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As presented in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective, we each are a unique, infinitely creative being that is the unique expression of the Consciousness which permeates all of Creation and gave rise to Creation. Alternatively said, we each are a unique expression of the Creator of Creation experiencing its Creation through, and in, our uniqueness. The creative spirit within each of us that gives use to our life and our creative ability and creative power it the expression of this unique aspect of the Creator.

In more traditional terms, this creative spirit can be considers the God within. However it is much more that what the tradition concept of the soul represents for this creative spirit it intimately and integrally tied to creating what we experience.

Each of us have a unique creative expression that is profoundly unique beyond what mind can fully comprehend.. This unique creative expression gives rise to our creativity. In the same way our finger prints are unique and we have unique key strokes on a computer key board, our creativity and creative express is unique. Although our uniqueness can be copied in the way a forger would copy the brush strokes of a painter to make the forgery look like an original, we are nevertheless each unique in our true expression. The challenge for each of us is to become that unique expression true to itself for the environment in which we find ourselves.

In many ways you can say this is the paradox of Creation. That is, we each arise from the same Source of Creation yet we each are a unique expression of the Source. Exactly what our creativity look like is something only we can individually determine and only we can express. We each will need to do our own experiments to see what is the best way for our creativity to be expressed in the world in which we find ourselves.

There are two primary ways to create and experience the depth and breath of our true creative abilities. One is to manifest a new creation never before seen in existence. The second way is to experience an existing part or aspect of Creation and create within the limits, boundaries and rule of that existing Creation an experience we or others never have had. This second way is much easier than the first. It is the way most choose to experience their creative abilities both consciously and nonconsciously. Both methods of creating are accomplished the same way for both use the same creative principles. Only the environment of expression are different. We only needs to focus our attention and awareness as a single point focus on what we desire.

Creating within an existing creation is the way we experience our creativity in Physical Creation. We limit our unlimited creativity by the limits, boundaries and rules of Physical Creation to have a human physical experience. While in Physical Creation in a human body we are free to create any experience we desire as long as we experience it from within the body we have. Yet, we are free to recreate what is means to be human in Physical Creation if we so choose and are willing to do the work. To recreate what it means to be human in Physical Creation will challenge our creativity to its deepest levels and is one way to explore the depth and breadth of our creativity.

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