How the mind of consciousness perceives energy


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Mind perceives and functions on changes in energy. Mind does not feel. It only processes the energy it experiences. The body and being feel. They feel any flow or change of energy as a feeling. For whatever the mind sense and the body feels, mind goes to its memory to identify the feeling it has that is comparable. However, mind is only a aware of the flow of energy on which it has focused it attention and awareness. That is, we are an infinite creative being capable of perceiving any flow of energy of Creation. However, we focus or attention and awareness in such a way that we localize our awareness into a very small portion or segment of Creation and all that is available to experience. As a human being our focus is centered on our body and the experience we are having in Physical Creation.

Part of this narrow focus is achieved in primary using and relying on our current mind as opposed to recalling all that is available in the transcendental mind. The key is living the truth of our being and living the life we incarnated to experience. We need to continue to be willing to step out of mind and dance between the mind and the heart. Otherwise, we simply remain in the past. In stepping out of mind and surrendering to the flow of energy, we become more open to insight furnished by our transcendental mind. That is, we allow our whole mind to process what we experience not just our current mind.

But what needs to be realized is the narrowing of the focus of our mind is all part of the process as to how we experience Creation. In particular, for us, it is the human physical experience. If we remained in the infinity of our being we would not have the experience of Creation. Rather we would simply experience the infinity of Creation. That experience then leads us back to the starting point of Creation described in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective.

There is nothing wrong with the fact that our mind narrows our focus and using the past to characterize what we experience. The projection of mind is how we create the experience of any creation/Creation. The question is, "How do we allow our mind to project?" Do we project the past holding us to the past? Do we surrender and allow the flow of energy to carry us where it may? Or, do we dance between the mind and heart and creating something which serves us and allows us to experience the fullness of being and the expansion into the infinity of our being as the creator of what we experience?

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