Starting point for a structured approach to Creativity Physics


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Starting point for a structured approach to Creativity Physics
The origins of Creation - myth or model
The Approach within this material - understanding how a painting repaints itself from within
Four parts to the structured approach to Creativity Physics
Part I - Energy Consciousness
Part II - Energy and matter
Part III - Consciousness
Part IV - Creation/creation

First and foremost, its all about energy. Creation/creation is about energy. Without energy, there is no movement. Without movement, there is nothing to observe. With nothing to observe, there is no Creation/creation. Hence to understand creation/Creation, our creative power and creative ability and how we create, it is important to gain some understanding of energy. In particular, it is about understanding our creative life energy for it is what ultimately gives rise to our life and is the source of our creative power and creative ability. However, if it was only about energy, physics would have supplied all the answer we need. But that is not the case. Creation is also about consciousness and the relationship between energy and consciousness. Creativity Physics addresses these issues and provides an energy and /or consciousness view  of Creation. (More on .... its all about energy)

The necessary discussions to understand How we create our experiences and create the reality we experience are referenced as hyperlinked and interconnected in the various Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity applications discussion topics. Creativity Physics provides this same material in a more "ground up" or from a "first principles" approach than accessible through cross references. These discussions lay the foundation and provides the fundamentals for understanding how to access and release our unlimited creativity.

The origins of Creation - myth or model (Top)

To provide an integration of the various concepts and principles to understand how we create our experiences and create the reality we experience, we need to decided if we prefer myths or models.

Myth or model? Here is the first of many proverbial forks in the road. When it comes to creation/Creation, do we like the myth or the model. Do we like myths and stories about Creation or models as to how it may work. Although each may address the same information and concepts to how creation/Creation is seen to work, each has a different focus.

Myths tend to make the creative power/Creative Power of Creation lie in a realm of Creation which is not readily accessible by humanity. This does not make the myths right or wrong. Rather, they reflect what we see is under our control and what is not.

Models, on the other hand, look to make as much of the creative power/Creative Power of creation/Creation directly accessible to the control of humanity. The strength of the model is its ability to predict the outcome of given situation.

Depending on what we desire to create, each can be seen as equally powerful. However, they do serve different purposes. The question is, “What are our creative needs - what do we desire to create and are our desires better served by one of the many Creation Story or one of the models used to explain Creation?” (More on .... myths or models)

In many ways myths and models like on the spectrum on which creative power lies. If we look carefully we will see there seems to be an inner and outer creative power. At one extreme is where all the creative power lies outside the control and understanding of the individual and/or humanity. At the other is where the creative power is within our understanding if not under our control. Myths tend to address the creative power that lies outside our understanding and/or control. Models tend to address the creative power which we can understand if not control.

If you like the myth approach, it is recommended you start with “The Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective” and weave your way through the hyperlinks that unfold from the story. You can always return to this point and the Creativity Physics approach. If you like the model approach, then continue onward. In either case, you may want to consider the topic entitled “How does creation/Creation get started?” You may find it interesting.

The Approach within this material - understanding how a painting repaints itself from within (Top)

Experiencing creation/Creation as energy consciousness is to understand that both Creation and the individual are like a painting that recreates itself from within itself. Imagine if you would standing and looking at a big wall painting. Down in the corner of the painting within the painting is a small painter painting. Over time the small man moves out and completely repaints the entire wall painting. As soon as he has completed repainting the entire painting, he starts again. It is the nature of consciousness to continually redefine itself. To appreciate how this view is possible and use it to release our unlimited creativity, there are a variety of things of which we need to become aware.

To see and understand this process of recreation from within creation, we need to understanding the individual pieces and see how the pieces interrelate to each other and yet be able to stand eventually back and see the whole picture as opposed to the pieces. The principles and analogies provided in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material best represent the way that the author has found to provide the pieces essential to understanding the process of how Creation repaints itself. It is anticipated that once these principles are reviewed, digested, the individual will be able to "stand back" from all the pieces and allow our focus to shift to see the whole and how all the pieces integrate to create the reality we experience.

Standing back and changing our focus is much the same way one would look at a two dimensional picture that can be seen creating a 3D image by defocusing the eyes. Or, it is what we do to cause two fingers before our eyes to shift to four. As discussed in the topic "How to see the two views of Creation," we have two eyes from which to perceive reality. When they are focused on the same object we see as if we had only one eye, we never see there are actually two ways to see and experience reality - a left eye and a right eye.

Similarly we have two views of Creation. One eye is the eye of the heart and it is about surrendering and accepting what it. It is about seeing and experiencing the oneness of Creation. It is about letting go and allowing, or giving ourselves permission, to be true to our own unique nature in every way. The second way is the eye of the mind and it is about separating from oneness to see and experience the individual pieces and segments of Creation. It allows us to see and experience each entity as a separate unique existence and allows us to mold Creation into the form we desire to experience. It is about control and creating the cause of a new creation.

Two approaches have been used to access what we need to understand. One approach, as reflected in the topic of Creativity Physics, is to provide the principles and concepts in discussions that allows us to access and release our unlimited creativity and experience creation/Creation as energy consciousness. It is to entwine the interconnect the various principles and concepts through hyperlinks as you see in any of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity discussion topic. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material presents principles, images and analogies that can be used to understand the nature of energy consciousness and energy consciousness as manifested on the physical plane. The second method was to create a set building blocks of understanding that can be pieced together to create our experiences and create the reality of choice.

The approach and recommendations made within this material is somewhat different than the approaches used every day and in traditional approaches that guide us to change the kind of life that we have whether they be spiritual, psychological or educational approaches. Traditional approaches try to transform our life while we are still in our habits that we developed early in life. Many of these habits cause us to deny our own unique creative ability or hold them captive in a cage of our own making while we still utilize the addictive patterns we have developed to divert our attention from the fact that we are denying the truth of our own being.

As we can come to see in using this material , any process at any level of our being which encourages us to deny the truth of our o being in any way and/or to deny the flow of the creative life energy within our own being, is trying to bring about a transformation while still keeping us bound to our habits and addictive processes. Such methods cannot and will not give the transformation for which we look.

Whether we realize it or not, many traditional approaches to create freedom keep us bound in what is. They don’t allow us to step outside of how we think reality works to experience the true nature of reality. We tends to use these traditional approaches when we need to either look for a solution to a problem or we try and achieve some experience we are choosing to have such as enlightenment, internal joy, inner satisfaction, security in life or any other type experience. Yet, looking for a solution to a problem or attempting to have an experience of choice, is a choice by our ego and our mind and keeps them bound within that ego and unable to access the creativity we need to create what we desire. If we eventually accept the premise made within this material that there is an intention behind our life that brought us into this world and it existed before our current mind become aware of itself, we will also see that surrendering to that intention is the only safe and uncontrolling way that we have to go past our enculturated ego.

Because the enculturated ego, who we have come to think and believe that we are because of the experiences we have had in this life, is identified with our physical body, knows the physical body dies and will work feverishly to protect itself for it believes it will also die. It will not allow us to understand our true nature is infinitely more vast than can be contained in any description of who we think we are. We will come see that all other ways of trying to transcend the ego will require a choice to be made by our enculturated ego and hence it will never allow us to transcend itself, or go beyond itself. Doing so would essentially amount to ego suicide and the enculturated ego will not commit ego suicide. However, once we can see the possibility that we are not who we think we are, we can then begin to consider exploring the why behind the intention for our life and discover who we really are and then allow that intention to direct us into accessing and releasing our unlimited creativity.

The issue we face is becoming the Phoenix to recreate our life to experience creation/Creation as energy consciousness. What is provided here is some starting guidance as to how to become the phoenix and create the reality of our choice based and the understanding of energy consciousness. It is about taking action and making the principles within this material our own if we so choose to make them a part of our being. With the understanding of the Phoenix and how we can transform the ego, this material will give us a way to shatter our current image of ourselves and understanding so we are free to create what we choose to create out of the ashes. In understanding the Phoenix we can understand how we are a painting repainting itself from within the painting.

Four parts to the structured approach to Creativity Physics (Top)

The structured approach to Creativity Physics is divided into four part; energy consciousness, energy, consciousness and creation/Creation. Although each of the four parts can be, and usually are, experienced separately from each other, they are not really separate from the other. Yet, it is appropriate to talk about each separately for we normally experience them as separate. To keep a proper perspective the easiest way found to understand how these concepts are related is the way a cutout and the hold it creates in a piece of paper are related.

Creating a cutoutThe Figure entitled "Creating a cutout" shows what we would see if we cut a paper heart out of a piece of paper. The piece of paper represents energy consciousness. The paper is analogous to the fabric of Creation of which all creation manifests. The original piece of paper can be called that place of "no-thing-ness," "no form" or the unmanifested. When we cut out the paper heart, we are left with the paper cutout and a hole in the paper. The sheet of the original paper still exists but it now has a hole in it. Although the paper with the hole is now separate from the cutout, the cutout and the paper with the hole are still integrally linked. One is a form of reflection, mirror or complement to the other.

The cutout is the manifestation of the energy of energy consciousness. The hole is the manifestation of the consciousness of energy consciousness. Together they make up energy consciousness. Both are the same creation but one is experienced as energy (the cutout) and the other is experienced as consciousness (the hole). We can experience creation as consciousness or as energy or as energy consciousness realizing the hole and cutout are integrally linked.

The four part to the structured approach to energy address each of these aspect. The discussion of energy consciousness is about the fabric of Creation and the plain sheet of paper. The discussion of energy is about the experience of creation as energy. The discussion on consciousness is about the experience of creation as consciousness. The discussion on the creation is about experiencing energy consciousness manifested as a creation and in the awareness the cutout (the energy) and the hole (the consciousness), the energy and consciousness are integrally linked.

On this point that the hole and the cutout are integrally linked, there is another form of this cutout and a hole which is probably more appropriate to the experience of Creation. It is as demonstrated in the Figure entitled "Creating a cutout." Here we have the cutout existing as a separate entity within the fabric of Creation not separated as in the cutout and the hole Rather, it exists within the fabric of Creation but is separate from the fabric only by the discontinuity created by the cut like. This representation can give some feel for the concept that we are the Source of Creation at one with the Source never removed from the Source but yet we experience a separation from the Source as a result of the discontinuity or boundary created by the cut line. The question is, "What is this cut line which seemingly makes us separate from the fabric of Creation to give rise to the experience of Creation and how do we go about changing the cut line to experience a new Creation?" Understanding the answer to this question is what Creativity Physics hopes to provide the reader.

It also needs to be noted that to experience either the energy of energy consciousness or the consciousness of energy consciousness is to live in a duality and separation. Transcending duality is about experiencing Creation as energy consciousness manifested in the awareness energy and consciousness, whatever their form may be, are integrally liked like the cutout and the hole it creates in the paper. In transcending duality and living in this awareness we will experience a wholeness within our being and no longer feel separate or have the deep inner longing which arises from the experience of Creation and the creative tension inherent in the creative process. The reason for this is we will see and experience ourselves both as the creator and the creation manifesting and our experience as simply the creator experiencing their desired creation. As for why we may not like the creator we experience, especially if we are the creator of the experience, is not address in Creativity Physics. Rather, such issues are address in the application of Creativity Physics in the various Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity applications.

In reading any of the four parts it is recommended that all the hyperlink files in the color green be reviewed before moving on before moving on to what come after the green hyperlinked file. Look at these green hyperlinked files as the next section of the book you are reading. They are written as hyperlinks to both reduce the volume on any one web page and to find important discussion as one pursue their creative endeavors. But, they are in essence the next section. The blue hyperlink provide amplifications and reflect the desires and interest of the particular reader.

This approach may appear to be distracting from the flow of the discussion. However, what needs to be understood about any creative endeavor is that it is often nonlinear. Progress and understanding may at time seem perfectly linear and straight forward. But, usually it is not linear and can be experienced as spiral like or random. As a spiral like process we seemingly go back to what we thought we understood only to come to a deeper and more encompassing understanding and/or appreciate for some aspect. Or, the process appears random for no logical pattern can be discerned by the mind. Sometimes the last thing mind could ever suspect will give us the next piece we need. But, as always, the recommendation is for you to follow your own inherent wisdom and allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth. Use what is effect for you.

The topic “Nature of Creation” provides an initial overview discussion of energy, consciousness and energy consciousness as they related to creativity.

Nature of Creation

Part I (Top)
Energy Consciousness

This topics directs the reader to the files that talk about energy consciousness, its implications and how Creation can arise out of material of Creation. It lays the foundation for understanding what lies within our being as a creative spirit, and/or as a flow of creative life energy, and the subsequent dances of creation/Creation between energy and consciousness.

It is to be noted that several of the concepts related to the consciousness properties of energy and the energy properties of consciousness are discussed in this section as opposed to the discussion and energy and consciousness respectively. The recommendation is to read this topic first and then move to the other topic as your creative needs dictate. (More on... Part I - Energy Consciousness)

Part II (Top)
Energy and matter)

The discussion of energy and matter is directed toward providing the fundamentals and understanding of energy to understand our creative life energy and how to use this creative life energy to create what we desire. (More on .... Part II - Energy and matter)

Part III (Top)

The discussion of consciousness is directed toward providing the fundamentals and understanding of our creative spirit and how to use this creative spirit to create what we desire. (More on .... Part III - Consciousness)

Part IV (Top)
Beginning with the end in mind
Creation - the dance of energy and consciousness

Part IV is about the application of the principles and fundamentals discussed in Parts I, II, and III. It is directed toward accessing our creative power and creative ability to consciously use energy and consciousness to create what we desire and/or to create a life worth living. (More on .... Part IV - Creation/creation)

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Part I - Energy Consciousness
Part II - Energy and matter
Part III - Consciousness
Part IV - Creation/creation

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