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Spirituality and sexuality are the two topics that influence our creativity which the author had tried to avoid discussing. The author avoided talking about these two topics because both come loaded with a tremendous amount of excess baggage. Each topic comes with a tremendous number of preprogrammed social and enculturated beliefs. Each comes with a tremendous number of personal opinions and, in most cases, personal experiences. Many of the beliefs are unique to the individual and cannot necessarily be generically addressed. It is this collection of beliefs about God/spirituality and sexuality that prevent frank and honest discussion about the role of God/spirituality and sexuality in accessing our creative power and creative ability and how they should or shouldnít be used. In fact, many of the beliefs about God and sexuality lie in the subconscious and do not present themselves until certain conditions are correct for their revelation. In this regard, meta-theatrics is an exceptionally useful tool in surfacing these beliefs.

For the longest time the author had no interest in getting into any discussion on the topic of God and what God was or wasnít. Similarly he had no interest in discussing sexuality for individuals always overlaid their past experience with sexuality on what he was trying to communicate. Yet, he always knew he had to have clients face their concept of God and sex if they wanted to access and release their unlimited creativity and/or as these concepts arose in relation to what they wanted to create. But he had always hoped that the creativity the individual needed for what they desired to create was far enough removed from the issues of God and sex that he could simply avoid them. Sometimes this was true.

However, more often than not, both God and sexuality arose as issues relative to their creative endeavors because of past decisions the individual had made based on their beliefs about God and sex. The issues of God and sex that arose were more often about extricating and releasing their creative spirit from a cage the individual created for their creative spirit. In many cases it was not about the individual facing sex or God based on what they desired to create. Rather, more often than not it was necessary to revisit the individuals past and past decisions to see how they entwined their creative power and creative ability with sex and God when it was not really appropriate to do so.

Eventually the author had to directly face the relationship between God and the external creative power/Creative Power accessible to us and sex and the internal creative powers/Creative Powers. Each was more important than the author could have ever imagined as was the link between the two. What the author found was that if these issues were not addressed, and although the author could create the space for an individualís creative spirit to become free, the individualís concept of God and/or sex would simply recapture the released creative spirit. This was a result of the fact individuals were holding their concept of God and concepts of sex more sacred than their own creative spirit. Hence the recommendations for each to hold our creativity sacred. Otherwise we give our creative power away and lock our creative spirit into a cage of our own making.

To address these issues, the author began to look for a way to allow people to explore the external creative powers/Creative Powers in their own way and allow them to draw their own conclusion about God. The approach used was to not say anything for or against God or any particular concept of God but allow the individual to explore what they needed to explore. Similarly, he had to find a way for people to explore their inner creative powers/Creative Powers including sexuality. To protect the creative spirit, it becomes essential the individual be given the permission and a way to explore both God and sexuality in the way they needed to explore them.

The recommended way that seems to work is three fold. One was for the individual to hold their creativity sacred and allow everything else to be malleable. Although not directly stated, this means that an individualís concept of God was not held sacred nor was their concepts of sex. The second was to look to oneís intuitive guidance to lead the exploration into both God and sex. Those who did not rely on their intuitive guidance and stepped back into mind because they did not like what they were experiencing, could not trust the process or simply wanted something different became trapped in their past and thwarted their own creativity. The third recommendation was to calibrate and utilize the internal compass and look to what served or did not serve oneís being by the freedom experienced by their creative spirit.

Yet, what the author found was that sexuality and our concept of God are integrally linked. He could not escape having the individual face one or the other if not usually both. It was inevitable that there would have to be some discussion on Creative Spirituality and Creative Sexuality. It was only a matter of time that the lessons learned would be captured and made available. What is provided on both the Creative Spirituality and Creative Sexuality web sites are the generic aspects of each to help you in your exploration. But it is a journey only you can make in each area and you will have to make the decision if you will or will not take that journey.

In hindsight, the puzzling link between God and sex makes perfect sense when we realize that our inner world is reflected in the outer. That which is inside us which brings life into the world is our sexuality. The external creative force which brings life into the world is seen by most as God. The connection between God and sex is simply each is about that creative power/Creative Power which brings life into existence. One is seen inside, and one is seen outside. Exactly what this interconnection means for any one individual depends entirely on what they believe about each.

Remembering that a wise individual learns from the mistakes of others, the recommendation here is hold our creativity sacred, do our own experiments and observations, look to see what is effective in our life, and then see what the concepts around each looks like. In doing so, the greatest fear we will face is the possibility we are doing it wrong or we will get it wrong. We will be haunted by all the teachers through history who claim we need to look at God and/or sex one way or another and act one way or another.

However, each of these individual arose out of the same material of Creation as you have. The energy and consciousness of each has come from the same Source of Creation as each of us. So why do we think any other individual knows any better than us what the creator/Creator placed in our own heart and being and what It wants us to express? We must learn to follow what is symbolized in our own heart as an internal compass and hold our creativity sacred. Why do we doubt the wisdom of the creator/Creator? Why do we doubt what is inside each of us as beautiful, or not even more beautiful, than what comes out of anyone else? We just need to allow our mind to step aside and allow what arises from the essence of our being, the Source of Creation Itself, to come out in whatever way it needs to come out.

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