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There was an experience the author had about age eight or nine that reflected an ability that he assumed everyone had. It is the power to focus one’s attention and awareness to observe and to know things about a situation and what lies behind the surface. The ability first consciously surfaced as a result of a 1950's Television show. While watching an episode of The Lone Ranger, he was intrigued by the tracking ability of Tonto, the Native American partner of the Lone Ranger. Tonto and the Lone Ranger were trying to catch an outlaw. Tonto got down off his horse and examined the hoof prints of the outlaws horse. He then looked up at the Lone Ranger and said it was so many days ago that the tracks were made. As a young child, the author was both fascinated and puzzled how such information could be known.

Several days later, the author was walking to school and crossed a railroad crossing that had two sets of rails. One set of rails were bright and shinny reflecting daily use of the rails. The other set of rails was a passing track and rarely used. They were very rusty and covered with a thick dark orange iron oxide - except in one part that had a bright orange oxide. It was clear a train passed over those rarely used rails quite recently. Maybe as recently as two or three days earlier.

In a flash the author understood weathering and how by simple observation of conditions one can determine that passage of time since an event happened. He know how Tonto did what he did and he knew he knew how to do it in any situation. There was a deep and profound awareness about time and how things change in time. It was years before he could explain what he knew and how he knew it. It was years before he had the life experiences that give rise to explaining what he knew. Yet, he knew, and he knew he knew how to use it. He knew if he asked a question he could see into things to get the answer even when he had no understanding what so ever as to where to look or go to get the understanding. He knew he would be drawn to the understanding. It was a talent he always had.

This ability became quite useful as an inspector. It was also responsible for some very powerful insights in the situation described in the discussion “The Unfolding Flower - A Perspective on Health and Healing.” Yet, this ability is available to each of us and is the basis of the detached witness which we all are capable of learning to become.

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