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  The consciousness which intended our life


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Within the understanding of the equivalency of energy and consciousness our energy goes where we focus our attention and awareness and that reality will molds itself to whatever we intend, it needs to be understood that there is a consciousness that has focused its attention and awareness such that it has manifested our body. Alternatively said, our body has been molded for what that consciousness has intended. One question which can be asked is, "Who/who or What/what is the consciousness which intended our life?"

There are a variety of beliefs we can have about this consciousness. We can say God is this consciousness based on whatever belief or form of God we believe in. We can say that we are the offspring of the consciousness which created Physical Creation, which is called Om in this material which may or may not be seen as the same as God. We can say it is our Higher Self or as aspect of our being separated from the awareness of our current mind, or we can simply see it as our consciousness fulfilling a desire it has.

It is clear there are things we can intend and make happen in our life. Or at least we appear to intend and make happen. Then there are things which happen which seem entirely out of our control and well beyond any creative powers we may have to create. But we are faced with an issue and it all depends on what we believe.

If we believe some consciousness/Consciousness created us and controls of all of Creation we really have no free will. It can be said we are free to do what we wish within Its Creation. But we are not really free. We are free only to the point that this consciousness/Consciousness gives us freedom. If we are truly free, there is no control on what we can choose and/or what choices we make. To be bounded in any way is not freedom.

But we seem so limited in our creative power. Yet this does not mean we are limited. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material provides a way to see why an infinite creative being would need to electively limited it creative power in some way to have an experience of Creation. For example to have the experience of being lost, one must have no hope whatsoever of finding their way. The question is, "How is an infinitely creative being going to have an experience of being lost if it knows it can create its way out of whatever it experiences?" The answer is that somehow it must forget its power to have an experience like being lost. Within this perspective, the consciousness which created our life is ourselves. We simply have also created a way to forget how we did it so as to not interfere with the experience we are having.

The recommendation for consideration

The recommendation is to not fully believe one extreme or the other. Rather look at the consciousness which created our life as existing on a spectrum.

At one extreme end is a "The Consciousness" which has total and absolute control and we are only a pull the string. We have no free will and totally at the mercy of whatever this Consciousness decides.

At the other extreme is our consciousness were we have in some way created everything we see and experience in Creation. We have created all of it, every single bit of it in some way. We have only intentionally created a way to forget how we did it and forget that we did it. We forget so we could have the experience of our Creation without our own mind and awareness interfering with the Creation if parts of the experience are not to our liking.

Within this perspective, we create whatever we can create when we can create it to the full extent we can. But we also surrender to those things which we cannot change fully participating in the experience without judgment, denial or any other intervention by our mind, especially trying to escape rather than fully participating in the role given to us. If we can learn this dance we will come to see and understand things about the consciousness/Consciousness which created our life that we never conceived as possible. In time we can come to see how the creator and the creation are one and the same. We can come to understand we are the creator/Creator experiencing its/Its creation/Creation. Whether or not we see ourselves as the Creator or the creator doesn’t really matter for they give the same results.

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