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No matter how we look at it, creation is a dance. It is a dance between what mind thinks and what to do and surrendering to the feeling and allowing it to carry us into the unknown to manifest what we desire. Most of our creative endeavors is a combination of the masculine way and feminine way of creating. Most of us lean toward the masculine way. However, with a little practice we can learn to lean more to the feminine way. That, in turn, allows for greater possible of escaping from the past.

There is one significant contrast between the masculine way and feminine way of creating that is worth noting. The masculine way will be characterized by trial and error and one can expect to have false starts as they learn what works and doesn’t work. In this regard, in the masculine way, we are faced with the continual question, “Now what do I try?” knowing that eventually we will stumble upon the correct answer and/or see the trajectory/line of reasoning we need to follow to our solution. More often than not, our mind will judge these false starts as mistakes rather than simply seeing them as part of the creative/creation process of stepping into the unknown.

In the feminine way, we act according to our intuitive guidance and there is no line of reasoning. There are no false starts. Rather, the path leads us to places we could never have imagined as required for what we desire to create. In the feminine way we can expect to ask such questions as, “Now what I doing here - what does this have to do with what I desire to create?” In the feminine way, only in hindsight can we see how all the pieces of the puzzle come together. On the feminine path we have to be very aware as to not interject mind but truly surrender to the path as it is revealed.

Which way works better to create? It depends on how significantly different what we want to create differs from the past. The greater the difference the more the feminine way is recommended.

In any case, what we choose to do, whether from the mind or the heart, has repercussion of which we may not be aware both in the physical world, like the bee and its role in pollination, and in the unseen world of which we are a part but seem to know so little about. [It is to be noted that the unseen world includes both the unseen nonphysical realms and the physical world which exists but we do not see] In many ways our actions and what we are lead to do is only part of what occurs. We are unaware of our role and the impact we make in the world unseen by us. In this regard, it can be said, our lives and our actions and life are only a metaphor for something larger that is being expressed and whatever we can say about our lives is only part of whole story. Any story we tell may or may not be complete depending on whether or not we can incorporate the unseen aspects of our lives which cannot be seen by our mind but only felt and known by feeling. However one will only see the truth of what is said here by stepping out of mind and how one thinks and believes the world works.

What we are lead to do by feel reflects the essence of our subconscious that go to our deepest roots of being and what we have chosen to create within our being. Whereas, what we are lead to do by mind reflects the essence of our thinking and goes to the deepest root of what we currently think and believe we are and should do. The deepest roots of our being are not the same as the deepest roots of our current thinking and believing. Since the thinking mind is only a fraction of our whole being, the thinking mind as we know it cannot access the deepest levels of our being. In this realization, the questions about life then becomes is, “Do we get ‘out of mind’ to express what lies at the roots of our being or do we stay in mind and express the roots of our thinking and what we have come to believe as oppose to what is.”

This is why “being” becomes so important. That is, to “just be” - just be true to who and what we are and what we feel in the moment and act in/on that truth without the judgment and expectations of mind. It is only in being true to who and what we are and the flow of energy from within our being that we manifested what lies within our being. It is being, and acting, from the intuition that flows from the deepest levels of our being that cause us to do what needs to be done to manifest our inner state and allow that inner state to be reflected externally in and through our actions. We have no rational context as viewed by mind for doing what our intuitive guidance leads us to do. Yet correct action flow out from the deepest essence of our being. In learning to “just be” true to who and what we are we become that seed that dies to itself out of which a new creation unfolds true to the essence of the seed with the environment in which the germinating seed finds itself

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