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Creation and the experience of any creation/Creation is about limiting our unlimited creativity for the purposes of having a particular type and kind of experience. What needs to be clearly understood, to have an experience of any creation/Creation, we must limit our creative ability and creative power and bind our creative life energy in some way.

We limit our unlimited creativity by consciously or nonconsciously binding our creative life energy through some series of attachments that will give us our desired experience. Our attachments are determined by how we have focused our attention and awareness as a result of how and what we think and believe. Yet, no matter how much we limit ourselves and feel captive or a victim as a result of the experiences we have, nevertheless, we still have an unlimited creativity. Our problem is we forget how we create our experiences and lose ourselves in the experiences we have.

Relative to a shared creation, any independent point of consciousness choosing to experience a shared creation will need to limited it creativity in some way in order to have a an experience of that shared creation. Although it is an infinitely creative being with an inherent and unlimited creativity it agrees to "play" or create by the rules of the shared creation.

For example, The physical experience of being a human being is only one type and kind of a shared creation experience an independent point of consciousness can have. Agreeing to the rules of Physical Creation for a human being which includes being significantly influenced by the human collective we can have a particular type and kind of human experience. To have an experience of another time and place, we would have to agree to a slightly different collective understanding as to what it means to be a human being. In Physical Creation there are many other experiences and independent point of consciousness can have depending on how it focuses it attention and awareness and becoming attached to that focus. We do not experience other possible physical experiences only because we have not focused our attention and awareness to create these other experiences. To do would require us to access similar but different limitations on our unlimited creativity.

Although we bind ourselves to the rules of a shared creation we nevertheless are still infinitely creative but our creative life energy is experienced as split and separate. A part of our energy becomes localized or fixed in shared creation. The part of our energy which is shared overlaps the localized energy of the shared creation. Our creative life energy which has is shared in the shared creation will give us the experience of the shared creation. That part of our energy which does not have a facet of being shared will be seen and experienced as existing outside the shared creation. This non shared aspect is characteristic of our creative imagination  and the realm of creative inspiration analogous to the experiences of the mystic and shaman relative to the shared creation. The phenomenon of the nonshared aspects of our energy will be, or can be, understood if we have the previous experiences to understand what we experience. In any case, what we experience all depends on how we focus our attention and awareness.

As an infinitely creative being, we create conditions which will challenge our creativity. Life within any creation forces us to become creative in one way or another. To see how creative we are within a creation it can be expected thee will be some feedback loop to let us know how well we are progressing. For example, Physical life is shared creation experience and the pain we feel is a gift and a communication about the conditions we face. In many ways the pain we experience tells us how well we are doing. If we take the life we experience in any shared creation personally we will never become the creative individual we are. Rather, we will see ourselves as a victim and at the mercy of the shared creation. However, if we become the detached witness, we can come to see how we have created at some level of our being everything we have, and are, experiencing.

Although we limit our creativity for the purposes of having a physical experience, being limited is not the truth of reality. We have only believed we are limited by the experiences we have. We have failed to come to understand the truth of our being and to realize we all have the ability to access the unseen realms relative to any creation we experience even thought we are in the experience of the shared creation. We do so by how we focus our attention and awareness and realize what we experience will be determined by the environment in which we find ourselves. This, in turn means, in another environment, any intention we hold will be experienced differently.

Our problem in any creation/Creation and in any experience of a creation/Creation is that we do not have a model or way of understanding the creation/Creation we experience that allowed each us to routinely access the unseen realms in a way the acknowledges the uniqueness and unlimited creativity of our own being. We need to remember we limit our creative power for the sake of having the experience and then we forget and become lost in the experience. To access and know the unseen realms of creation/Creation for any creation/Creation we experience to know our true creative ability and creative power, we need to keep focused on our own truth. Any creation will cause us to focus outward toward and into the creation rather than directing us inward to know our own truth. We then need to do our own experiments to see if we really are as limited as our experience tends to tell us. Here we need to allow effectiveness to be our measure of truth.

The recommendation made here for any experience we have is to hold our creativity sacred and use the power of clear intention to lead us to a way of perceiving the creation/Creation we experience without giving away our creative ability and creative power. The creativity perspective and the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material can provide an alternative way to view Physical Creation to do this. Yet, we need to be able to hold our creativity sacred in any shared creation we have. Whether using the creativity perspective is a way that best suits our individual creative needs entirely depends on our own uniqueness and what we desire to create. In any case, the creativity perspective can be used as a starting point for exploring the unseen realms of any creation/Creation and using our creative imagination  to being those explorations.

Although as consciousness/Consciousness at play our essence cannot ultimately be harmed, as long as we are in any ego structure which gives rise to the experience we have, we will suffer, or can suffer, pain. In this regard, our body is a form of a physical ego structure, or maybe better said, holds us in a particular ego structure which we call human, created by our transcendental mind to have certain types and kinds of physical experiences. What needs to be understood is that we will be unable to escape the ego as long as we are in any experience of any creation/Creation. But this is really not an issue. We only need to remember the ego will not die but only transform the ego for new experience we desire if we allow it to transform. Our pain results in not being willing to let it die for the new creation to unfold.

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