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Within the understanding of the equivalency of energy and consciousness it can be said creation/Creation is intentional Or, alternatively said, the flow of energy which animates manifests and/or animates any creation/Creation is a result of an intention by consciousness and how consciousness has focused its awareness and attention. Consciousness in whatever form is very intentional.

The role of consciousness in the creative process is to become the cause. Although consciousness may act from nonconscious programming, it nevertheless is very intentional. Alternatively said, consciousness at any level creates through intention. It creates by how it focuses its attention and awareness in a particular direction or onto an particular object of focus, concept or idea. If it creates a sufficient flow of energy and passion to go with how it focused its attention and awareness it will create an experience of what it desires.

In this regard, there is a intention or desire of a consciousness which governs our life and why we are here. That is, there is an intention for our life. As a human being, we are a creation within a Creation. As such, the intention for our life is the fulfillment of the desire of two consciousness. One is our consciousness and the desire for a physical experience. The other is the fulfillment of the desire of Om, the consciousness within Physical Creation. In electing to have an experience of the creation/Creation of this creator/Creator for whatever reason we have we also agreed to play a role within this Creation and within the larger plan that Om is intending to manifest. That fulfillment of that desire is the gift we incarnated to give. But it is also a role we play within human unfoldment with Creation.

The role we have may be a very big role or a very small role. Or, it may be a role never seen for what it is and goes unrecognized. Nevertheless there is a role we incarnated to play. In many ways this role can been as a destiny before us or for our life. All we need to do is surrender to the flow of our creative life energy and we will meet it. Yet, within this destiny we have a wide latitude as to what we can create and experience. That is, there is usually more than one way to manifest the intention for our life. They will be similar but different.

On this note, our life is not fated but there is a destiny if we so choose it. Fate impels one to act out a scrip written by someone else. Destiny suggests a preexisting pattern that is available to us to use if you choose it. We are not strings on a piano that only vibrate to a certain tone when struck. We are creative entities with spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects. When "our key" is struck as the analogous key on the piano, we become creations within creation each possessing a free will to play our part in a way that we choose to play it. There is an optimum way to play our part relative to the other parts of Creation. But, to play our role in an optimum way, we have to be listening to Creation to understand that optimum way and we each have the free will to choose or not to choose how we listen and/or how we play our part.

For most of us to play our part, we have to empty our vessel and maybe even reform one or more aspects of it such that we are capable of living the role we incarnated to play. For most, this can be extremely difficult and frightening for we must live our role even unto death if their death is required to fulfill the role.

This is the miracle behind the life of Christ. That is, he lived His role as required even unto death. In His death, he fulfilled the role He incarnated to play and the world was transformed because of it. If Christ has lived, his life would not have has such an impact.

The same is true for each of us. We must surrender and live our role no matter what it requires for in doing so it will transform the world. It is the gift that we each carry within our being. Our life is a gift to the world if we live it in accordance with the intention for our life and the role we incarnated to play. The only question is, "Do we find the courage to live the role that we ourselves have accepted or created and incarnated to play?" How the world is transformed will not be apparent to us most of the time. The mistake most make is to try and look for how we are impacting the world and miss what we need to be doing.

Our consciousness has a free will. We can choose to play the role reflected in the intention that brought us into this world. Or, we can exercise our free will and do something totally different. Or, we can learn to walk a balance between the two meeting the intention for our life and creating what we desire as a result of the experiences we have in life.

What our role is can ultimately only be determined by us by living it following our body wisdom and intuitive guidance. Our current mind as we know it will not be capable of fully understanding the role we incarnated to play. The role existed before our current mind formed and will take an entire life to complete. We can use our intuitive to guide us in this role by filtering all that we ask our intuitive guidance through our heart. When we ask our intuitive guidance for information, we only need to ask our heart what it has to tell us about what we seek, request or desire. In any case, although Om has an interest in the intention for our life, Om does not judge what we do and what we choose to create. It has its desires and has made itself available to us for us to discover who and what we are and we can do it any way we want. It is unconditional.

Whatever we experience is what we have created by the decisions and choices we have made. The only thing that needs to be realized is that the majority of our creative life energy flows to help us to manifest the experiences we need to have to fulfill the role we incarnated to play. We will have to work within this role and intention to optimize our creative powers or return to the Source of our being and change our role and the intention for our life.

Each of us need to understand we each have come to experience life in physical reality and we each have a unique role and a unique purpose. It is that purpose, role or the intention behind our life that brought us into physical existence is encoded in what is symbolized by our heart and gives us a passion for life and living. If we can accept our task to fully live and manifest the role we incarnated to play and claim our birthright to be the creative beings that we are, we can begin to change the world in a way that allows each individual free to become who they incarnated to be.

In a way the issue of playing the role we incarnated to play is about honor. Itís about fulfilling our purpose and following our heart. It is to not being afraid for fear only blocks our understanding and following our destiny. It is to believe that everything will work out to meet that role if we just do what we feel and are lead to do in our heart. The fact our mind may not like what we experience is not the issue. It is about doing the business of our life and of our creator/Creator.

Others are depending on the role we agreed to play. When we donít live it for whatever reason, we do hurt both ourselves and others. We each are unique and there are experiences only a particular other can gives us and that we give another. When we donít play the role we incarnated to play there are experiences that are not had and many of these experiences ultimate make what we or the other need to do in life easier simply because they are part of the experiences we incarnated to have. In this regard living the role for our life is about realizing the importance of friendship for it is only in experiencing others do we define ourselves and both fulfill what we incarnated to do and they fulfill what they incarnated to do. It is only in aligning with our creative life energy or returning to the Source that will allow us to do what we want with a minimum of what we would call "non constructive" or harmful impacts on others.

Our life, as is the earth, is a work in process. It will take our entire life to complete the role we incarnated to play. We are a living process dynamic, unfolding and ever changing. The outcome in any one moment, whatever it is, is still incomplete. As viewed from within our life and Creation both our life and Creation will always have an element of mystery. Both are an unfoldment, in process. The "I" of ego created by our current mind will not know where we are going. The "I" of our infinite consciousness is fully aware of the journey and where we need to go and what experiences we need to have to accomplish what we incarnated to do. We each need to accept and learn to play the part which we agreed to play. It s about learning to live with our word and keeping our word for when our thoughts, words and deeds are consistent we have the key to our creative power.

In understanding there is a role we incarnated to play, we needs to realize we cannot take our life personally. Things do not happen to us because someone is "out to get us" or God is punishing us in some way. Rather, we are living an unfolding process that we, ourselves, have elected to play and most probably created of our own free will. Our life is a personal and extremely unique experience. But nothing which happens to us is personal. It is only the consequence of the role we have elected to play and/or the choices we have made.

It needs to be emphasized that this role is not accessible to the mind and how we have defined ourselves and have been taught. Rather, this role is accessible though our body wisdom and intuitive guidance. This is why it is vital to learn to listen to our body and what we feel and to learn how to fully use our bodies since it is the vehicle that will have the experiences necessary to fulfill our role.

The unfoldment of the intention for our life and the role we incarnated to play is guided by our internal body wisdom that grew us from infants into adults without the need of our mind. Unless we align with that intention and the creative life energy that is flowing and sustaining our body, we will feel pain at some level of our being. The pain is a result of the disconnect between where our current mind is directing the flow of our creative life energy and where are transcendental mind is directing the flow .

We will not find an internal satisfaction, internal bliss or happiness no matter how successful our outward life appears to be based on the standards of the world or for that matter our own mind. We only find this happiness when we embrace and live our truth and the reason for our incarnation. As the disconnect between the intention for our life and how you are living our life increases, the pain increases and we are faced with a choiceĖeither numb the pain and deny its existence or go into the pain and explore it origins.

In exploring its origins we will come to see where we are not aligned with our lifeís purpose. Continual denial of the pain we feel as a result of not following the intention for our life and role we incarnated to play and acting to suppress it in some way eventually creates an addiction of some type, at some level of our being. Denial of our truth and/or not living the truth within our being is the root of all addictions. If we become too far out of alignment, accident illness, disease, injury or some other condition will occur that forces us to give up a portion of they way we are living and go inward to reflect.

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