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Layers to creation/Creation
Layers to any creation/Creation
Experiencing layers in Physical Creation
Experiencing layers to a creation from within

Layers to any creation/Creation  (Top)

The existence of layers to a creation/Creation arises from the equivalency of energy and consciousness and the illusion of Creation created by the mind by how the mind causes the way consciousness focuses its attention and awareness. The existence of layers to Creation can be seen to arise in two different but related ways.

One way is that creations within creation give rise to layers. Individual creations of the same type and kind will essentially form a collective perspective. Energies or, rather individual points of consciousness that have awakened and desire the same type and kind of experience form a collective. Consciousnesses which desire experiences which have something in common and their creative life energy flowing into the same type and kind of experience form a collective. The deeper the perceived common bonding, the greater the hold of the collective. If the same type and kind of individual creations are consciously aware, they will form a collective thinking pattern and ways of being in the host creation much like humanity on earth. These shared common aspects in turn can be viewed as layers to Creation. These layers can be view from an energy perspective or a consciousness perspective

The other way to see the layers to a creation/Creation is to remember energy and consciousness can be perceived to be different forms of the same thing. Any collection of energy that can be separated from its surrounding in some way. Whether as a flow of energy, or as a particle of mass, this seemingly separate energy can be perceived to have a consciousness unto itself. Whether or not it awakens to its own existence is another issue. For example, looking at our body, we can say there is a consciousness associated with our heart, our lungs, our legs, our intestine, our stomach and the like. So too individual cells in our body. Each cell can be seen to have a consciousness. Some can even communicate with these various parts by exploring energy consciousness in the world of the creative imagination.

Experiencing layers in Physical Creation  (Top)

When we incarnate into Physical Creation, we assume a role within an existing creation and we become a creation within a creation. Whenever the role we play is part of something else which plays a larger role, layers of creations within the creation begin to form. In this regard, the physical experience as a human being is a creation within a creation and there are many ongoing creation within and without any one human physical experience.

Outwardly, there is the human being playing a role within the human species of earth. The human species is part of the mammalian life from of Earth which, in turn, is part of life on earth. The Earth itself is part of a solar system which in turn is part of a galaxy. The galaxy is part of a cluster of galaxies within a Universe of many clusters of galaxies and it is debatable if our universe is similarly part of a collection of Universes within something physically larger as of yet unrealized. In this regard, it can be said an individual human being is eight layers down in creation

Similarly, there are layers within us. Going downward, there is the human being made up of a collection of organs. The organs are composed of tissues. The tissue arise from the specific arrangement of cells. The cells in turn raise from a certain type and kind of expression of the genetic material within the cell.

Given the relationship between energy and consciousness, there is a consciousness aspect and an energy aspect to each of these layers. Form a consciousness perspective, each of these layers whether experienced internally or externally give rise to what is normally experiences as a collective consciousness. That is, each of these layers is a collective. As a consciousness, each of these layers have a belief structure and an awareness unto itself. We donít see and experience such collectives because our attention and awareness is focused on being human. Nevertheless they exist and they can be experienced as consciousness or a solidified form of energy.

From an energy perspective, nothing occurs in Creation without a flow of energy to give rise to, and animate the creation. As such, each of these layers of Physical Creation represent a flow of energy and can be experienced as an undercurrent of Creation. For example, there is a flow of energy which governs the earth going around the sun and tilting back and forth on it axis. Similarly, there is a flow of energy which govern our solar system going around the center of our galaxy. These flow carry us to certain types and kinds of experience whether we realize it or not. The flow of energy of the earth going around the sun and tilting on its axis gives rise to our season. It is unknown what the flow of energy carrying our solar system around the center of the galaxy is causing to happen. In any case, by being open to feeling and with the proper focus of our attention and awareness we can access any of the flows of energy permeating Creation. .

As a human being, we are multidimensional or multifaceted being and are the composite and superposition of many large and smaller creations. We, as human beings, experience an unfolding Creation from within an unfolding creation. There are a variety of unfolding levels or aspects within Creation that we can experience. Each of these levels or aspects is unfolding at its own pace. As a result, we do not necessarily see how consciousness in any one case is transforming that thoughts it holds into experiences, including the thoughts we hold in our consciousness.

As a composite of creations within a creation, in any one moment we are in the creative process at a variety of levels within and outside our being and at different points in the process inside and out. At any one moment, all the various aspects of our own being and Creation are at one point or another along the creative/creation process proceeding at different paces.

On this point, it needs to be noted, the depth of the human experience within the Universe of Galaxies gives a idea of how deep the human collective is within Creation. Our individual desires to escape the human collective are like being on the planet earth trying to escape the pull of gravity. To go beyond the physical or to escape the physical while in the body is like trying to escape the pull of gravity of not only the earth but the galaxies within Physical Creation and all they entail. It will not be done by conventional understanding.  

Experiencing layers to a creation from within (Top)

To be a human being in Physical Creation is to be a creation within a creation. As such, it is to experience the layers to Physical Creation. However, given the equivalency of energy and consciousness, and each of us being an aspect and individualized point of consciousness of the consciousness behind Creation, these layers can also be experienced as layers to our nonconscious mind. As a result of how the inner is reflected in the outer, the totality of Creation lies with our conscious and nonconscious mind. From a consciousness perspective, we experience these layers as beliefs and attachments.

As an energy, we experience these layers externally as the non localized aspects of our energy. Our localized energy is experienced as our body and its environment. Our non localized energy is experienced as experiences what transcend time and space, and/or experiencing other realities and/or remote viewing types of experiences.

Depending on how we focus our attention and awareness we can experience the energy or consciousness aspect of Creation. Energetically, we experience other realm or other entities. Consciously we experience it as the beliefs and thinking patterns which give rise to the realm we experience. Traditionally, spiritual, mystical and shamanic traditions have ways of meeting with entities of other realms and/or have protocols and practices to access the energy of these realms. The focus of the individualís attention and awareness into the beliefs of the tradition is what opens the door for the experiences. Yet, all such experiences are available within depending simply on how we focus our attention and awareness. The particular tradition provides ways to focus our attention and awareness in particular ways to have the experience desired by the tradition.

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