit animates our body and is the life force within our bind. In doing so, our creative spirit comes to believe it is the body and the experiences it has.

Physical Creation is a place that grounds our energy. In a way analogous to the way gravity pulls objects to Earth to the ground, Physical Creation pulls our creative life energy into manifestation in a physical experience. Hence the name grounding. What is important is the way it pulls our energy. That is, it provides a place for our energy to flow into manifestation based on our attachments by how our consciousness has focused our attention and awareness.

Grounding can be seen as causing our creative life energy to localize within a given point within Physical Creation. When energy acts as a particle, a majority, if not most of its energy is localized or concentrated at a given location. Although a particle can be seen a energy which has localized, it still has a component which is not localized and permeates of all of Creation.

From a creativity perspective, to "localize our creative life energy is to move it into the particular form by how we focus our attention and awareness. To have any experience is to localized our energy in a particular way to give us the desired experience. To have an experience of Physical Creation as a human being is to localize our creative life energy into the form of a human body. Our body then hold the focus of our attention and awareness to the physical plane.

Although our consciousness is localized in our body it is not our body. Similarly, our body is not our creative life energy. Our body is only our energy and consciousness express in physical form. A part of our energy and consciousness remains permeating all of Creation.

Many mystical and spiritual traditions have practices that attempt to provide experiences where we can experience the non localized aspect of our consciousness. But there are modern physical experiences such as in a sensory depredation tank or in experiments where out of body experiences were induced (Washington Post Science section Aug 27,2007).

The sensory depredation tank has the individual in total darkness in a sound proof tub while being in salt water at body temperature so one loses the reference of where the body beings and ends. The out of body experiences were induced by an individual using virtual reality goggles and seeing live images of themselves being stroked on their back but the image was projected to a spot a few feat away from where they were actually being stroked. In doing so, the individuals reported the feeling of not being their own bodies. In removing the sensor input or confusing the sensory input our consciousness can break free of what keeps it attached to Physical Creation.

As a result of our consciousness awakening to our current life within Physical Creation it defines itself by the experiences it has. In doing so it believes it is the body as a result of the experiences it has rather than seeing the body as the vehicle for the physical experience.

We attach ourselves through our body. Exactly how we attach ourselves is that our body is attached to certain things within Physical Creation because of what we feel. For example we feel hungry so we go get food. We feel thirsty so we go get water. Because the body has needs to survive, we must meet those needs. Meeting needs conditions us to seek and go after whatever it is we think we need. We become very attached to those needs. The natural process of meeting the needs of the body, in turn, provides an avenue and model for us to reveal and/or form other attachments based on what we feel. We feel lonely so we go look for another. We feel sad so we go look for something to make us happy. The human physical experience does not normally teach us that there are some needs that can only be met from within.

In this regard, it is only natural to think that if we can some how transcend the body and transcend the desire for a physical experience we will find freedom and Heaven, Nirvana and the like. However, noting is farther from the truth. The goal of life is to forget the past or become totally detached so as to experience each experience new and fresh and not to be biased by the past. It is to become like the wind, coming with no attachments and leaving with no attachments.

This fact that the human physical does not normally teach us how to look within allows Physical Creation to reveal our attachments. It allows us to use our experience in Physical Creation to reveal our attachments in both our transcendental mind and enculturated mind. We do so through what we feel and that to which we are draw to satisfy that feeling. It provides a way to make the nonconscious conscious. We simply need to pull the string on what we feel, why we feel what we do and why we seek exactly what we seek to satisfy that need as opposed to something else

Attachments are also reinforced because the nature of attachments allows us to add the favor to life. For example, adding the attachment of wining to the competition to any experience often makes the experience a little more exciting. Human rarely truly play. Pure play has not end goal. There is nothing to be achieved, nothing to win, in play other than play.

As a human being, for many of us, if we know something is a pure play with no end goal, there is little fun in what we do. However if we make what we do some type of competition such that we perceive a goal of winning, then the competition adds the excitement to what is done.

So too our experience with the experience of Creation. If we really know and understand that what we are experiencing is an illusion created by mind and it is only a way of playing in what we created, we probably will not find it very enjoyable. However, if we can believe it is real, it is quite a fantastic experience. But to believe it is real, we have to forget that we created it and become lost in our creation. Whether we realize it or not, we choose to forget for the sake of the experience. But in choosing to forget for the sake of the experience we fall into the habit of forgetting. We begin to think forgetting is the only way to exists. We begin to believe that we are powerless over the experience we ourselves have created in some way.

The key to our creative power, at any level of being, is to become like the wind. Coming with nothing (no attachments and expectations) and leaving with nothing (no attachments - no regrets in any way and no strong desires for or against anything). This of course is much easier said than done, especially in Physical Creation. Nevertheless, Physical Creation provides us the opportunity to begin to find freedom. But we must let go of our attachments to find that freedom.

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