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It is said in “The Creative/Creation Process”: For the creation to unfold, the flow of energy must be free to follow its natural course into and out of form within the environment in which it finds itself . On this point, we must be willing to stand back and not impose our thinking on the process but only nurture the true need of the creation, not what we think it needs.

Probably the single most important thing we can learn about our creativity and creative power is that our creative life energy goes were we focus our attention and awareness. Any thought we hold directs our creative life energy. Exactly how that individual thoughts affects our flow of energy depends on how that thought integrates with our belief structure.

For any creation we wish to manifest, we must allow the energy which will give rise to our creation to flow naturally without being directed off course. Whenever we begin to judge, question or even think unsupportive thoughts, we divert and/or influence the flow of energy manifesting our creation. Similarly, there are things the creation needs. If we impose our thinking on its needs we will not give it what it needs. Rather we will give it what we want to give it. This, in turn, denies the creation what it needs.

To nurture a creation, we must become a shape shifter. That is, we need to adjust ourselves and what we provide to meet the need of the creation. We must become what the creation needs and not what we want. Becoming what the creation needs is part of the sacrifice of creation and annihilating the current form to rearrange of the internal and external environment that must be done to create the safe and secure nurturing spaced needed by the creation.

It is here we must surrender. We must surrender to the needs of the creation and become what it requires of us. Otherwise, we will in some way, thwart our own creative efforts.

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