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The following highlights some attributes of the nature of energy that affect our creative efforts. Expanded discussion are provided through hyperlinks where applicable.

Energy: Energy, the ability to do something or the capacity to produce an effect. As such it can be seen as equivalent to consciousness.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed: It has been observed that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed. All the energy of Creation already exists in an existing form or flowing into form. As such, all that is, was and ever will be, already is. It is only continually transformed from the past into the future, transforming from an existing form into a new form. This also means that some type of sacrifice of creation of the existing form must be made for something new to be created. Our life and our existing world is already full. The creative life energy within our being, that gives us the ability to create and energizes our creative actions, is bound in our existing creation - that which we are currently experiencing. It must be released from current experiences we created. All our energy and time is committed to the exiting form as it exists. Something must be given up for the energy to be released to form something new. If we wish to create something new, we must be willing to give up that which needs to be given up internally and externally to form the new creation. From the mind’s perspective, there will always be some type and kind of “death,” some type of giving up and perceived loss.

Energy flows the path of least resistance: In any environment energy will follow the path of least resistance to the lowest point it can find. Some environments allow the energy to flow to full dissipation. Other environments bind it and cause it to hold a particular form that can be experienced creation/Creation.

Energy giving rise to consciousness: A flow of energy can cause consciousness to become awake and aware of itself. As an energy the awareness within each of us and our world never dies. We can go out of existence for a while and/or our consciousness can go to sleep or become dormant, but our awareness never dies. There is no death as we perceive it from the perspective of a human being. As energy consciousness we are an energy that will always be. The question is, “what form will we take in the future and how will we experience it?” If something new is to be created, some of the existing form or flow of energy needs to be sacrificed for the new Creation. To recreate ourselves inevitably causes a rearrangement of our life. The magnitude of the rearrangement depends on the magnitude of the recreation we undertake.

Pair production phenomenon: In physical creation, when energy is converted directly to mass I undergo which is called pair production to create a particle and antiparticle that can annihilate each other to return to free and unbounded energy. When the energy of energy consciousness localizes into a give form it creates its equivalent antiparticle in consciousness. Each can be seen existing independently but in reality they are direct copies of each other. When one part is changed a corresponding change is made in the other. Hence we can see our internal thinking and beliefs reflected in our external world and we can see our external world reflected in our thinking beliefs. As a result of this phenomenon our creation and their environment are integrally linked

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