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It was said in the topic “The creative/creation process”: If we look at our lives as an unfolding creation and we compare these steps to our lives we will find out lives is a superposition of at least two such processes. One process is the creation of our physical human life. It is a shorter duration that the life that is created. It runs the span of the desire to procreation through procreation, maturity of the offspring and its desire for the offspring to procreate. It is a creation process about the continuation of human life. The second process is about our incarnation, the intention for our life and the experience our awareness has of physical Creation. This process overlays the first. It spans the desire which causes us to incarnate and goes through the death of the body and the creation of a new desire.

Incarnation of our creative spirit into human life is the marriage of two parts. One part is the desires of physical Creation and the other is the desires of our consciousness. Our physical body is the vehicle to achieve both those desires. The intention for our life is really a composite of these two desires. Whether or not these two sets of desires align is another question. For some they do. For others they don’t. But in any case, we have agreed at some level of our being to participate in physical Creation and have the experiences we do. Additionally, these two sets of desires may or may not align with our enculturaion and what our society and family expects of us. The marriage of the inner masculine and inner feminine is what allows these desires to be fulfilled. Without that marriage we will be unable to fully accomplish what we incarnated to do.

In mindfulness and awareness of our thoughts and feelings and an exploration of why we have the thoughts and feelings we do, we can being to understand these three sets of desires. In understanding them, we can create a life worth living. What we choose to experience in life as we live life is our choice. But there is a path through life that makes life easier than other paths. That does not mean we will remove all the dislikes and displeasures of life. Flowing with the intention for our life just makes our life a little easier rather than struggling against it. As we being to discern the flow we can then learn to make our life a little more gentler.

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