Exploring the role of the feminine in the creative process


Exploring the role of the feminine in the creative process
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The follow discussion and subsequent hyperlinked files listed here roughly follows the format and approach use for the original Feminine Creative Power workshop. The Feminine Creative Power workshop and other related workshops can be arranged through the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Programs.

01 Exploring the role of the feminine creative power in the creative process
02 Discerning the two views of Creation
03 Exploring the view of the heart
04 Exploring the view of the mind
05 Our intuitive guidance and feminine creative power
06 Exploring our belief structure
07 Looking to put it all together to create what we desire
08 The single greatest that stands in the way
09 Creating the space through the masculine aspect for the feminine to unfold
10 Items to consider in attempting to create with another


Consciously accessing our feminine creative power is to open the door to see there is more to our life than we realized. In many ways our life is like asking a honey bee, "What is the story of your life?" What the bee thinks it does is not reflective of what it really does. Accessing and understanding our feminine creative power will address aspect of our life and the story we tell about our life of which we are most probably not aware

What is provided here is an overview and introduction to feminine creative power and how to use it to awaken the creative spirit within. In this regard it is about learning the essence of what can be called the Shams Consciousness and lays the foundation for becoming a Dream Rainmaker, Dream Midwife and/or Dream Nanny. Additionally it helps to identify what areas we need to explore to regain and/or reconstitute sufficient creative power to create whatever we desire to create in and/or with our life. After all, it is the feminine aspect of our being which nurtures our life and any creation we create. Exactly what we will need to explore will depend on (1) what we desire to create and (2) the past which we carry with us.

Understanding feminine creative power

The Feminine Creative Power home page provided an some thoughts on feminine creative power. An additional discussion, " Feminine Creative Power Overview" provides some additional useful thoughts and ideas about Feminine Creative Power.

Getting started

Clarity of intention: Any creative endeavor starts with a clear intention. Write out your intention for why you desire to access and understand feminine creative power and the intention for what you wish to create using that power. Pull the string as to why you hold that intention to understand any underlying motivations. Set the intention. Take some kind of action (ritual, metatheater or the like) to commit yourself and to demonstrate to yourself this is an intention you desire to hold and fulfill.

Giving permission: There is a creative spirit within each of us that has never really been allowed to fully express itself. Give your creative spirit permission to find a way to come out and creative play and be free to create what it desires to create. Create a permission form (using the sample, if desired) and sign it such that you make a contract with yourself. You are free to make any changes or modifications necessary to suit your preferences.

As you create and sign this permission form, become aware of anything that arises within you about signing this form. In particular, become aware of any past experiences that surface.

Whether you are a man or a women, creating the space within yourself to make it safe for this creative spirit to freely express itself will teach you about the masculine aspects of Creation. That is, choosing to act. Nurturing this creative spirit to give it what it needs to grow and unfold true to its nature will teach you about the feminine aspects of Creation and the feminine creative power. Together, these efforts will be your teach so that you can learn a dance of wholeness of being that occurs between the masculine and feminine aspect of your being to create whatever you desire. We need to remember, the masculine and feminine aspects of the creative process are related to what it means to be male and/or female but there are significant differences. The role of the masculine and feminine in the creative process have been contaminated by our social understanding of what it means to be a male or a female in our society.

Revisiting your intention: Now that you have given yourself permission for your creative spirit to find a way to come out, what do feel about the intention you have? Does the intention you have FEEL correct to create the space for your creative spirit to come out or is there something else you need to intend? Is there something this intention does not address which you need to address. You will know if there is something else to be address because something will not feel correct. Look to what feels incorrect then address it.

The next step
 Discerning the two views of Creation

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