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The origins of the feminine creative power or the feminine power of creation/Creation understanding originated with a deep compassion and desire to free a captured heart a captured creative spirit, and the action taken to free that heart. The question really needing to be address is, "How did this deep compassion express itself to unfold in the world to become the feminine power of creation/Creation understanding."

The essence of the initial action taken to free the captured heart is discussed in the topic "A foolish thing." That action planted a seed which grew and unfolded into an understanding of the creative spirit and what the creative spirit needs to be free to unfold true to itself. It can be said the understanding of the feminine power of creation/Creation grew and manifested in the understanding as to how become and be a rainmaker to create the space for an individualís creative spirit to become free and to look and find a way to create a gentle phoenix for any creative endeavor we may face.

But focusing on the feminine aspect of the creative process to understand feminine power in the creative process would probably never have occurred except for two things. One was the fact that some initial breakthroughs in understanding the feminine aspect of creativity came as a result of the Hawaiian spiritual tradition. The second was the result of an early clientís revealing dream.

In exploring spiritual traditions to understand what they communicated about our creative ability and creative power, one of the traditions which seem most intriguing was the Hawaiian Huna tradition. The interest in the Huna tradition arose from a story told by the author of a book on the Hawaiian Huna tradition concerning a synchronicity in the authorís fatherís life. That story and the explanation the author gave about that synchronicity called for a deeper exploration of the Huna tradition. However, what set the stage for access an understanding about the feminine power of creation/Creation through the Huna tradition was another author by the name of Max Freedom Long.

Max Freedom Long wanted to understand the Huna tradition. However, being a non Hawaiian, the Hawaiian Huna teachers did not want to share they understanding with a non Hawaiian. But, Max was not deterred. He began to study the Hawaiian language and found there were two meaning to many words. One meaning was normal usage of the word and then a more deeper meaning to the world that related to the Philosophy of Huna. Max then used that deeper meaning to unravel the essence of the Hawaiian Huma tradition.

But what was key to the author of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity was the fact that it was reported the Hawaiians felt the word for an object was the sound of that object. Or, alternatively said, in essence, the word for the object described the sound of the energy giving rise to the object. But what was observed was that almost the exact same descriptions and meaning about Sanscrit words was given by those how reported to know the origin of Sanscrit. Sanscrit being the language in which many ancient Eastern spiritual text were written. But the words in Hawaiian and Sanscrit were different for the same thing. It was then the author realized how the human mind was characterizing what it observed and experienced, especially relative to the essence of any given object. Understanding the role of our mind in the creative process of creation opened the door for all the other pieces to being to fall into place as to how we create our experiences and the reality we experience and the masculine and feminine aspects in the creative process.

A few years later, the author was provided a rare opportunity to visit the main island of Hawaii and spend a few days living at the rim of the Volcano with some native Hawaiians. In thanks giving for what the author received from the Hawaiian tradition, the author make a traditional thanksgiving offering to Pele, the Volcano goddess. On arrival he was given a traditional leis by the Native Hawaiians. In addition to the traditional greeting with the lei, the author was told by the Hawaiians the lei was a symbol of protection. In the ancient traditions, the lei symbolized a peace agreement between opposing tribal chiefs. The chiefs would intertwine the green Maile vine and it completion would establish peace between the two groups. In this sense there is a protect offered in the lei. When given the lei, the author was also told traditionally nothing was to be taken of the island but the lei.

For whatever reason, the day of departure from the Volcano, the author felt moved to go to the edge of the Volcano before sunrise and throw his lie into the Volcano. His feelings were he would take nothing from the Island and that he would trust his protection to the Volcano goddess Pele. That is, the goddess and creative power/Creative Power which formed the island and brought forth a place out of the oceans for human life, the human creative spirit, to flourish. It was there in that moment a ritual was created to access and understand the feminine creative power of creation/Creation. It can be said the protection offered by Pele in respond to the request for protection was to be provided an understanding of the feminine power of creation/Creation to be carried and use in any aspect of life.

The understanding of the feminine power of the creative/creation process grew and evolved to manifest in the authorís life. Although he was unaware of what he had accessed it was revealed in a dream of one of the first individual with whom the author assisted as a rainmaker to awaken and call forth their creative spirit. This dream is discussed in the topic, "A clientís revealing dream." However it was several years later before the first workshop on feminine power was created for the focus was not on exploring or understanding the concept of feminine power in the creative/creation process. The author was focused on seeking if he could find a way to create a gentle phoenix for people to transform their life to claim their inherent creativity and access the depth and breadth of their creative ability and creative power. Yet, it was in the end the feminine path and the feminine power of creation/Creation that allows for the creation of a gentle phoenix. The two are integrally tied together.

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