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The issue we face with our current mind is to believe we must become something other than we are. To believe such things is the illusion of mind. There is nothing to become, we already are what we seek We just are not aware of what we are seeking both consciously and nonconsciously.

What needs to be understood is we are an infinite creative being who has limited its unlimited creativity for one reason or another to have a human physical experience. We do not need to do anything than live the truth of our being and become it in the world. The experience we are having is our consciousness manifested. Additionally, we always have contact with the Source of Creation and the source of our being. It needs to be realized to create the flow of energy necessary for the new creation it is necessary to undergo the sacrifice of creation and enter the chaos of creation to release the bound energy within. In doing so, we return to the Source of Creation to free the bound creative life energy so that it may flow into the new creation. We just do not realize the Source of Creation which lies within our being at the source/Source of our being.

What is not understood by many is we become the source of energy for a creation. It is the passion that we feel and experience that causes us to act to manifest what we desire. That energy lies within us. In that moment when we allow the existing creation to dissolve we are one with the Source and the infinity of our being although we are not normally consciously aware of that fact. In that moment we need something on which to focus and direct or energy to continue to allow our existing world to dissolve and free the energy for the next creation. Otherwise, we will literally become stuck between two worlds. That is, we have not dissolved a sufficient proportion of our attachments to leave our existing world and fully being in the infinity of our being. Nor will we have sufficient energy to leave our existing world and enter our new world. For many, this causes fear to arise at become stuck in this place without form. So, we learn to focus outward and never realize the Source of Creation lies within and is always available to us.

Whenever we actively create something we return to the Source. In continually creating rather than calling forth past, we simultaneously resided in the Source of Creation and are present in Creation. It is to be in the flow and in the "now." Here we find Heaven here and now and experience the freedom of finding Nirvana. The difficulty is there is a chaotic aspect to this place and many cannot live in the uncertainty and chaos. Rather, the mind reaches for what it knows and continually projects the past so as to not feel and experience the chaos.

In any case, rather than learn to live our truth and the awareness the Source of creation/Creation lies within, many have come to believe we have to become something other than who and what we are and live and be other than the truth of our being. Such thinking is the result of what we have come to think and believe because of the experiences we have had and what we have been taught to think and believe. The key is to learn to step out of mind and surrender to the flow of energy as experienced in and through the heart and allows for the fullness of being.

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