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An Alternative View (analternativeview.info): Doorway to an alternative way to view Creation and what it means to be a human being

An Alternative Way (analternativeway.info): Doorway to an alternative way to live life and finding greater satisfaction and internal happiness in life

Calling back our creative power (ourcreativepower.info) This application is about understanding how we fragment, shatter and/or scatter our creative power as a result of the experiences of life and how we may go about calling back and consolidating that power to create what we desire.

Creating Inner Satisfaction (innersatisfaction.info): Discuses as to why inner satisfaction can be sol elusive to many and what to do about it.

Creative Building Blocks (creativebuildingblocks.info): Introduces one hundred and six concepts and principles necessary to understanding how it is possible that we create our experiences and the reality we experience.

Creative Guidelines (creativeguidelines.info) Becoming wise and learning from the experience of others in your creative endeavors.

Creating Health (createhealth.info): Provides some observations from an exploration of our creativity as to why creating health can be elusive.

Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines (fifteencreativeguidelines.info): Stand alone guidelines based on the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding and understanding found within the traditional twelve step approach 

Foundation for the Education of the Heart (drmokhtari.com or educationoftheheart.com)  Foundation for the Education of the Heart offers programs and seminars for the development of the heart. "The Heart" refers to the natural fountain of life energy that sustains our being and has essentially been ignored in our education and enculturization process. 

Gentle Phoenix Creative Guidelines (gentelphoenix.info): Concepts, thoughts and an approach as to how to create a gentle phoenix for any creative endeavor

Our Creative Spirit (creative-spirit.info) [ourcreativespirit.info]: An invitation to a dance - meeting your creative spirit. Addresses developing an intimate relationship with your creative spirit to access the depth and breadth of your creative power and creative ability.

Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity (ryuc.info) [releasing-your-unlimited-creativity.info]: Introduction to a powerful interdisciplinary technology of creativity to create health, inner satisfaction or whatever you desire to experience.

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