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Creativity Physics ( Introduction to key principles and concepts for understanding the creative process and making our thoughts manifest

Creative Spirituality ( Creativity spirituality - understanding the relationship between the creative imagination, spirituality and the physical. Building a bridge into the unseen world.

Feminine Creative Power ( Bridging the seen and unseen worlds to birth the nurturing feminine creative energy at each and every level of our being.

Meditation Concepts and Principles for Creativity ( Understanding meditation and how it can help you to create what you desire in a fester, easier and gentler way.

Organizational Creativity ( Addressing the practical aspects of bringing a creative energy into an organization or to a group of individuals.

Our Creative Spirit ( []: An invitation to a dance - meeting your creative spirit. Addresses developing an intimate relationship with your creative spirit to access the depth and breadth of your creative power and creative ability.

Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity ( []: Introduction to a powerful interdisciplinary technology of creativity to create health, inner satisfaction or whatever you desire to experience.

Rituals and creativity ( Ritual and Creativity is about exploring the power of rituals in our life. Rituals can be used as a powerful creative tool to step into our creativity, step out of mind and/or reenter a state of creative play for any creative endeavor to bring back solutions we find in our creative imagination to see how they may work in the physical world. and/or to increase the probably of the Ultimate Accident and an experience of the infinity of our being.

Sexuality and Creativity - Creative Sexuality ( Creative sexuality addresses understanding the second most creative state we can enter and learning how to use sexuality in our creative endeavors.

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