Transcendental ego


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Transcendental ego
Transcendental ego
Past experiences, past life experiences and pre-life experiences and the transcendental mind
A key understanding about the transcendental ego

Transcendental ego (Top)

The transcendental ego is the ego or identity our mind creates and we assume as a result of our all the experiences we have had and the biases we use to interpret our experiences. It is not the ego that results from the experiences we have had with out bias and truly reflective of our experiences. Rather, it is an identity we assume based on how we have come to understand ourselves and been taught to interpret life and understand ourselves over all our experiences. Usually there are experiences we deny because of what we have come to believe about ourselves and the experiences we have had. As such, unless we can become a detached witness and ferret out all of the biases of our interpretation of our experiences, we do not develop and ego that is truly representative of the experiences we have had and who we are.

If we wish, we can look at the transcendental ego as what has been traditionally called our soul. The transcendental ego is what gives rise to the concept of a human being having a spirit that is separate from the human body and the human identity. It is also what gives rise to the past lives and individual believes they have experienced.

However, rather than being "fixed" like the traditional concept of soul, the transcendental ego is very dynamic and changes based on what we think and believe. It can be remolded and recast based on however we choose to think and believe The transcendental ego and how it arises is really no different than the enculturated ego. Only the experiences that are used to define each are different. We being to have an experience of wholeness of being is when the transcendental ego and enculturated ego are united into one coherent identity based on our true nature.

The transcendental ego holds the intention that causes our body to be created. If we wish, we can also look at our transcendental ego as what has been called our Higher Self. However, whatever we call the transcendental ego, and whatever identity we give ourselves through the transcendental ego, we are really an individualized point of consciousness that is of infinite proportions that only defines itself by ego to have the experience of Creation and being in Creation.

Even when we leave our body, we do not totally dissolve our ego. We will always have an ego as long as we have a mind. The issue is attachments. If we are attached to anything when we leave our body, those attachments go with us. Our problem is that we cannot dissolve those attachment when they become imbedded in our transcendental ego unless we have a similar experience. Otherwise, they will stay leave it intact.

This in turn leads to the traditional concept of karma. If we have bound our creative life energy in a particular type and kind of physical experience, it will take a similar type and kind of physical experience to fully process and dissipate the energy bound in the memory. Holding such memories do not allow us to expand our awareness beyond what we have bound.

For example, if we die with an expectation of what heaven looks like, that expectation will prevent us from dissolving and merging with the unbounded ocean of Consciousness. The fact that we are nonphysical does not mean we have still bound and attached our creative life energy in some way. We will create an experience of the heaven that we believe but we will not find true freedom for our creative spirit. The belief in a heaven will keep us from the very thing that we are ultimately seeking by believing in heaven.

What needs to be fully understood is that true freedom is found here an now in this moment. That freedom in turn creates Heaven, the Kingdom of God or Nirvana whatever you wish to call it. The issue is not being in creation/Creation, or in any creation/Creation. The issue is whether not we have bound the free flow and free expression of our creative life energy/creative spirit in our attachments.

We are in heaven or hell by whatever we think. If we could change our dormant consciousness in this instant, the equivalent of instantaneously rearranging the nuclei of the atoms that compose our body, there is nothing that we cannot instantly manifest and create. That power lies within us but our continual cycles of awakening and going to sleep and creating our transcendental ego from whatever we remember keeps us away from accessing that power.

We need to remember our body and its environment of birth, both in time and place is the product of our transcendent ego and that state of our being at the time of incarnation. These conditions existed before we formed any enculturated ego and developed an idea about who we think we are in this life based on our current life experiences. When we return to that state of being, we access the most powerful creative state we can enter in our life and it is to live the reason for our incarnation. Once we are aligned with the intention for our life, we then have the choice of living that intention, changing that intention or going further back into our programming and transcend that intention if we begin to shed the transcendental ego which created the intention for our life. It is at this point of being we access our unlimited creativity for we stand at the point to create any reality we wish while in our body.

Each of us are currently in the twilight of the dawn of our awakening. In the same way twilight is a transient position between night and day, being human is that transient position of being in a state of unawareness and sleep and awareness and being awake. Just as when the sun breaks the horizon and rises to light the day, our consciousness will transcend the physical experience and we will become that light that lights the way. That is what it means to be physically manifested. To be human means to live between two worlds, the world of sleep and in the darkness, and the world of being awaken and in the light.

We have been pulled into Physical Creation as a result of some attachment. It is here we have the possibility of releasing that attachment in fulfilling the intention for our life Additionally we have the possibility of process all the attachments to physical experiences we hold in our transcendental mind if we so choose to do so

Past experiences, past life experiences and pre-life experiences and the transcendental mind (Top)

Our life here in Physical Creation is based on all that we have ever been and experienced previous to this life. Being here in Physical Creation is the most important thing all the experiences we have ever had has lead us to do. Alternatively said, we live according to everything within our being that transcends this life for all of it is embodied in creating the intention for our current physical life.

Some would say this way of living is living based on the habits of the past and is the basis of the "wheel of karma." However living what is described here is much more than being required to have an experience that balances everything we have done in previous lives..

Living in accordance with the habits and attachments we created in the past which cause us for whatever reason to become incarnate is just being who we were. Rather, the point is to realize that without somehow changing our nonconscious programming that is giving rise to our transcendental ego we are living our habits in accordance with all the experiences we have had. This includes any and all past life experiences in Physical Creation or any other realm of Creation before this current life.

The issue is we live the habits we developed in the past. It really has little to do whether or not we hurt someone they hurt is. It is about the response patterns we develop in life and carry with us through eternity unless we let them go at some point along the way.

To live in freedom of our creative life energy/creative spirit unfolding as it needs to unfold based, we pretty much need to reject how we were taught to live by our family and society in that we do not succumb to obligations or do what society or our family wants, requires, or encourages us to do. Rather, we live based on our truth and what we feel. We look to the feeling of the fullness of being and an inner satisfaction that never runs dry and we avoid those things which take us away from those feelings.

It needs to be understood, it is about learning to move into what gives us a passion for life and for living. It is not about doing what we like to do and feels most comfortable at doing. To do this is to live from the habits of the past is like living in what can be called our comfort zone. When we live in our comfort zone, whatever we do to grow and expand, we only do it until we find comfort and then we stop. We donít transcend the limits and barriers of who we are to any great extent because we will not go beyond your comfort zone. What needs to be done is the inner satisfaction that never runs dry exists will outside our comfort zone and is independent of what happens to us externally. When living with an inner satisfaction we run on an internal compass well outside what our mind would call comfort.

Living in our comfort zone is not living our passion because our passion will always take us well past our comfort zone. It may even take us to the point of death for the only comfort we have is the passion itself, wherever it leads. To seek comfort is to seek living in the past and what mind knows. It is controlled by first our enculturated ego and then our transcendent ego. We may live what we think is living what is symbolized in our heart and it feels correct for us for we find comfort. But, in reality, we are only recreating the past and living in mind.

If we have any thoughts of liking or not liking something, or liking or not liking an experience while we are in the experience, that thought is of the past and is recreating the past. In thinking these thoughts of like and dislike, we are in mind and outside the flow of our creative life energy. If we are in the flow of our creative life energy, we do not know if we like or dislike something until we are finished. When we are in the flow we are out of mind and beyond its judgments.

To judge something before we have finished the experience we are comparing what we are experiencing to something we have experienced previously. If we are experiencing something that was truly unrelated to what we have previously experienced, we would have no basis for any judgment because we would be in wonderment and "ah" until the experience was done. Then and only then could you decide if it was pleasurable or not. If we are living without the past, we have no expectation or awareness of what we are going to experience and are currently experiencing other than allowing ourselves to have the experience.

The bottom line on all of this is that the way we need move from the enculturated ego to move into an ego constructed based on the experiences we have had in this life without the bias of enculturation, we need to move past our transcendent ego, whatever it looks like, to create an ego based on who and what we really are - consciousness experiencing it creates by the perspective we hold.

A key understanding about the transcendental ego (Top)

There is an extremely important point to be made here and understood. Every experience we have ultimate goes into our transcendental mind. We form an transcendental ego based on the composite of all those experiences. If we live one lifetime or have one experience in some realm of Creation where we pick up a particularly strong bias or interpretation, we carry that interpretation and bias over into our transcendental mind and its associated ego. That is, the transcendental mind creates an illusion about Creation and who and what we are that is even more powerful than the illusion of our current mind.

The fact that we, or any other independent point of consciousness, shed our body and move into some nonphysical realm does not mean we are without our biases. Some will say we come into life naked and with nothing and we leave with nothing. But nothing is farther from the truth. We come into life biased by the desire for certain types and kinds of experiences reflected in the intention for our life. We leave life with biases we come to believe but also we carry regrets, anger, great loves, or anything else we do not fully process while in Physical Creation. The fact that an non incarnate being provides us information from the unseen realms does not mean what they provide is accurate or unbiased. Their view and understanding can be just as biased and incorrect as if they were standing in front of us.

Those who communicate with "spirit guides," and other similar unseen entities and working with entities attached to a transcendental ego are working with an existing form. If you notice, they all have names, they all have identities, they all have some form. It needs to be remembered, we never work with an awake consciousness unbiased by its own experiences. Consciousness by its very nature and the method of it awakening only knows what it has experienced. All of our thinking and perceiving is done with a consciousness attached to its prior experiences. As a human being our prior experience tends to be focused on that gained in our human body with it associated ego. Unseen entities similarly have an ego based on their past experiences and their past may or may not give them a wisdom beyond what we already possess within ourselves.

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