The body as a creative living process


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The consciousness within, or behind, Creation of the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective whether seen as energy or consciousness is all that is. All other created forms flow into manifestation and back out again from this Source of Being.

This flow of energy in any form that it takes is a creative living process. It is creative for as a flowing creative life energy it is also conscious, or has the potential to awaken and become conscious. In becoming conscious it can focus its attention and awareness to can change itself into another flow to express another form. It is living because it is conscious and can adapt and/or change itself in response to its environment. It is a process because it is always changing both as a result of flowing into and out of from as intended by its creator/Creator and/or as a result of its choices and desires that is does or doesn’t make in response to its environment. For example, when the body is in a cold environment, it desires and seeks warmth. When it is hungry it desires and seeks food. It is only the thinking and judgments of our consciousness that overrides the needs and desires of the body.

Our body and our individuated point of consciousness are both creative living processes that merge to create a physical experience. As the manifestation of our creative living process as an individuated point of consciousness, our body will reflect the flow of our creative life energy. It reflects this flow for our creative life energy/creative spirit is what energized the body into actions beyond itself or rather beyond just being physical - that is, a collection of atoms and molecules in the form of a body. Many discomforts we feel are only a warning and alarm that our actions are not in alignment with the flow of our creative life energy as an individuated point of consciousness or the energy that is sustaining the body.

One task we have to address is how aligned are our individuated point of consciousness and body consciousness. Most choose bodies that are adequately suited for what they intend to accomplish upon incarnating. However, others sometimes make not so good choices for a variety of reasons. So it is possible there is a misalignment and discomfort from the earliest stages of life. Yet others choose a body to shift a particular facet of either the collective consciousness or the body’s genealogy. As such, they may suffer discomfort but it more of the pain of birthing a new creation that a pain caused by a mismatch of intentions. In these cases it may appear that an inappropriate body has been chosen . But in the end, it is only a result of what the individual point of consciousness was intending to accomplish.

In any case, any created form either as an individuated point of consciousness or the body it inhabits is a process that is dynamic and can shift moment to moment. We have a much greater say in how we and/or our body changes than we can first imagine and we use this power nonconsciously all the time. The task is to make conscious the creative power and creative ability that we already posses and use to create our experiences.

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