Creation recreates itself from within Creation


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One of the more interesting results of the relationship of energy and consciousness is that Creation recreates itself from within Creation. Energy flows were consciousness focuses is attention and awareness. The role of consciousness in the creative process is to become the cause. When consciousness is unaware, asleep and unresponsive, Creation remains fixed in the form it has. There will be movement and an ebb and flow into and out of form based on what the last choice of consciousness. There maybe even perceived changes much like the seasons of the year. But, in essence, it is only a repeat of the past in cyclic form more like the back and forth motion of a pendulum than an evolving creation. Only when consciousness is aware and awake and consciously chooses how it will respond will Creation change.

In essence, Creation is like a painting which repaints itself from within the painting. Imagine if you wish, a larger painting with a the very small image of an individual in the corner with a ladder, a paint can and a paint brush. Slowly over time, the little individual completely repaints the painting. It takes so long, one never realizes it is evolving and changing. Yet over time, the painting is completely repainted.

Creation, within the creativity perspective, is much like this. There is the individuated consciousness and the collective consciousness and layers within layers. How creation unfolds is entirely dependent on what awakens and where it awakens within creation. Much of humanity assumes there is a God that created Creation and remains apart from Creation. Although this may be true, there is also the possibility that the Consciousness that cause Creation to unfold lies within Creation embedded in Creation continually recreating what It experiences.

What we believe about Creation, God and the like is entirely our choice. But what we believe does not reflect the truth of what is. The recommendation made here is to allow effectiveness to be the measure of truth. But to look at the what is effective or what is causing effectiveness we must be we willing to challenge our assumptions about what is really happening and what is being experienced. To see the truth of what is, as it is, we need to be willing to step out of mind and what we think and believe to become a detached witness.

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