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 Consciousness never dies - but it can go to sleep

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There are a variety of discussions within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material which to one degree or another talk about the equivalency of energy and consciousness as the ability to or capacity to produce an effect. For example, "Energy an invariant within the creativity perspective," "Energy consciousness," "Conservation of energy consciousness," and "As an infinitely creative being can we create more energy?" Viewed from this perspective and the creativity perspective, our creative spirit is synonymous with the flow of creative life energy that sustains us. In essence, we are a flow of energy which has awaken to its own existence. In consciousness being aware of itself, it has the ability to observe and direct the flow of its energy. Or, it can be said, as consciousness, in becoming aware of our existence the observation of our existence causes a flow of energy to arise which give rise to the Creation we experience. These statements in turn lead to the statement, our creative life energy flows to create an experience of that on which our consciousness focuses its attention and awareness.

In any case, the ability or capacity to make something happen does not die. It may become inactive in some way such as going to sleep, becoming dormant or simply being forgotten. But it exist and will always exists. The awareness of consciousness never dies. What dies is the perception of what the awareness perceives itself to be.

The consciousness that we perceive ourselves to be is an energy, and as an energy, it never dies. It only transforms from one form to another. It may lie dormant, analogous to the way energy can be stored as potential energy, but consciousness never dies. For whatever reason the consciousness that we perceive as us, transformed itself into a creative spirit within the body we posses to have a physical experience as a human being.

What we need to realize and understand is that to come into the Physical Creation to have a physical experience as a human being requires us to consciously forget. We need to forget are the creator of our experience to become who we think and believe we are and have all the experiences which go with those beliefs. Creation requires a part of ourselves to go to sleep so as to consciously forget who we may have been and all the experiences that we have had prior to incarnating. If we are allowed to just be, following what is symbolized in our heart, developing an awareness of life and Creation from the heart space, and awaken from this heart space, we would consciously become the beings of unlimited creativity that we are.

However, life itself causes us to focus outward and define ourselves from the experience we have rather than coming to understand what lies inside. In a very short time we start pulling together an understanding of who we think we are as a result of the experiences we have had in this life often denying what we find inside. Although all our experiences begin to create our reality, even those experiences we had before this current life and have been consciously forgotten, what we experience in our current life dominates what we think and believe. We believe who and what we are in our current life is who we are. We are just not aware our roots go to the depth of Creation itself. Hence we become trapped in the past and the proverbial wheel of karma begins to dominate our life in two ways. One is we believe we are who we are based on the experiences we have had in this life. The other way is we never surface our nonconscious experiences which gave rise to our current life to see why we incarnated into the life we have. As a result we continue to be influenced by the past both consciously and nonconsciously but never consciously doing anything to change that influence.

In understanding this process we can learn to transcend the process at any point and begin to creative the reality of our choice. To do so we need to become mindful and aware of what we think and feel to the depth of our being, learn to the two views of Creation and learn to dance between the two views. We only need to choose to do so. In doing so, we will come to see our awareness never dies. It simply transforms who and what it think it is.

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