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 Dealing with the truth 

A truth in labeling issue

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Dealing with truth in our creative endeavors is one of the hardest things we will face for several different reasons. However, they all boil down to the fact that relative to truth, mind lives in an illusion. Quite simply, we have an experience of Creation. But, rather responding to the truth of the situation, we respond based on how and what we think and believe about the what we are experiencing based on our past experiences. What we think and believe more often than not is not in alignment with the truth of what is because of the beliefs we hold and the experiences we have had.

What we will find is that when we come to know the truth, the truth often causes us to change what we think and believe about ourselves and creation/Creation. As such, what appeases the mind and what we think will give us an inner satisfaction which never runs dry is often quite different that what really does. Inner satisfaction does not necessarily satisfy the mind. For example, often mind does not understand when enough is enough. Nor does it necessarily understand what makes one truly happy. Only when we understand and nourish our true needs do we see the truth of what makes us happy.

We need to understand mind is very much biased by what it has come to believe as a result of the experiences we have had and the enculturation we have received. All we need to do is to look at the variety of human cultures over time to see how and what they think and believe have changed. However, as humanity has come to understand the rules of Physical Creation we have greatly changed our lives. In fact, we have created the opportunity to live multiple lives in one life time. What few realize is there are similar rules for the unseen realms. Yet, although all emanates from the same Source of Creation, and arise from the same material of Creation, we are reluctant to give up what we believe to do our own experiments to come to see and understand them.

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