Learning the dance of the inner masculine and feminine


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Learning the dance of the inner masculine and inner feminine begins with realizing there is an inner masculine and inner feminine. It is about accessing the inner feminine to bring the inner feminine to maturity by learning to nourish our own truth and accessing the inner masculine to bring the inner masculine to maturity to thrust our truth into the world. Learning the dance of the inner masculine and inner feminine is doing our own experiments to explore exploring our truth to know what truth is, what it looks like and what it feels like. In particular it is to come to know the feeling that allows us to feel a fullness of being, a fullness for life, a passion for life, a passion to live life, an inner satisfaction, a feeling of expansion of one’s being, and/or an inner bliss or joy or whatever equivalent feeling we have. It is to allow that feeling to guide us into and through life.

It is to nurture that feeling with in and to seek experiences externally that carries us toward and expansion and growth of that inner feeling. A mature inner feminine will only allow us to nurture those activities in our life that lead us to or give us this feeling. A mature inner masculine will look only to do those activities and/or obtain information that allows that feeling to grow and expand. In this sense our whole life and every aspect of our life can be an orgasmic experience for in each and very part of our being we feeling a continually growing and expansive feeling.

The files "Inner masculine and mature inner masculine," "Inner feminine and mature inner feminine" and "The marriage of the inner masculine and inner feminine" provide additional discussion that may be useful in learning the dance of the inner masculine and inner feminine. But the most important thing we can do is to give ourselves self permission to do the necessary experiments to explore and come to know our own truth. In coming to know our own truth and nurturing that truth and its expression in the world, we will mature our inner masculine and inner feminine. It will not be an instantaneous process. Rather it will grow and evolve. But, in time we will see and unfolding of our truth and our charisma. We only need to be focus on living and being our truth expressed from the deepest levels of our being as teach and every level of our being - spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

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