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Modern society encourages truth in all labeling and/or "up front" full disclosure on all products. It is encouraged so that the user can be aware of any hazards or side effects to any products that are used and/or prevent false advertising. It is to help ensure the user is not deceived or advantage taken of their lack of understanding or lack of appropriate information

Relative to our sexuality, sexuality is a very powerful creative force and very much a two edge sword. There are variety of aspects about sex that fall under truth in labeling and/or up front, full disclosure considerations. It has tremendous constructive and destructive properties.

No recommendation or suggestion is made here that you need to become sexual with another and/or engage in sex with another to understand how sex and sexuality influences your creativity. You, of course, can if you wish. It is your choice. The intent of this site is to give you information as to how sexuality can influence your creativity and for you to become aware if it arises as an issue in your creative endeavors. You will have to decide for yourself whether or not to consciously use sexuality and/or engage in sexuality.

Relative to the truth in labeling issues you need to at least be aware of the following. What you do about them and/or how you address them is your choice.

Safe sex

There are two aspects to safe sex and both need to be considers.

Physical safe sex: One aspect of safe sex is, of course, to take the necessary physical precautions so as to not pick up and/or spread communicable sexual diseases.

Conditions in which you engage sex: Sexuality is the second most creative state we can enter. It can be very damaging to both our creative ability and creative power and our psyche and to that of the other if not engaged in a positive and constructive way. The topic "Some observations on the correct conditions" although not inclusive provides some thoughts in this area.

The issue of offspring

Here again, there are two aspects to the issue of children - physical and energetic.

Physical offspring: Most if not all are aware of the possibility of physical offspring if we engage in sex with a member of the opposite sex. Unless the physical offspring is desired, adequate precautions should be taken.

Energetic offspring: Whether we realize it or not there is an energetic offspring to any sexual relationship. It is unavoidable. Sexuality within the creative process is about generating a flow of energy to manifest a creation. As such there will always be a flow of energy generated within each individual and between them that can be experienced as a life and this life can have a life unto itself.

Laws and associated social and religious views

Within an society there are laws with legal implications which regulate society and then there are social and religious views about a given subject that may or may not have the power of laws. Most societies and religions have their laws as to what is, or is not, lawful in the area of sexuality including laws governing marriage. Consideration need to be given to these laws and views relative to any sexual experience in which you choose to engage.

Contracts with others

Unless sex is forced, any sexual relation comes with a contract. The contract may be explicit, implicit or both and one will need to understand the type and kind of contracts they have or make about sex.

A clearly explicit contract is where sex is exchanged for something and both parties understand what is exchanged. However, most sexual related contracts contain explicit and implicit details or they are all implicit. For example, a marriage contract or its equivalent tends to have both explicit and implicit details. The explicit detail are that which are more legal related and often individuals try and replace a marriage contract with a legal contract spelling out conditions of separation if the marriage should fail.

However, there is a peculiarity about sex. Having sex with someone is not like going to the movies with someone or having dinner with them. Some state is it because of the intimacy involved with the sex act. Some say it is not so much the intimacy because we can be intimate without sex, but nit is the fact that two individual literally become connected. But whatever it is, a sexual experience imprints us in ways other life experiences do not. This is extremely important to understand. Because sex is such a different type of experience, before one engages in it, many have conditions in their own mind that must be met. Whether or not the other individual is aware of what those conditions are and how they are being met, they form a type of contract within the first individualís mind that the other person has met. So if the conditions are somehow violated there is a betrayal and/or anger which is experienced by the first individual and the second individual has no understand of how or what such betrayal or anger is felt.

A related aspect of any sexual contract is that when someone becomes the spouse of another as in marriage or a committed lover, they now play a new role in the other individualís mind. The individual moves from just being another individual in life to a spouse or lover and that there are now unexpressed ideas and expectations about what a spouse or lover does or doesnít do. However, the spouse or lover may not know or understand the role they are now expected to play in the others mind. So it become important to become aware of expectations we lay on the other and that are laid on us when we choose to engage sexually with them.


What is most interesting about sex is that we carry assumptions about what it will and will not do for us and what the other individual will be as a result of the sex. Many look at the individual with whom they become sexual as Mr Right or Ms Right only to find out they are human and do not live up to our expectations. Similarly, many assume because they have sex, the other individual will change their life to accommodate us. Many see sex as a way that we are given special rights and privileges with the other. Some assume that the other is now theirs to do with what they wish. That is, in having sex, the individuals give themselves to the other such that each is somehow owned by the other. Many expect the other to give up certain freedoms.

What is important here is we need to realize we and the other carry assumptions about sex and what will happen because we have had sex. It is here we need to realize sex is the second most creative state and it can cause things to happen which are totally unexpected no matter how much planning and clarity we try and have. All we can do is expect sex to cause us to have a new life in some way.

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