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 Issue of the body - sex stands at the door way 

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The issue of the body is that there is understanding and an awareness that is available in what we feel. To access this awareness there is the need to become open to feeling and need for the body to feel. Our ability to feel with our body is enhance by becoming intimate with our body and what it feels. But our body needs to feel in a way that normally only obtainable when one is held much like that warm fully place a child feels when they are held by their mother when they are hurt or injured. It is a safe, secure and nourishing place where we are free to express what needs to be expressed. The body needs to feel to (1) awaken the body awareness and (2) to access the body memories and process the pain of life encoded in the body. Holding the body to create that safe, secure and nourishing place is what allows for the gentle phoenix - faster, easier and gentler way to access this awareness and become the truth of our being.

However, there is an issue in opening the body to feel and releasing body memories to access the deep and profound awareness and understanding that lies within the body. This awareness and understanding lies beyond the deep feelings of sex and past the body memories. One must be able to move through the pain of the past and move beyond the sex to access it. They must also be willing to process the any pain that is encountered in the process. Otherwise, they will thwart their own creative efforts. The creative power that is available and accessible is indescribable. It enables us to move into wholeness. In fact, the awareness that is available in a feeling is oneness and wholeness. The feeling which will carry us into the awareness and wholeness is the feeling of freedom to be true to ourselves.

The awareness and understanding accessible through the body is really the doorway to the a gentle phoenix. It is what can give rise to a gentle phoenix for ourselves and for humanity to recreate ourselves to live true to the truth within our being. It allows for a gentle phoenix to access the intention for our life and to find that God within, experience the infinity of our being, experience the Source of Creation and access the depth and breadth of our creative ability and creative power. Within this feeling the infinity of the universe is accessible from within our own being.

The desire for sex will not get us past sex. There needs to be a desire and a clear intention to move past the sex into the deepest feelings possible. It is to cause the body to feel through its being and be free to act on the sexuality but continually to go into the feeling beyond the sex. Here the sex is used more as a tool to move into the deep feelings beyond the sex and to focus on the sex will thwart accessing the deep feelings. Thought and observation made from the exploration into our inherent creativity on how to move past the sex are contained in the topics, "Moving past the sex" and "What moving past sexuality looks like."

Healing in the sense of removing the separation from within the deepest levels of our being can, and will, occur. What the healing of the separation will look like depends on the individual and what needs to be healed. It can be a past life recall. It can be a recall of wounds of this life. It can be a physical healing. It can be a change of beliefs and how we see Creation works. In many cases the more we move into the deep feelings the more we will experience a wholeness and completeness within our being and an associated healing.

It has been found the key to getting past the issue of the body is creative play. In particular as state of childlike play with a beginner's mind. It is about learning to surrender to the feeling and learning to direct energy of the feeling into a deeper awareness of feeling. There is incredible information in what we feeling and in spontaneous and innocent play with the feeling. But it is not something that can be done alone. There is the need for another to go into the body and what it feel. It is not about sex. It is about directing the energy and using the energy that can become available in feeling and the feelings which arise in sex. But what can be accomplished is integrally linked as to how the other desires to use that energy. Sex and where the energy goes is not only our individual choice but it also directed by the intention of the other individual.

A suggested way to face the issue of the body is to pursue the following in parallel for each will help the other. The suggested actions are:: (1) learn to use one’s intuitive guidance and body wisdom; (2) learn to return to a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play and to work through any pain which arises as to how and why we gave away our ability to be in such play; (3) work on opening oneself to feeling and each and every level of our being (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) and to come to know how and what we feel in any given situation; (4) explore our feelings especially feelings in the body before we engage with another in intimate body contact; (5) look to move past sexuality as discussed in the topic, "Moving past sex;" (6) look to see what type and kind of activities in life provides a feeling of the fullness of being, expansion of ones’ being, a feeling of wonderment and "ah," a feeling of freedom and other similar feeling; (8) use the feeling of fullness of being and the like as an internal compass as to what direction to go in life for it will allows us to move through and past sexuality into the infinity of our being; (9) look for and adopt of set of beliefs which allow you to embrace the recommendations made here and claim the depth and breadth of creative ability and creative power available to you; (10) look to see and understand what serves and doesn’t serve you us and your creativity; (11) seek to hold your creativity sacred and not give your creative power away; (12) call back your creative power where and when you find you have given it away and/or denied it in any way; and (13) look for a partner with whom to explore the deep feelings of the body who had demonstrated in some way they are trustworthy and desire to create the safe and secure space for your creative spirit to become free and for you to move into the deep feelings beyond sex.

Exactly what this individual will needs to do to demonstrate their trustworthiness should be reflected in what you feel. You should feel an expansion within your being, a fullness of being, a fuller appreciation of oneself, a blossoming of one’s being, a feeling of freedom, and other similar feelings and experiences that indicate you are being lead to expand into the infinity of your being, move past the limits and barriers of your current mind, and to become and freely live the truth of your being. If the feeling of expansion and fullness or its equivalent is not present in some way, then the individual is most probably not an individual who currently has your best interest in their heart. If you feel contraction, confinement or any other feeling of becoming less than who you are and/or the need to protect the free expression of your creative spirit, the individual is definitely not someone who is demonstrating they seek to create the space in which you are served.

However, it needs to be noted here and emphasized that if the individual becomes the occasion for fear to arise you will have to deal with the fear before you will have the clarity to know if the individual will serve your best interest. Fear blocks our ability to know if are being served or not served by a situation. Only in dealing with the fear and moving past it will we know what serves and does not ultimately serve us. To not deal with the fear causes us to recreate and/or reinforce the cage of our own making in which we keep our creative spirit captive.

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