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Body sensations and feelings as a communication


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Given the equivalency of energy and consciousness, each aspect or fragment of energy consciousness can be seen as being an entity with an identity and memory as any other aspect of energy consciousness. Whether it awakens to its own existence is another issue. Many aspects of consciousness function quite well at a nonconscious level. On this point, in many ways, our perception of consciousness as a human being is only a human perspective as to what consciousness is all about and what it means to be conscious. It is not the only way to perceive consciousness.

In any case, since all is energy consciousness, the body has a specific amount and form of mass energy, has a unique consciousness. Although we may not be aware of it, our body has a consciousness. It has a wisdom, an awareness and perceptions unto itself. As a result of this wisdom, awareness and perception, it has its own unique way of sensing or experiencing the energy of the environment in which it finds itself through what it senses and what it feels.

The wisdom, awareness and perceptions provided by the body consciousness seems to exist separate from our mind. However, this perceived separation is only the result of the fact that the body consciousness existed before our current mind as we know it and experience it came into existence. As a result, our mind does not readily acknowledge the existence of the our body consciousness, the awareness which lies in what we feel and the awareness of the body. As consciousness, our body has the need to express itself, share itself and creatively express itself. Consciousness desires to share itself at any and all levels of being. It is why children are so enthusiastic about sharing their discoveries of the reality they experience. Our body similarly desires to share itself and it begins by communicating to the awareness which inhabits the body.

There are things contained within our body and/or only accessible through our body and our body consciousness. There are body memories, an awareness in the body, an awareness which lies in feeling and there are the deep feelings beyond sexuality. All of these are accessed through our body consciousness and in what we feel. Additionally if one is mindful and aware they can also become very intimate with the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of their being through what is felt for any aspect of Creation arises from a flow of energy. But, as a minimum, when we become physically intimate with ourselves we can discover parts of ourselves we could otherwise not access.

The underlying energies we can access through feeling

As reflected in the pair production phenomenon, the energy of the creation is split between the particle and the anti particle or between the Fabric of the Creation and the Creation (analogously to the cutout and the hole). When we are in a creation within a creation and/or shared creation, our creative power and energy become split. Part of it moves under the control of the host creation and/or shared creation. If we are in a creation within a creation and/or a shared creation, a part of our creative life energy is controlled by the host creation and the shared creation. This is what occurs in Physical Creation and why there are things we seem unable to create in Physical Creation and/or it seem we are unable to access the full creative power we can come to know we have.

As discussed in the topics, "Origins of Creation" and "The observer observed pair and the nature of duality" it is Creator (the observer) and the Creation (the observed). This split is true for every creation/Creation. In Physical Creation , there is an energy split between Physical Creation and its creator and there is an energy that is split between us (an observer) and the Physical World we experience (a creation). This mean our creative life energy is split between us and Physical Creation and its creator. Alternatively said, part of our energy localizes in Physical Creation to give us an experience of Physical Creation as a human being. The energy that is in us or that portion that remains as our awareness is controlled exclusively by us. The portion of our energy that is split and lies within Physical Creation is controlled by Physical Creation. But, our energy within Physical Creation is then split again between Physical Creation and the human collective for we are having a human experience. However, that energy could be further spit and part controlled by our social world within the collective. The energy that split between us and the Physical World and that lies in the Physical world is controlled to some degree by us, the collective and Physical Creation. The portion of our energy which is shared is still in part controlled by us since we are part of Physical Creation and part of the human collective. In this regard, we never really lose total control of our energy and are never the victim of circumstances that we may be lead to believe.

It is this shared control that allows us to have an experience of Physical Creation as a human being and keeps us bound to Physical Creation when we have experiences we donít like. Otherwise, we would simply create something else. Our body is the ground point and bridge point for where the control of all these energies comes together and it is what holds our creative spirit in the experience of Physical Creation. Our body encodes the rules of Physical Creation we must follow to have the physical experience as a human being. This is why our body and knowing what our body feels is so important and the need to become intimate with our body. It is within the body we can feel the flow of energy of Physical Creation and the human collective. This phenomenon coupled with the wave particle nature of energy consciousness is what give rise to our intuitive guidance and body wisdom. By properly focusing our attention and awareness, and looking within, we can access these energies through what we feel. But we need to be open to feeling to do so.

The basis communication

As an individual consciousness with a particular form, our body will have needs and wants to both satisfy itself as a consciousness and to sustain the particular form it has taken. It we do not give the body what it needs it cannot and will not sustain itself nor will it work properly. Some if its desires and wants are compatible with the needs and wants of our current mind where as other may not be. However, if we donít give the body what it wants and work with the body to give it what it needs to sustain itself it cannot serve as the be vehicle it was intended to be.

In some ways we can look at our body as a car. If we donít to take the time to stop and get gas, change the oil or have the brakes fixed and the tires changed the car will not serve us well and we may have an accident. If we donít do this maintenance, the car will not properly serve us. The same is true for the body. Here we need to come to understand do we do something because the body needs it or our mind thinks it needs it. For example, some encourage particular diets in life such a vegetarian. The question is, for our particular body, "Does our body require us to become a vegetarian or does our mind think it needs to become a vegetarian because of what it thinks and believes?"

What needs to be understood is Creation and the creative process is predatory. That is, for any new creation to come into existence something must be sacrificed or eaten to bring forth that new creation. Similarly, to sustain a creation if is often necessary to continue to sacrifice and feed that creation in some ways. Some would call feeling the creation tithing. We forget how much time and energy we need to give certain activities in our lives. But this occurs at every level of being. We will all eat something at every level of our being. The question is, "What does our body need to manifest the intention for our life and/or a particular desire?" The choice of our mind by what it thinks may actually be interfering with the needs of the body. There are reasons why there are meat eaters and plant eaters in the physical world. The question is, "What are the bodyís true needs - what does our body need for what we need to do, is what is provided in meat more appropriate than what is provided in non meats?" Each of us will have to ask our body and listen to its response. But if we are not out of mind, and the biases, preferences, desires, expectations and judgments of the mind we will not hear what it says.

To give the body what it needs, we each need to become aware of its sensations for its sensations are the way it communicates to us. On this note it needs to be remembered, creativity is the language of consciousness. The only way one will be able to see and hear the communication of the body is going to be if one is intimate with the body both internally and externally and the language it speaks. Its language is through what it feels and its feelings are a communication as are the pains we feel and the illnesses we have.

More often than not, pain is only something that awakens us to our body. When we become so intent and narrowly focused in doing what our ego wants that we are not sensitive to our body and donít pay attend to its subtle signals our body is sending us the body have no recourse but to scream at us. Our body does so through pain. It is only when the body screams at us in pain that we pain attention. Remember, creativity is the language of consciousness and our body will become quite creative in communicating what it needs to tell us. It will create experiences to caused us to change our life and learn to access the awareness in what we feel. We only need to learn to pay attention before we cause ourselves pain.

Many of us have set our awareness of body sensations to a very high level such that pain is often the only feeling we feel. Most feelings tend to be an order of magnitude or more below pain and some feelings are only a wisp and very fleeting in its sensation. Yet each feeling, whether the faintest whisper or the loudest scream, contains information that body is communicating to our consciousness. We can relearn how to listen and how to understand why we feel the way we do and where any one feeling originates. To do so, all we need to do is set the intention to uncover the information that is being revealed and ask our body wisdom and intuitive guidance what lies behind the pain. But we have to have the intention to hear what is communicated. Most donít want to hear the truth. They would rather not listen to what is being said and why it is said. In many ways it is the fear of the truth of reality that does not allow one to hear.

To understand what is being communicated one needs to be out of mind and the judgments and opinions that mind has as to the possible origins of the feelings we have. Other wise the mind will just jump in and mask and distort whatever is being said. To observe and watch our thoughts is one thing. To understand how we distort the thought we have or rather inaccurately characterize the energy we experience by how we observe is another. Depending on how we set our intention in how focus our attention and awareness, the same energy we experience will look different and result in different thoughts. Here we need to remember, a mind which thinks a problem is solvable will look at it differently than a mind which thinks it is insolvable. But the same is true for anything we observed. How we choose to look at it changes what we will see. We have to choose to see and choose to understand what our body is communicating.

To become aware of the body and what it is communicating, we need to become physically intimate with the body. We must learn to distinguish between body sensations which are actually body feelings or things sensed by the body and the labels we place on what the body feels which we tend to call emotions. The mind has no feelings. All feelings are in the body. One cannot "feel" sad, hate, anger, love or anything else. We feel sensations that we label as sad, hate, anger, love and the like usually based on the external circumstances we experience when we have certain feelings and sensations. For example, we can say we feel depressed within but when we look externally there is nothing in life that is calling forth our creative spirit to become excited about life. What we call sad, hate, love, anger and such are only a collection of body sensations that can just as easily be called or labeled by some other name. It is like that find line between comedy and tragedy. What is funny to one is tragic to another. Or, what we see happening in one case we laugh but the exact same thing in another situation we cry although we are having the exact same body sensations.

It does need to be noted that what we see through our eyes is only a body sensation and a response to light and nothing more. Our mind does all the interpretation including filtering the sensation and/or creating or discarding them. Seeing with our eyes is no different that any of the sensations we get though any of our other senses. We only tend to believe what we see more than what we sense through touch, hearing, smelling, tasting or vibrationally (such as when we feel the vibration of very low frequencies of sound). Often we discard the other senses or fail to fully integrate what they communicate with what we see with our eyes. More importantly, mind can create sensations that mask or override what we are truly sensing.

What needs to be understood is mind can create the conditions that cause body sensations that we label as sadness, love, anger, hate or anything else. If one looks very carefully, one can flip sadness or love into hate or anger simply by changing a belief. For example, we see a child hit by a car which appears accidental. We have a body response that we label as sadness or compassion. However, if we immediately become aware the driver intentionally hit the child we quickly move into an anger or hate simply by changing what we believe about the situation. The situation has not changed. What we believe about the situation is what changed. Yet in the end, it could have been a staged drama and nobody got hurt and there was no other intention other than to create the drama of a staged play. Here one must ask, "What was real - the sadness, the anger or body sensations themselves or the relief to learn that none of what we experienced was real?"

The answer of course is that they are all real and the mind has the capability to produce very real body sensations by what it believes and it is just as capable of turning them off by what it believes. To become aware of what the body is truly sensing, one must become aware to stop labeling what the body senses and to stop masking what the body senses. We must become aware of what it is communicating in what it sensed. To help do this, we should try and only call body sensations feelings and to stop calling what the mind labels as feelings. Otherwise you will lose contact with the body.

If we call the emotions that we perceive feelings, we cause our awareness to leave our body and will reside in our head. Feelings are what we sense in the body and are physical sensations. Feelings are independent of the head. This is the basis of why we shut down the feelings and sensations of the body. We label what we feel in our head and allow the head to control what we feel rather than allowing the body to tells us what it feels.

The body feels both what it itself feels within but also what it feels in the environment in which it find itself for the two are connected. The body does not live in separation it lives in oneness. Our mind is what lives in separation and it does so through the labels it creates and gives to what the body and intuitive guidance senses. On this note, the oneness the body perceives is the connection of itself with its immediate environment which is the entire physical world in which it finds itself. Intuitive guidance however comes from within our awareness as an infinite being and an aspect of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation. As an infinite being, it also perceives the connection of itself with its environment in which it finds itself, which is all that is. In this regard, body wisdom is actually a subset of intuitive guidance. However, our mind becomes preoccupied and more focused into physical reality than the nonphysical. As such our body wisdom often becomes more powerful for it does function every moment as that ground point and bridge connection described above. It is through this bridge connection our body is always in contact with the unseen and infinity of Creation. Since the body is not preoccupied as the mind, it becomes a much clearer information source if we are willing to list to it.

The most important and profound implication of mind being able to create body sensations is that it can mast the true feelings of the heart and body. Unless we are out of mind, we can be assured our mind is masking the feelings of our heart and body and they are not the true heart feelings and the true body feelings. If we truly want to learn what the heart and body feels we will have to give ourselves permission to step out of mind and spend some time exploring the heart, the body and what we feel. However, few are capable of truly stepping out of mind for the mind does fear. Mind fears loss of control and fears the unknown. Mind will ways exert some type of control if it feels that it will be changed in any way and it is impossible to remain unchanged when the heart and body are truly felt.

We can expect the mind to stand in the way of truly feeling the heart and body no matter what mind says about being willing to hear what they have to say. It may truly want to experience the heart and body but as soon as it sees itself losing control and/or being permanently changed by what it experienced, it will stop the process in some way and withdrawal to where it feels safe. It will always find an external excuse that makes perfect rational sense to the mind but in the end it is only an escape.

The bottom line as to what needs to be realized is that as long as we are incarnate in a physical body, all truth will have its roots in the body and what it feels. This is an underlying basis of mind body medicine and how we create health or illness with our thoughts and by how and what we think and believe. We can lie with our words and thoughts, we can be deceived by the perceptions of our mind, but the body never lies. It does not know how to lie. Its wisdom is innocent.

The ultimate truth of our human experience and the fruits of our actions will always be revealed in the body and what it feels. Sensations, body language, physiologic processes and changes, are all part of the body communication. But to use it we need to learn the inner language and how the body and nonconsciously communicates. Learning the inner language starts with being open to feeling and surrendering to what we feel. To surrender we need to step out of mind and into the world of feelings and sensations. They can lead us to awakening and understanding. Being open to feeling and learning the inner language requires us to become physically intimate with our body to know when it is communicating and how and what it is communicating.

The key to creating to stepping out of mind is to realize there are two views to Creation - the view of the mind and the view of the heart. One will need to spend some time in each view and learn to dance between the two view. Exactly how one does this will be unique to each individual.

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