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Within the understanding of the relationship between energy and consciousness is the awareness that within the sum total of all the energy that exists, manifested or unmanifested, is a consciousness. In understanding consciousness and energy are equivalent and that energy permeates all of Creation, it is easy to see how this understanding gives rise to the awareness there is a consciousness or awareness behind, or within, Creation. This consciousness, of course,  permeates all of Creation. This consciousness is the consciousness behind, or within, Creation.

This consciousness behind, or within, Creation is the consciousness described in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective. It is the story as to how this consciousness behind, or within, Creation caused Creation to come into existence as we experience it as discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective. It created the illusion of Creation by seemingly shattering itself into an infinite number of individualized fragments each only a unique facet of the whole living in the illusion of separation.

This consciousness within, or behind Creation can be considered the Creator of Creation. When fully aware, it can be seen as a Cosmic Consciousness. Some, if they wish, can consider this consciousness within, or behind, Creation as God. However, what needs to be understood is this consciousness within, or behind, Creation does not, and cannot, experience Creation unless it steps the illusion of shattering itself and living in separation.

We can say if the consciousness within/behind Creation is totally aware and awake, then it is a Cosmic Consciousness. But other than being aware of its own existence, of what will it be aware? There is nothing other than It. Since it permeates all that Is there is nothing of which to be aware. There is no one or nothing to call it forth for it to experience itself. If it looks outward, there is nothing to experience. So, it must look inward. All that we experience is only this consciousness looking within. That is, Creation lies within the consciousness, not outside of it. This, in turn, is the doorway to the Source of Creation. When we look within, we are looking at that at which the consciousness behind/within Creation is looking. As a facet of this Consciousness within, and behind Creation, as we look within, we can begin to see what It sees.

In this regard, this consciousness within, or behind, Creation is not how most perceive the mind of God or believe that this is what that mind of God would be aware. Most see God standing apart and in separation from Creation. Few see it as being Creation.

It needs to be understood why or how Creation arose. It arose because the consciousness within, or behind Creation had no one or nothing with whom to experience itself. Creation cannot be done alone. We need another or others to experience who and what we are. Unless we have another to become the occasion for us to respond and uncover what is inside ourselves, and/or what we think and believe, we will not see what is inside ourselves.

However, other than saying this consciousness exists and our conscious awareness is made of the same “stuff” as this conscious awareness that stands behind Creation, we can’t say much more about it than that. This is of course unless we project on it all the understanding and experiences we have about the human consciousness and limit the Consciousness behind Creation to the human experience. Which by the way, is what most of us have done.

But the Consciousness behind Creation is much more that what we can experience as a human. We think we can fully comprehend and experience the consciousness within, or behind, Creation as a human is to attempt to put infinity into a box. It is the premise of the energy consciousness model that each point of consciousness is capable of awakening to the flow of energy it experiences. Whether or not it awakens is another issue. All an awaken consciousness knows is what it has experienced. It holds all it has experienced in its mind. With this understanding, all that humanity has experienced and captured in our collective memory is much less that what can be experienced and what the Consciousness within and/or behind Creation experiences. The experiences of the Consciousness within/behind Creation lie well beyond what the collective human consciousness has experienced.

But we are only a part of the whole looking at the whole. In this sense we are holographic. The whole is contained within the fragment but because the fragment is not the whole, clarity of the whole is lost. The larger the fragment, the greater the clarity. The greater we can expand our awareness by stepping out of mind to go beyond the limits of our mind and what our mind thinks and believes, we being to move into the awareness of the Consciousness within/behind Creation. This is why so many mystic and mystical traditions talk about going within. As we gain awareness within, we gain an understanding of the what humans call the "Mind of God." But as noted above, the Mind of God is not Cosmic Consciousness for mind, any mind, is always limited by what it has experienced

The awareness of Cosmic Consciousness comes from looking inward. It has an awareness of the flows of energy within in its being. As such, it has an awareness of feeling. Feeling is the language of this Cosmic Consciousness. Flow and feeling is what this Cosmic Consciousness understands. Only in naming, identifying one feeling as opposed to another type and kind of feeling does consciousness create a Creation. Once a particular feeling is discerned consciousness can then view Creation from within that feeling and in or from that view, all of Creation results.

Imagine for a moment only you exist in your body as you know it. Nothing else exists. There is nothing external to you. There is only you. You are all that is. Of what can you be aware? Nothing else exist. But you can feel the movement within your being as you move or the energy within you moves. That energy movement is feeling and that is all of which you can be aware.

This is what can be closely approximated and experienced in a sensory depravation tank. That is, you are denied your external senses. You are packed in a dark, sound proof chamber filled with salt water so that you float in the water so you do not feel the bottom or sides of the tank. The air temperature and water temperature are at body temperature. There are no smells. So in essence you are completely deprived of all your senses. All that is open to you is what you feel inside you and what you think in your isolated mind. This is analogous to Cosmic Consciousness and the whole reason why this Cosmic Consciousness longed to create a play mate. It longs for someone with whom to create. This longing gives rise to Creation and creates the situation discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective.

It needs to be realized, there is a deep inner feeling and awareness that lies within each of us that is our connection to this Cosmic Consciousness and we can feel it if we wish. We are never removed from it. To be in it is to experience the ultimate pain we face. Yet it is this pain of longing for a Playmate that fuels Creation/creation. In the awareness of this pain, there is a deep and profound love for all that one experiences in Creation. It is in this love one finds the desire to share with it found with another. It is this love that gives rise to the comment that Creation is created out of love.

In the oneness of the universe and the fact we each are an aspect of the infinite consciousness which permeates or lies behind Creation, the entire created world we experience is a direct reflection of us and what is inside us. What needs to be clearly understood, we each are an awake aspect of the Consciousness within Creation experiencing Creation as viewed from that aspect. We can awake to the whole if we so choose to do so.

In some ways you can say the Consciousness within Creation is schizophrenic and has only split itself into an infinite number of illusionary personalities that it thinks are real. Each of these "personalities," the individualized points of consciousness, are capable of creating a whole universe unto itself the equivalent of the Creation we experience or it can experience the creation of any other individualized point of consciousness as a creation within creation. We create what we experiences and create the reality of those experiences by how we focus our attention and awareness. We focus our attention and awareness in and through what we think and believe.

But what needs to be understood is that if we create an entire creation in conscious awareness that spans all that can be seen and unseen we will not perceive as the consciousness behind, or within, Creation. Quite simply, we will be seeing and standing apart from the creation. The only way to have the perception of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation is to act with the awareness that we are it and all of Creation lies in our consciousness and nonconscious mind and then create the experience of making our entire nonconscious mind conscious and in doing so, recreate the world we experience.

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