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Although we may not be aware of it, our body has a consciousness. It has a wisdom, an awareness and perceptions unto itself. As a result of this wisdom, awareness and perception, it has its own unique way of sensing or experiencing the energy of the environment in which it finds itself. The wisdom, awareness and perceptions provided by the body consciousness seems to exist separate from our mind. However, this perceived separation is only are result of the fact that they existed before our current mind as we know it and experience it came into existence and our mind does not readily acknowledge it..

The key to understanding the consciousness of the body and its origins of body consciousness is that mass is a form of energy. Since energy and consciousness are different forms of the same material, as a specific quantity of energy in the form of mass, our unique body represents a unique consciousness. As a unique consciousness, it has a unique view and unique perspective of Creation and a purpose unique to itself. In particular, the purpose unique to itself is to have the experiences we incarnated to have.

On this note, our body, as a vehicle for our consciousness to have a physical experience, it is a unique aspect of our consciousness and represents the physical manifestation of our infinite being into Physical Creation. Yet, as a particular quantity of mass and energy, it is a separate and independent consciousness unto itself having its needs and wants. It has a wisdom and awareness separate from our mind yet simultaneously it is one with our mind, paradoxical as it may sound. In this regard we are a being that stands between two worlds. The world of unmanifested energy traditionally characterized as sprit, and the manifested physical world as we know and experience it.

We need to remember that since energy molds itself in response to the desires of consciousness, there is an desire/intention by a consciousness which brought our consciousness as we experience it through our mind and our particular body into incarnation. Alternatively said, our body is the manifestation of the intention for our life held by some consciousness.

How we consider the consciousness that desired or intended our life into incarnation which gave rise to our body is the topic of a different conversation. Whether we consider it God or our own consciousness desiring a physical experience, it doesnít really matter. What matters is two things.

One is there is an intention for our life that created and sustains our life and manifested our body. What needs to be realized is the body is a unique physical manifestation as a result of the intention for our life.

The second things is when we are aware of our body and what it desires to communicate, we are in communication with the consciousness which created it. Some seem see this communication as a communication with God or our "Higher Self." In this regard, working with the body and focusing our attention and awareness in the body can be experienced as a spiritual experience and/or an access point for enlightenment through the awareness which lies in feeling.

Others see it as a communication with what gives rise to the more instinctive and animalistic aspects of Creation. Here it is referred to our "Lower Self" and something which we need to evolve out of. Individual who have this view tend to avoid the body and what it feels for they believe feelings take them into the lower unevolved realms of Creation. However nothing can be farther from the truth. In reality, there is only energy and consciousness and what we experience is determined by how we have focused our attention and awareness through what we think and believe.

The intention for our life gives rise to a flow of energy that give our body life, sustains our body and acts as an  undercurrent that guides and directs our entire life and perceived as our body wisdom. This body consciousness and its wisdom is can be experienced as a part or aspect of the consciousness of our creative spirit or as a separate, independent consciousness. How we experience it, if we consciously experience it, depends on how and what we think and believe about ourselves and our body. Most consider the body consciousness separate from mental consciousness. The primary reason for this is the way our creative life energy become split when we physical incarnate.

When we are in a creation within a creation and/or in shared creation, our creative power becomes split. As reflected in the pair production phenomenon, our creative life energy is split between the cutout and the hole, analogous to the particle and the anti particle. In a shared creation or as a creation within creation, part of our creative life energy is under the control of the host creation and/or shared creation. This is what occurs in Physical Creation. Our creative life energy is split between us and Physical Creation and the creator of Physical Creation. This explains partially why there are things we seem unable to create in Physical Creation and/or it seem we are unable to access the full creative power we know we have. Similarly, it explains why we sometimes feel life is not under our control.

The portion controlled by Physical Creation is then split again between Physical Creation and the human collective or our social world within the collective. The energy that is in us is controlled exclusively by us. The energy that is split between us and the Physical World, and that lies in the Physical world, is controlled to some degree by us, the collective and Physical Creation. The shared energy is still in part controlled by us since we are part of Physical Creation and the human collective.

It is this shared control that allows us to have an experience of Physical Creation and keeps us bound to Physical Creation when we have experiences we donít like. Otherwise, we would simply create something else. Our body is the ground point and bridge point for where the control of all these energies comes together and it is what holds our creative spirit in the experience of Physical Creation. This is why our body and knowing what our body feels is so important. It is here we can feel the flow of energy of Physical Creation and the human collective. This is also why the perspective, awareness and understanding of our body can be so different than that of the our current mind.

As a consciousness, the body has its own awareness and perception. Most importantly, it has a unique way of sensing or experiencing the energy of the environment in which it finds itself. As a unique consciousness our body has a way of providing information to our mind that our mind has no logical way of knowing. There are inherent understandings that we possess about ourselves, Physical Creation and overall Creation because we have a body.

Within the body and the consciousness of the body is a body wisdom. This body wisdom grew us from a fertilized egg into a fetus to be born into the world and guides our development. It grew us from that infant into a child, into an adolescence, and into an adult. Our mind was not needed for any of this process. The body wisdom existed before our current mind was present. This wisdom is still present and available within us. It will always be with us It is capable of healing the body and maintaining the health of the body if we allow it.

This body wisdom is capable of guiding our develop for it is intimately tied to the intention for our life and what gives and sustains our life. Our body is the perfect vehicle for the experiences we incarnated to have. It is what guides us through life to give us the experiences that we need to have to manifest the intention that brought us into the world. It can be readily accessed and utilized to guide us through life if we learn to listen to it. It is an internal compass. However we must feel it guidance and its guidance is not something that is necessarily known by our current mind.

As a consciousness, our body stories memories. The scars on a body are a memory and are much like a conscious memory that we hold in our mind. Calluses are another example of conscious memory and experience born out in the body. However, scars and calluses are not the only memories of the body. There are more subtle scars that is best characterize by how our creative life energy is flowing to maintain the body as a result of the experiences we have had.

It needs to be understood that we hold memories on every level of our being and our body. All is energy. Given the equivalence of energy and consciousness all energy possess an inherent consciousness. Any aspect of consciousness has a mind which can story memories.

All the experiences we have had in life are felt by the body and the body forms itself in response to those experiences. A deep massage can often release memories for an intense physical experience for those memories are stored deep within the tissue and organs. For example, in understanding the different types and kinds of accident, illness and disease, we can look at many forms of heart disease as being memories stored of being unloved or unable to love. Medical intuitives have called cancer the disease of unfinished business that continually eats away at our life. In this regard the cancer can be seen as a memory that is continually is diverting and consuming our creative life energy that could be used in more life giving ways.

In addition to the memories our body stores from the life we are currently living, its genetic code stores memories of the lives that have gone before us. In the same way our creative spirit in its transcendental mind carries memories of what we call past life experiences, our body carries memories of the past experiences of our family lineage. These can have a profound effect on how we experience life because they "bias" how we view life. Said another way, our genetic makeup brings the cell memory and experience of our ancestors into the life we create today.

The key to using our body consciousness in our creative endeavors is to realize that we are a creative living process at each and every level of our being constantly changing as a result of the experiences we have had. The creative life energy that is animating our body is continually shifting in response to our experiences. Our body is the direct manifestation of the energy and desires of our creative spirit. Its view is dynamic and can shift from moment to moment in response to what it experiences. Our body is changing and being animated in response to our the desires and choices of our creative spirit and/or the decisions and judgments of our current mind.

As a consciousness unto itself our body has a unique view and experience of the world that it inhabits which is different than how our mind perceive what is happening. Although both our mind and our body have the same experiences of life, our mind processes the experiences we have into an ego and the memories we hold that define the ego. The body processes the same experiences and memories into how it manifests our biology and how it feels. Body memories tend to be remember as feelings as opposed to images characteristic of mind although eventually the feeling will most probably be followed by images as the mind characterizes what it feels. In reality the mind and body are one. However, because the ego of mind is capable of transcending the life of the body and the body perceives energy differently than the ego, it is easier to look at the two as separate but simultaneous aspects of the same thing. It is much the way many traditions have separated the realm of spirit from the physical world when in fact there is no separation between them.

What needs to be understood is the mind we develop as a result of living life has a view and perspective that does not necessarily agree with the knowledge and wisdom of the body. Our body consciousness gives rise to our life. Our mind is the experience of that life. If we are open to feeling, we can sense these shifts in energy and access the awareness which lies in what we feel.

Additionally, the flow of our creative life energy can be seen as our individuated point of consciousness or creative spirit made manifest in our body. Our body and the human physical experience we have is a direct manifestation our consciousness in a physical experience. In this regard, our body is a living dynamic process changing and being animated in response to our the living  creative process of our consciousness and flow of our creative life energy. In understanding how the inner is reflected in the outer, we can look at both what we feel and the condition of our body to tell us what is occurring within our conscious and nonconscious mind.

If we wish, we can look at our body as a an electrical device much like a radio, TV, or computer that will not work until it is plugged into a flow of electricity. Here the electricity is the flow of our creative life energy. We get plugged in at birth and unplugged at death. Anywhere in between if we have insufficient flow of energy our performance will be off. To know if we have sufficient flow of energy to do what we need and/or desire to do, we simply need to look at what we feel to see if we have a fullness of being and a passion to engage life.

But our body is not a device. Rather, it is more of an environmental suit that allows us to have a physical experience as a human. It is perfectly fitted to our consciousness so that can change in response to our consciousness. In this regard, our body is a directly reflection of the flow of our creative life energy. It will tell us through any pain and discomfort it feels where we are, and are not, living in alignment with the intention for our life and the experiences we incarnated to have.

However, because the body is a unique physical manifestation it is conscious unto itself and has a unique view and experience of the world that it inhabits. Its view is dynamic and can shift from moment to moment in response to what it experiences. But to use its awareness we must learn to feel it and look to the awareness which lies in what we feel. In this regard, the awareness of the body is directly tied to our creative spirit and the reason for its incarnation. Our mind is not directly connected to why we are here. Rather, it is the by-product of being here.

We need to realize our body is always sensing and experiencing the energy of the environment in which it finds itself. In realizing there is a shift in the flow of our creative life energy as a result of every experience we have, we can become aware of these shifts in energy by what we feel. In many ways the body is much like an antenna of a radio It senses the energy of its environment and then translates that energy into perceptions, the strongest of which what we call feelings (physical and emotional) and thoughts..

Our body and its awareness is both a ground point and bridge point. It is a ground point for it holds our creative spirit to the physical experience. That in turn causes it to become a bridge point. It is here the mind body connection originates Our bodes effectively bridges the unseen world of our non localized creative spirit and the experience it desires in Physical Creation. This is done through the feelings of the body and what we sense in and with the body. If we are open to what we feel we can see we are sensing the unseen realms of Creation and/or the  undercurrents giving rise to Creation or any experience we have in Creation.

The body will communicate to us through its sensations and its feelings. It will tell us through any pain and discomfort it feels where we are, and are not, living in alignment with our the flow of our creative life energy as intended for our incarnation.

It behooves us to have the receiver of our mind tuned to pick up and monitor what the body is sensing. In doing so, mind will access information it has no logical way of knowing. Most of us, however, do not listen to our bodies or our body wisdom. Our minds have been trained to think, judge and keep active so we miss what the body is trying to communicate to us though what we feel. In fact, many of us intentionally, either consciously or nonconsciously, keep the mind occupied by thinking or some other addictive process as a way to avoid what we are feeling. To effectively use our body as the vehicle that it is, we need to become mindful and aware of what we feel.

However, because of the pain we have experience in life and the fears that pain causes to come into existence, many of us have shutdown or raise the threshold for what we feel. Many of us cannot use our body wisdom nor we do use the gift that lies within pain because we do not allow ourselves to feel. In order to open ourselves to what we feel, many will have to go back and process the pains of life. Some may need profession help in dealing with the past. Others may need to undergo some type or kind of initiation to reestablish feeling. In any case, our situation will be unique and we will have to do what is necessary to reopen those communication channels with the body wisdom and they being with feeling.

There are many different aspects and ramifications to the body having a unique consciousness. The few presented here are those that surface as having the greatest impact on understanding how to access and release our unlimited creativity. In talking about our body consciousness and any of the topics on the body some may find what is said to be confusing, too much to be believe or just too difficult to comprehend. But it must be remembered we are a being of infinite creativity We have only created a puzzle that challenges our own unique creativity. The key to the puzzle and key itself lies within our body and what it feels.

As a creativity machine our body can be run, and does run, on automatic programming. Or, we can learn to "play the body" much the way a musician would learn to play a musical instrument. To become a conscious creator of our lives we need to become a musician of creativity and see ourselves as a four string creative instrument in which our awareness needs to learn to play. As long as a our awareness is in a physical body, we are free to create anything that we choose as long a we do it in and/or through the physical body.

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